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Turn Our Success into Your Profit 

and welcome in a new stream of income.

When you partner up with a trusted brand like us, you'll get some of the most well-established products on the market. Thrive Themes is the perfect boost to your affiliate income and an even better side hustle.

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Active Members

How You Can Partner Up With Us

Become our affiliate and earn a commission for each sale you bring.

Collaborate with us on joint marketing actions like articles, podcasts and webinars. All to help each other grow.

Want to create a webhook or an integration with our products? We can feature it on our sales page.

Have Other Ideas We Can Work Together On?

Our Affiliate Program

Amazing commission rates


Earn lucrative commissions for all new sales you bring.

Just How Much Could You Be Earning With Us?

1 Sale

5 Sales

10 Sales

20 Sales

50 Sales

100 Sales







We Help You Maximize Your Potential Income With:

Low Payout Threshold

Our minimum payout each month is $20, so we don't keep your money hostage. New affiliates can start earning money right away. Real money, no coupons, no discounts, no tricks.

Timely Payments

First working day of the month is payout time. No exceptions. Pinky promise.

60 Day Cookie Duration

With our 60 day cookie duration, if your client clicks on your link today, you get credit for any purchase they make within that period.

No Commission Caps

The sky's the limit. Our top affiliates make up to 10k a month, but we are rooting for you to beat that.

This is not an affiliate program set on automatic

You Will Get Help All Along The Way

Affiliate Support

Have questions about your commissions or just need help with your account? Our affiliate team is always at your service.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Patrick, our affiliate manager, can help you maximize your earnings, improve conversion rates or just chit-chat about the latest Thrive features.

Insider Tips

We like keeping you in the loop with what is going on within Thrive so you can proactively work on your promotion campaigns and be ahead of the game.

Marketing Materials

Banners, logos, creative assets, email templates ... you name it, we have it all.

Affiliate Training

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or just need new ideas, our resources will help you with all that.

VIP Affiliates

Want to become a big player? We pay close attention to our affiliates and do our best to help you earn as many commissions as possible.

Affiliate Testimonials

The high quality of this product shines through in the huge EPC's I got from my promotion. This was one of my biggest promotions of the year, my customers loved it and I'll be looking out for the next plugin.

Martin Crumlish

The Thrive Themes affiliate program rocks! Not only did I get amazing conversions during the launch, but with you guys running things, I feel confident in continuously recommending your products, knowing how dedicated you are to constant improvement and customer support.

Jay Piecha

I just mailed my list again ... I've got to say, probably the highest CTR I've seen on any broadcast to that list this year. And I got a bunch of people thanking me for the email. You're doing something right for sure...

Dan Nickerson

Who Can Promote Us?

Niche Experts

If you’re passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience with an engaged audience, you’ll find our tools a great fit to help them achieve results.


Your clients value your opinion on which tools they should use to build their business, so why not recommend Thrive? They’ll thank you for it!

Content Writers

Are you a blogger, publisher or affiliate marketer? We’ve got you covered with a suite of valuable tools to recommend to your readers.

Course Creators

If you offer online courses, your students probably value your opinion on the tools that can help them achieve their best results. We’ve got you covered.

Business / Life Coaches

Show your clients how they can exponentially grow their business with Thrive.

Thrive Fans

You just love our products and want to share your success story with your audience or friends.


anybody with an audience ... really

Check If Your Audience Matches Ours

Your website is a direct reflection of your value as a coach, author, public speaker, podcaster … You need a website that looks professional and inspires confidence but more than that you want to present your offers and get visitors to convert into leads and customers. With Thrive Suite you’ll be able to do exactly that!

With Thrive Suite you get every WordPress site-building tool you need to create an amazing online course business all in one place. And the best part?

Anyone can do this in a single afternoon … you don’t have to be super technical, a designer, or a marketer.

You want to have total control over your website and blog. You don't want to waste time figuring out designs, branding, plugins, and themes. With Thrive Suite you get every element you need to build beautiful, conversion-focused blogs with drag-and-drop ease.

Thrive Suite offers deep WooCommerce integration and access to all the tools to build not just an e-commerce website but a conversion-focused e-commerce business.

How Does This Work?



Set some promo strategies in place and be ready to answer a few questions about them. The application is a two step process, so check your inbox once you apply.



You know what works best for your audience.
Use this advantage to find the right ways
to promote our products. When somebody
purchases through your link, the commission
automatically appears on your affiliate account.


Cash in

Unlimited earning potential with monthly payments.

Our Program In A Nutshell:

  • Top Market Commission Rate (35%)
  • 60 Day Cookie Life
  • Timely Payouts
  • Affiliate Account Support
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Marketing Materials
  • Well Known Merchant
  • Early Updates on Product Launches
  • Affiliate Training
  • Reliable Tracking System
  • No Clickbait
  • No Coupon / Cashback Schemes
  • No PPC Advertising on Our Brand Keywords
  • No Bonus Initiatives for Purchasing Through Your Links
  • No Imitating Our Brand or Infringing on Our Trademarks
  • No Spam

How do you begin?

Apply to Become a Thrive Themes Affiliate!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is the most advanced, yet, simple-to-use WordPress suite of website tools. We create truly conversion-optimized plugins and themes to give a real boost to your business.

Can Anybody Become a Thrive Themes Affiliate?

While we appreciate everybody applying to become our affiliate, we reserve the right to accept only those complying with our terms and conditions.

How Do I Get Paid?

All payments are being made through PayPal so you will be asked for a PayPal account when signing up to become our affiliate.

I Have Additional Questions. Who Do I Contact?

You can always reach out to our team at

Do I Have to Be a Thrive Themes Customer in Order to Be Accepted as an Affiliate?

Absolutely not but knowing the products first-handed will help you to better promote them.

Ready to Start Promoting?

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