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9 Best WordPress Plugin Bundles to Build Your WordPress Website

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugin bundles, so you can find the right one to build your website?

This article breaks down 9 of the best plugin bundles available, to help you identify the best one that meets your needs.

Picking the right plugins for your website is important, as they play a crucial role in your website’s appearance and performance. You also need to make sure you select plugins that are compatible with your WordPress theme and existing plugins.

Keep reading to find the right plugin bundle to build your WordPress website.

What to Look For When Choosing the Best WordPress Plugin Bundle to Build Your Site

When searching for the best WordPress plugin bundle to build your site, you’ll find a lot of developers saying theirs is the best.

But to confirm that you’ve found the right tools for your website, ensure that the plugin bundle is:

  • Easy to use and includes helpful documentation you can refer to when stuck
  • Compatible with your other existing plugins or theme
  • Secure and regularly updated
  • Affordable and offers true value for money
  • Transparent about any price changes upon renewal
  • Easy to return or refund within a specified time period, if you’re not happy with the products

Before making any purchase, you should also take a look at other customer reviews to be sure you’re getting the best product possible.

9 Best WordPress Plugin Bundles to Build Your Website

In this list, you’ll find 9 of the best WordPress plugin bundles and what they include, so you can identify the best one for your needs.

1. Thrive Suite

Thrive Suite is the ultimate WordPress plugin bundle and provides all the key tools you need to build a thriving online business.

Thrive Suite landing page

If you want to build an impressive WordPress website to impress your audience and convert them into leads and customers…Thrive Suite is your best bet.

Thrive Suite is an all-in-one toolkit that was built with conversion generation in mind. This set of no-code tools helps business owners with minimal technical experience create an impressive website that encourages their audience to engage and convert.

And because we know you value your time, you’ll find that most of our plugins include fully customizable templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor to help you create unique landing pages, blog posts, online quizzes, courses, testimonial pages, and so much more.

Thrive Suite is also ideal for building a wide variety of websites, including:

Key Features of Thrive Suite include:

  1. Build a stunning, professional-looking website with our library of customizable templates and intuitive theme builder

  2. Create attention-grabbing sales and landing pages that convert

  3. Grow your email list with our library of 400+ opt-in forms

  4. Design engaging quizzes to generate leads & segment your audience

  5. Configure countdown timers to run a time-scarcity campaign and generate more sales

  6. Build an impressive membership site, online course platform – or both 

  7. Collect, manage, and showcase customer testimonials from one place

  8. Moderate comments, boost reader engagement & build a community right on your blog posts

  9. Create smart automations to connect your website with your favorite WordPress plugins, email marketing tools, etc.

  10. 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the plugins

  11. Premium support and in-depth knowledge base with detailed tutorials

When you purchase Thrive Suite -- at a steal, might we add -- you get access to 9 powerful plugins that turn your site structure into an engaging website your potential customers will love.

Check out Thrive Suite’s pricing.

2. Wholesale Suite

Wholesale Suite is an eCommerce plugin bundle that allows you to set up wholesale pricing in WooCommerce for customers who prefer to purchase products or product bundles in bulk.

WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce plugins to build a thriving online store but, unfortunately, it does not have built-in features for businesses that sell bulk WooCommerce products to wholesale customers.

You need a separate WooCommerce plugin to make this happen.

Enter Wholesale Suite.

This WordPress plugin bundle includes three plugins that, combined, help you provide a streamlined, seamless ordering experience for your wholesale customers.

Key Features of Wholesale Suite include:

  1. Easily set up B2B wholesale pricing for specific WooCommerce products

  2. Set a minimum order for wholesale orders, to prevent customers from taking advantage of the wholesale discount

  3. Create a streamlined wholesale order form to help customers place their orders quickly

  4. Onboard new wholesale customers with Wholesale Suite’s lead-capture form plugin

If you want to use WooCommerce to build a successful wholesale business, then we recommend checking out Wholesale Suite and using these plugins for your business.

Check out Wholesale Suite’s pricing.

3. HeroThemes

HeroThemes provides the best customer support tools for your WordPress website.

HeroThemes offers a plugin bundle that includes their two plugins – Heroic KB and Heroic Inbox. You can purchase each plugin separately, but if you’re serious about creating a solid customer support system on your WordPress website, you should consider purchasing the bundle.

Heroic KB is designed to help you create an in-depth knowledge base on your WordPress site, so your audience can easily find in-depth tutorials on and answers to questions they have about your business.

Heroic Inbox allows you to manage all your customer emails & support tickets directly on your WordPress website. That way, you can streamline your customer support process and handle your customers’ queries much faster.

When you purchase the Heroic Bundle, you also get access to their Knowledge Base theme and WordPress FAQ builder.

Key Features of HeroThemes include:

  1. Manage all customer support tickets and emails right from your WordPress site 

  2. Add a searchable, in-depth knowledge base to your existing site

  3. Use the KnowAll Theme to optimize your site for customer support and reduce the number of support tickets you receive

  4. Build FAQs fast with HeroThemes’ drag-and-drop FAQ builder

Reliable customer support is a crucial part of building a loyal, engaged customer base. HeroThemes provides a set of affordable tools to help you make this happen.

Check out HeroThemes’ pricing.

4. Essential Plugin Bundle

Essential Plugin Bundle is a WordPress plugin bundle that focuses on providing you with the tools you need to design an impressive website and generate conversions.

This plugin bundle offers 35+ plugins, 500+ templates, and a variety of other features to help you build a solid WordPress website.

Some of the plugins you’ll find in this set include:

  • WP News and Scrolling features

  • Blog Designer – Post and Widget

  • Video Gallery and Player

  • Form Builder Plugin

  • Product Categories and Designs for WooCommerce

  • …and much more

The idea behind offering so many plugins is to ensure there is something for everyone – designers, developers, and agencies who need to build landing pages and websites regularly. 

However, if you’re a business owner who just wants to build one WordPress site to start their online business, you might find this option to be overkill.

If you go through the plugins offered in this bundle, you’ll also find a few plugins that are very similar, or offer the exact same functionality. This makes the bundle appear quite bloated, and you wouldn’t want that for your site. 

Key Features of Essential Plugin include:

  1.  Wide variety of plugins to create a unique design for your WordPress site

  2.  Unlimited site usage once you’ve purchased a plan

  3.  Compatible with most popular WordPress page builders and themes

5. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a slightly different type of bundle.

Envato Elements is a subscription-based service that gives you access to thousands of assets including WordPress themes, photos, sound effects, presentation graphics, video templates, theme templates and so much more.

This is an ideal service for creators, podcasters, bloggers, and business owners who need a steady stream of media assets for their websites.

When you download an item with your subscription, you’ll need to “register” it and assign it to a specific website. If you cancel your Envato Elements subscription, none of your existing registered items will be affected. 

However, if you decide to get your WordPress theme from Envato Elements, there’s no guarantee that it will work with your chosen page builder. 

And if you select a theme, install it on your WordPress site, and realize that it’s not what you were looking for, you’ll have to spend more time going through theme templates, downloading them, and testing them on your site until you find the right one. This is time-consuming and will prevent you from creating your website quickly.

Key Features of Envato Elements include:

  1. Large library of media assets to use on your WordPress website 
  2. 1000+ WordPress themes and theme templates available 
  3. Compatible with most popular WordPress page builders

6. Themify 

Themify is a WordPress theme builder that offers a variety of premium themes and plugins you can use to build a solid WordPress website.

Themify offers a plugin bundle known as “Master Club”, an all-in-one toolkit that provides you with the following:

  • 42+ themes

  • 11 plugins

  • 25 theme builder addons

  • 5 “post type” builder addons

  • Photoshop mockup files of all themes

Themify mainly recommends three of their 42 themes to business owners who may feel too overwhelmed to go through each one: Ultra theme for freelancers, Shoppe theme to build an eCommerce store and site, and Music theme for musicians.

You may find it challenging to identify the distinction between Themify’s addons and plugins; as they all appear to be, at their core, simple design elements for the pages you design.

It would be much easier to manage these elements from one plugin, like Thrive Architect, instead of having to install multiple plugins to add certain features to your website and landing pages.

Themify also highlights that you only get one year of support and updates after purchasing Master Club, which is quite discouraging – especially if you were planning to use their tools for long-term projects.

Key Features of Themify include:

  1. 40+ themes for different niches

  2. Library of plugins and addons to design impressive landing pages including a custom css tab for advanced users

  3. Free version of the theme builder is available if you want to give it an initial spin before purchasing – but features are limited compared to its premium version

7. CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter is another theme developer that offers a variety of WordPress themes and plugins.

CSSIgniter offers its plugin bundles in two plans:

  • Developer Club: gives you lifetime access to their themes, WordPress plugins, and Elementor Starter kits, but only one year of premium support and updates
  • Lifetime Club: gives everything in the Developer Club plan and lifetime support and updates.

This plugin bundle offers themes designed to help you create a variety of WordPress sites – blogs, business websites, podcasts or media hubs, WooCommerce sites, and so much more. And while they do have more tools for Elementor users, most page builders that are Elementor alternatives (e.g. Beaver Builder, Divi, etc.) work with CSSIgniter’s tools as well.

In addition to the themes and theme builder, CSSIgniter’s plugins are designed to expand your site’s functionality. You’ll find plugins for event management, optimizing the Gutenberg Editor, adding a music player, and more.

But if you’re looking for plugins to create quizzes, online courses, or add countdown timers, you won’t find them here.

Key Features of CSSIgniter include:

  1. 20+ customizable WordPress themes from different niches available
  2. Additional templates and kits for Elementor or Elementor Pro (the premium version) users
  3. Integration with most popular page builders and WordPress plugins (e.g. OptinMonster, WPForms, and more.)

8. CM Plugin Bundle

CM Plugin Bundle, from Creative Minds, offers a wide variety of WordPress plugin bundles to meet different needs.

Their biggest plugin bundle is the 99 Free Pass Plugin Suite, and offers over 99 plugins you can use to build your WordPress site.

You'll find a plugin for almost every part of building and maintaining a WordPress website, including:

  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Course Catalog Management
  • Security
  • Easy Digital Downloads extensions for selling digital products
  • FAQ Management
  • Popup Plugin to promote discounts, coupon codes, etc.
  • Email Marketing integration
  • Pop-Up Management
  • Header, Checkout Page, and Other Landing Page Customization
  • …and so much more.

The idea behind selling so many plugins is to make sure you have a plugin for everything you need, but this could turn into a nightmare to manage. 

If a plugin breaks or clashes with your theme, you’ll have to spend a lot of time trying to fix the problem.

You’ll also find that some of these plugins could have been combined into one to serve a single purpose. For example, if you compare what Thrive Apprentice, our WordPress LMS plugin, offers to the 5+ separate plugins the Free Pass plugin bundle offers for course management…

You’ll realize that it’s much easier to manage one solid plugin with all the features you need to build an online course, compared to running 5 to 7 different ones.

But, if you’re someone who wants to have a large variety of plugins available to you, then the 99 Free Pass plugin bundle could be the one for you.

Key Features of the CM Plugin Bundle include:

  1. Over 99 plugins to take care of each aspect of your website – SEO, WooCommerce management, selling digital products, content creation, etc.
  2. Compatible with the WordPress Block Editor
  3. 1 year of updates, support, and access to any new plugins released

9. WP Zoom

WP Zoom offers WordPress themes and plugins to help you build a WordPress website.

WP Zoom offers three bundles:

  • All Themes Package: only gives you access to their 35 WordPress themes
  • Themes + Plugins Bundle: gives you access to their WordPress themes and their 4 premium plugins
  • All Access Pass: allows you to use their Themes + Plugins Bundle on an unlimited number of websites

The themes offered by WP Zoom are visually impressive, built with clean code, and apply to a number of different niches – but WP Zoom doesn’t explicitly state which page builders they’re compatible with. 

WP Zoom also gives you access to a variety of free plugins, in addition to their premium plugins. These premium plugins are more focused on your website’s design and social sharing, but they don’t expand your website’s capabilities the way other plugin bundles listed here do.

Key Features of WP Zoom include:

  1. Beautifully designed WordPress themes for different niches 
  2. Available addons for page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder
  3. Fast and friendly support available to all users

Thrive Suite: The Best WordPress Plugin Bundle

Unlike most plugin bundles in this list, you’ll notice that Thrive Suite only has 9 plugins. But if you take a look at the features each plugin offers, you’ll realize that this plugin bundle outmatches every other one in this list.

The last thing any busy business owner wants is to deal with so many plugins – it slows down your site and makes it hard to maintain.

If you want to make big changes to your website – like changing your theme or revising its design – and you’re using 15+ plugins, you’re going to struggle to do this in a short period of time.

Not only will it make it difficult to manage your website’s backend, if one of your plugins malfunctions it could wreak havoc on your site’s frontend design, compromising your audience’s user experience.

Thrive Suite was designed to help you get more done with less.

When you install Thrive Architect, for example, you get all the design elements you need to build all kinds of blog posts, landing pages, custom posts, etc. – from post list functionality to carousels, progress bars, shortcode embeds, and more. 

You also get access to a large library of fully-customizable landing pages and block templates to build your pages faster – and in a much easier way.

And if you want to create seo-friendly posts and pages that search engines will discover, this is definitely the plugin for you.

To achieve the same result with some of the other plugin bundles, and get similar customization options, you’ll need to install 10+ plugins and a page builder tool. That’s stressful.

But you don’t need to worry about this with Thrive Suite’s plugins.

Where you would need 10+ plugins to create an engaging online course platform, you can achieve this with Thrive Apprentice and access a wide range of tools to create an amazing learning experience for your students.

Need to collect, manage, and display testimonials from your customers? All you need is Thrive Ovation – not 3+ separate plugins.

Thrive Suite packs the power of 20+ plugins into 9 simple ones to use.

And if you need to add a reliable Google analytics plugin, SEO tool, or WordPress security plugin – you can do so with ease because our plugins are designed to integrate with most of the best ones out there.

To build a thriving online business, and be able to manage it easily, you don’t need 100 plugins – you just need a solid set of 5 to 10. And with Thrive Suite, that’s what you get.

FAQS: Best WordPress Plugin Bundles

Q: What plugins should I have on WordPress?

A: The plugins you should have depend on the type of WordPress website you want to build. But some of the core basics are:

  • A page builder to create your web pages 
  • A theme builder if you want to create a custom WordPress theme
  • A lead-generation plugin to build your mailing list
  • A WordPress Google analytics plugin to gain key insights on your website’s performance
  • A WordPress SEO plugin to make your posts and pages discoverable
  • A backup plugin to protect your website (we recommend Duplicator)

Q: How many plugins are good for WordPress?

A: The general rule of thumb is less than 20 plugins – and even that’s a stretch. Make sure each plugin on your website serves a specific purpose, to avoid bloat, and remove any outdated or dormant plugins.

Q: What plugins do I need for WordPress eCommerce?

A: We recommend WooCommerce for selling physical products, and Easy Digital Downloads for selling digital products.

Next Steps: Start Building Your WordPress Website Today

And there you have it! 

By now, you should have a clearer idea of the kind of WordPress plugin bundle you need to build an impressive website.

If you need more resources on building a stunning, conversion-focused website for your online business, check out these free articles:

Ready to build your website? Get Thrive Suite today!

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