In a world where complexity and "doing more" are often seen as markers of success, it's easy to forget how effective straightforward, simple strategies can be.

Why stretch yourself thin, trying to be everywhere at the same time, when you can get maximum results out of a streamlined, simplified focus?

Not sure what we mean?

Keep reading.

Camille Freeman's entrepreneurial journey is a great example of what happens when you find what works for you.

Her strategies are simple but they've led to a successful online business she's run for more almost twenty years. 

There is a lot you can learn from her experiences and you get the chance to do that today.

Whether you’re just starting out or searching for a way to revamp your business, there’s a lesson here that could help change everything.

You *Do* Have What It Takes to Grow A Business By Yourself

Starting a business on your own is like stepping into a new adventure. There’s excitement in the air, mingled with a dash of uncertainty. 

You might wonder if you have the right tools in your backpack, or if you're truly prepared for what’s ahead. But here’s something you need to know: deep down, you already have everything needed to make this journey a success. 

Yes, you do have what it takes to nurture and expand your business, even if it feels extremely intimidating at first.

A lot of new business owners struggle to launch their ideas because they become entangled in fear and doubt – “Can I do this? I don’t have the budget to build a team…”

You might not now, but you have yourself. And that’s more than enough to get started. And you’re not alone on this journey – others have walked this path before you and are thriving today.

Camille Freeman is one of them.

A licensed nutritionist and herbalist, Camille pivoted from clinical work to empowering other practitioners in her niche.

“[When transitioning from clinical work to running a business], I had to learn a lot myself. And now I help other people make that transition a bit more smoothly.” -- Camille Freeman

Camille’s story will show you that if you've got passion and a smart plan, you can make something special out of your solo business adventure.

In this article, you’ll learn a few big lessons from what Camille has learned along the way. From getting good at marketing without any prior know-how, to connecting with the people you're trying to help, to finding new ways to make money with your business, there's a lot you can learn from her. 

If you're wondering if you've got what it takes to make your business work, Camille's story is here to tell you that yes, you do. With some hard work, creativity, and smart thinking, you can grow your business into something great, all by yourself.

Simple Steps to Online Business Success: Five Practical Lessons

Camille’s key business principles can be broken down into 5 core takeaways. Keep reading to learn how to create a business you love:

1. You Don’t Need a Degree to Make Marketing Work for You

You’ve probably felt it before. That moment you realize your current skillset doesn’t meet up with a task you need to do to grow your business?

For a lot of business owners, it’s marketing.

Have you ever felt deeply unqualified to do something? Like promoting your own business without a budget to hire a team or expert?

You may have even found yourself asking, “Can I really do this on my own?”

The answer is yes. You actually can.

Camille Freeman

"I received no training in marketing.

When I started practicing, we had a businessperson come in and they were like, “You need business cards – that kind of thing. But I’d just thought, “Wow, I just spent, you know, eight years training to be a nutritionist. So, I'm just going to go out there and be a nutritionist.

And I soon realized that people don’t come flooding in when you open your doors. So I had to learn [how to market my business, myself].

Like Camille, you have what it takes to learn the ropes of marketing and spread the word of what you have to offer.

First, you need to know who your target customers are and how you can help them. Next, map out your promotional plan and then start executing.

The most important thing to set up first is your website.

Your website is your digital storefront. It’s where first impressions are made and where potential customers decide whether or not to engage further with your brand.

Which takes us to our next point…

2. The Quality of Your Website Matters – Use the Right Tools

“Initially, I paid a lot of money for a website, actually, and it was terrible. I look at it now – I mean, it was 2000 –so times have changed, but I paid somebody to make me a website.

It was awful. And I spent a lot of money and time on that.”-- Camille Freeman

When you have a vision of how you want your business platform to look, it can be difficult to find someone who can create it for you.

In Camille’s case, she requested for a custom theme to be made and it didn’t meet her expectations. Outsourcing this task ended up costing her a lot of time and money – and no business owner wants that.

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur who’s just starting, you’re advised to outsource major tasks like web design, marketing, etc. – to save time. But it doesn’t always work out and it can be far costlier than doing it yourself.

However, Camille managed to turn the situation around for the better – and by herself.

In the early 2010s, she discovered Thrive Themes and gave our then-tools a try. Since then, she’s used Thrive Suite to run her online business.

“One of the reasons I love Thrive so much is because it’s made everything easier to take care of. I can do it myself and then focus on interacting with people and bringing clients in.” -- Camille Freeman

Running your own website isn’t difficult – especially when you have the right tools to build and grow.

3. You Can Do More With Less Work

The pressure to be everywhere at once—on every social media platform, investing in ads, always pushing content—can be overwhelming.

But, what if the secret to your marketing success lies in doing less? Whittling down the number of platforms and strategies you use, to focus on making more impact?

For Camille, this isn’t a question. It’s a reality.

“I am not on social media. I'm occasionally on LinkedIn, but I don't use it for any kind of lead-generating thing.

I don’t do any paid advertising.” -- Camille Freeman

You read that correctly. She has a successful, client-based business and it doesn’t depend on social media marketing or paid ads.

So, where do her leads and customers come from? Her newsletter, mainly.

Camille runs a weekly newsletter that boasts 1,500 subscribers along with a few paid and free workshops she holds throughout the year.

“I have a newsletter I’m very religious about – and people read it and share it with other people. So word of mouth is a big way new people end up on my list.

The other thing I do, and I use Thrive Themes [products] for this a lot, is run workshops. They’re either free or paid. Or, I tell my subscribers that it’s free if they invite somebody or share it on social media.

And that’s how I get a huge percentage of sign-ups.” -- Camille Freeman

As you can see, you don’t need to be everywhere at the same time to grow your business. If anything, that widespread strategy could be wearing you down and preventing you from maximizing the channels that do work.

Instead of spreading yourself thin across multiple platforms, concentrate on creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience. 

Whether it’s blog posts, email series, or workshops, make sure what you produce is helpful, informative, and aligned with your audience's interests and needs.

You might even save yourself a lot of money that can be used elsewhere.

Also, this could be the time to…

4. Tap into the Connection-Building Power of Newsletters

“I’ve found that this strategy works well for me. Writing my newsletter is part of my weekly schedule, I write my newsletter on Tuesday. We format it and test it on Wednesday. It goes out on Thursday morning.” -- Camille Freeman

If there’s one thing to take away from Camille’s experience, especially if you’re in the educational or consulting business, it’s this:

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing.

Email newsletters are a key to building relationships with your potential (and current) clients. 

Without the noise of social media, you can directly reach your audience, providing them with value and engaging them in a more personal way. Regular, insightful emails can keep your audience engaged and ready to take action when the time is right.

Camille turned her weekly newsletter into a cornerstone of her marketing strategy, proving that direct email communication can forge strong, personal connections with your subscribers. 

“I like the amount of money making, I like the number of people that I'm seeing. Sure, I could ramp up my email sending, but I’m good” -- Camille Freeman

Newsletters are only as effective as the content you put out. Camille’s audience shares her work because they resonate deeply with what she shares.

Before you rush off to set up your own newsletter, think of how it can fit in with your current business model. What lessons, tips, or advice can you share with your audience?

What will make them want to share your content with their friends, family, and colleagues?

5. Diversify Your Revenue Streams

When people hear “multiple streams of income”, they think they have to set up several different businesses to achieve this. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Camille took her business beyond her usual clinical practice by adding educational programs, workshops, and a special membership community.

This mix doesn't just help her earn more; it also connects everything she does. People who come to her workshops often sign up for her newsletter, and through that newsletter, they stay in the loop about all she has to offer, including her membership community.

This approach doesn't just bring in a steady income; it also builds a warm and supportive community among her clients and colleagues.

Your business model might not involve educational programs or a membership platform, but that doesn’t stop you from finding ways to generate revenue through different channels.

If you sell eBooks on a specific topic, you could turn those into video webinars and offer them as a premium product as well.

Or, maybe you have a lot of knowledge to share about your experiences in your niche. That’s a prime opportunity to offer consulting services on the side.

You have options. Take some time to research and work towards planning your next offer.

Are You Ready to Take the Reins?

Taking control of your business's direction can be incredibly freeing.

Camille’s shift from seeking external help for her website to taking charge herself is a perfect example. This move gave her not just savings, but also the freedom to bring her ideas to life on her terms, creating a business that truly resonates with her and her audience.

Camille Freeman

"There's something very special about getting to be fully in charge of your own time and work and everything."

A key player in Camille’s journey was Thrive Suite. This toolkit allowed her to easily manage her website and engage with her visitors, all without deep technical know-how.

Thrive Suite wasn’t just about building a site; it was about crafting an adaptable online presence that grew with her business, giving her the flexibility to quickly respond to her audience's needs.

Start Your Journey with Thrive Suite

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Thrive Suite landing page

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