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Product Updates

Discover the newest product and feature updates of Thrive Suite, and learn how to use them for the benefit of your online business!

2 x Brand New Themes + Stripe Improvements and More

You’re on a mission to find the perfect way to show off your brand and get ahead of the competition.We’re here to equip you with the tools you need to make this happen with no headaches.Building the perfect website for your business shouldn’t be tiring, stressful, or expensive. With Thrive Theme Builder, you can effortlessly

Meet Peak: A Brand New WordPress Gym Theme for Thrive Theme Builder

Calling all gym owners, fitness trainers, and enthusiasts – we’ve designed a new companion theme just for you!Drum roll, please…Introducing Peak Gym Theme for WordPress – a bold theme designed to inspire your potential clients to sign up for your business and transform their lives – (experience it here!)Introducing Peak Gym ThemeThis is your chance

[New] Smash Balloon Integration for Epic Social Media Feeds

Ever wish that your website visitors were as absorbed by your site as they are scrolling their social media feeds?Well, what if I told you there’s a way you can effortlessly leverage the magnetism of social media on your site with almost no additional effort required?Enter the game-changer: Thrive Themes proudly announces its seamless integration

[New] Video Progress Events + Multi-Select Group Styling & More

Want to know how to build high-performing pages even quicker?Wish students would spend more time on your video lessons?Still trying to grab your audience’s attention with beautiful, eye-catching design?Then, you’ll want to check out the awesome new features we’ve released in December for Thrive Themes!

[New] Stripe Integration for Apprentice + Architect Updates to Streamline Your Content Processes

This update has been in the works for some time now and we have been really struggling to contain our excitement. But, it’s finally time to share the exciting news!You can now take course payments in Apprentice without using a paid intermediator payment processor. This is going to add a ton of value to Apprentice

4 new features in Thrive Themes— August 2023!

It’s that time again— when we’ve just rolled out a handful of killer new features into Thrive Suite that we think you’re going to love. There’s a little bit for everyone.  But first— it seems some of you can read the future.  A month ago, we released a massive new Assessments feature to Thrive Apprentice. It was huge! And,

New: Assessments for Thrive Apprentice

Today, we are thrilled to announce our biggest update to Thrive Apprentice in 2023: Assessments. This new addition transforms Thrive Apprentice from a powerful online course platform into a fully-featured, industry-leading Learning Management System (LMS) for WordPress. Assessments brings an interactive learning experience to your online courses, placing course creators in control of managing and grading their

How to Build a WooCommerce Store from Scratch (Ultimate Guide)

Want to learn how to build a WooCommerce store on your WordPress website? If you’re looking for a step-by-step WooCommerce tutorial that’s easy enough for beginners to follow, then you’re in the right place!Whether you’re selling digital products, goods, or services, WooCommerce is a fantastic tool for setting up an online store. Its ease of

3 New Features & What’s Coming Soon to Thrive Themes

In today’s roundup post, we’re excited to share with you 3 new features we’ve just released to Thrive Themes as well as giving you the first-look at a huge new feature coming to Thrive Apprentice very soon. It has been months in the making, and we’re almost ready to share it with you. But for now, read on to discover

2 x New Themes and New Features in Thrive Themes – June 2023

Welcome back for another roundup of our latest release at Thrive Themes. Every 4 weeks, we drop a new release of our software. But make no mistake— it takes us much longer than that to see an idea from concept through to completion. At the moment, we have some big, ground-breaking items we’re working on behind the

9 Great New Features in Thrive Themes

Welcome to another roundup of our latest releases, features and improvements at Thrive Themes! We’re excited to share with you how Thrive Suite has been growing stronger and stronger with every release, helping online business owners and course creators build a better business on the back of our software. Today, I’m rounding up 9 new features and

What’s New in Thrive Themes – March 2023

Welcome to the first major Thrive Themes release of 2023! This one is starting us off with a bang.We are super excited to share with you today 4 new features…1One which has been highly requested for over a year,2Another which we’ve been working towards for months (we began laying the groundwork for it over a year ago),3Yet another

Thrive Themes Is Joining the Awesome Motive Family

Today, I’m excited to announce that Thrive Themes is joining the Awesome Motive team led by Syed Balkhi.This is a big step for Thrive Themes and the future of this company.It’s a big milestone and as one of the founders, it sometimes still seems unreal to me that the company has grown as much as

This is Where I Leave the Ship and Go Ashore…

A while back I made a decision that was both difficult and yet 100% obvious. As I’m to become a mum, I want to dedicate my full focus to my family.Which means that after 7 years and 4 months it’s time for me to close the Thrive Themes chapter and move on to the next

Thrive Themes: Special Event— 5 Major Features in Thrive Apprentice

Yesterday we premiered a Thrive Themes special event, announcing many months of work that all combine into a single major release, out today. It’s huge. If you didn’t have a chance to join for the video premiere, you can watch the video above where we’ll walk you through the latest new features. But if you’re already using Thrive

New Slack Integration for Thrive Automator

If Slack is your preferred way of communicating with your team, you’ll be stoked to learn about the new Slack – Thrive Automator integration!  With this new integration, you can now receive Slack notification messages whenever something happens on your WordPress website.  Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more about this exciting integration.

Everything You Need to Know About Bookwise – Our New Indie Author Theme for Thrive Theme Builder

Attention authors and writer-preneurs… we’ve designed a new companion theme just for you!Build a stunning, professional website to boost your indie author brand and sell more books with Thrive Theme Builder.Introducing Bookwise!Bookwise features a clean, professional design that puts every part of your WordPress website in the best light, from your blog posts and pages,

Thrive Automator is Now Available in the WordPress Plugin Directory!

Now, it’s 10x easier to join over 20,000 people and start building smart automations for your website today… for FREE.This is our first plugin on the WordPress plugin directory, and we’re really proud and excited! Download Thrive AutomatorOfficial WordPress Plugin Download Thrive Automator A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has helped shape Thrive Automator

2 Massive New Features added to Thrive Themes – September 2022

We’ve been working for months to be able to make this announcement. Our team is incredibly proud of the two massive new features we’ve released today. The first is one of the most highly-requested features for Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder that we’ve ever had, and the second takes Thrive Apprentice’s drip feature to the next level…

What’s Around the Corner at Thrive Themes?

Very rarely at Thrive Themes, we’ll give you a sneak preview of some projects we’re working on, letting you know what’s around the corner. Today is one of those rare days. We prefer to stay quiet and shrouded in a bit of mystery, until we surprise you with software features that seemingly come out of no-where and

What's Cooking Behind the Scenes at Thrive Themes?

Your business is always evolving… and so should your tools!

Here at Thrive Themes, our products are always improving too. We want to make sure you always have access to the very best solutions to grow your online business.

That's not some meaningless, corporate spiel either.

We're obsessed with making our products better, faster, and easier to use. You can even check out our Features & Development Timeline, to see a roadmap of new releases and updates.

On this page, you'll discover articles and videos that explore our product updates in more detail.

New Feature Releases

It's great to buy an already useful product and know it's constantly getting better. Imagine if – every month – your car got a little faster, a little safer, a little more fun to drive.

That's our philosophy too. Deliver something already world-class, and keep our customers saying wow! Here's what you can expect from our new product updates:

Exciting, Brand New Features

Whether we're launching an entirely new product, or adding new functionality to an existing one, you'll discover new tactics to improve your website and funnels.

We regularly update our products with new features, template designs, and 3rd party integrations that you can start using immediately to make more money and grow your business.

Quality of Life Improvements

Perhaps less newsworthy – but no less important! – you'll discover our regular quality of life updates. We are constantly finding ways to make our products more intuitive, faster, and secure.

Did you know, we also use our own products here on the Thrive Themes website?

This helps us identify real-world challenges and opportunities to improve our products for all our customers.

New Feature Training Guides to Get You Up-to-Speed

What good are new features if you don't understand how to use them?

Don't worry, we've got you covered with training articles and videos.

We'll show you where to find new features, how to use them effectively, and suggest how to incorporate them into your existing workflow.

Peace of Mind with Regular Updates

You can rely on Thrive Themes to keep your plugins and themes up-to-date, in terms of both functionality and security.

A new version of WordPress or PHP? Don't worry, we're on it.

A newly discovered security exploit? Patched and secured.

A popular email service provider? Integrated and ready to roll.

Your website and business are in good hands with Thrive Themes.

How Do We Incorporate Community Feedback?

We have a wonderful community of Thrive users who offer valuable feedback as they use our plugins and themes every day, across a wide range of real-world businesses.

Not only do we listen to every piece of feedback, we add it to our ongoing list of feature requests.

If the request is relatively easy to add, we'll go ahead and include it in an upcoming release.

If the request is more complex, we'll ask for more information to understand how to develop a solution that can help more people and businesses.

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