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Thrive Comments - The Superior Comments Plugin for WordPress

Promote What's More Important

Use this CTA top-section to highlight the one thing you want your visitors to do.

Benefit No 1

Benefit No 2

Benefit No 3

Benefit No 4

Build an Army of Engaged Visitors with the Thrive Comments WordPress Plugin

The Hidden Power of Thrive Comments

Turn the Most Overlooked Feature on Your Website Into Your Most Valuable Asset

Change the Experience for Your Visitor...

Spur Engagement like Reddit and Facebook

WordPress Comments Plugin

Would you put a quarter in a vending machine that doesn't give anything back? No, of course not.

So why should visitors comment on your posts?

If they update their status on Facebook, within minutes they get likes and comments. If they post on Reddit, they could earn a coveted trophy next to their name. When they chime in on Quora, they could be voted the best answer for that question.

In a world where we're taught to get rewards constantly through likes, games and social validation - leaving a comment on a WordPress website can seem so... meh. The most a visitor can hope for is a simple reply.

Until Now...

The Thrive Comments Plugin - available with Thrive Suite or as a standalone plugin - has collected all the most addictive elements of social media and community forums and added them to your WordPress comments, creating an irresistible channel for your audience to interact with your site.

Build An Engaged And Interactive Community By Giving:

  • visitors the satisfaction of seeing others "like" their comments
  • achievement through unlocking badges
  • validation through up-votes and featured comments
  • a chance to get a comment shared on social

Naturally encourage quality comments and community contribution.

Turn Comments into Conversions

Holy cow, someone's invested enough in your site to leave a comment and all you can do is ...well, nothing.

As website owners, most of our time and effort goes towards trying to get visitors to interact with our site: click this button, visit this page, subscribe, sign up... but we often don't look twice when a visitor takes the time, effort and thought to leave a comment. It's your visitor putting their hand up, letting you know they're interested in what you're doing - far more than just putting their email address in a field.

When all you can do is tell them their comment is 'pending approval', so much opportunity is left on the table. 

What could you do instead?

How about redirecting first time commenters to a 'welcome to the community' free gift page? What about showing repeat commenters a social share button so they 

can post their comment (and your post) to Facebook as well?

With Thrive Comments you can set post-comment actions. Anything from redirecting a commenter to a URL, showing related posts, giving social sharing prompts, or when combined with Thrive Leads, 
opening a lightbox.

Commenting plugin post comment actions

Use the Power of Social to Amplify Your Comments

Why do your visitors write comments? So they can be seen, heard, and validated. So why not give them a chance to do that in a way that directly benefits your business. 

We've brought the power of Social Media to your WordPress comments, unlocking increased traffic, reach and shares for your site.

Make commenting friction-less for your audience by allowing visitors to leave a comment straight from their social accounts, no sign in required. Combine this with an after comment prompt to share the article on social - and the ability to share individual post comments - and you've got yourself a recipe for Social Media success.

Change the Experience for You...

Let Your Audience Tell You What They Want

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. One of the reasons Thrive Themes is so successful is because we realized the power of having a direct line to our audience. 

Two things allow you to tap into this rich resource. Getting your visitors to leave comments in the first place ( - see Spur Engagement above) and collecting and organizing these insights in a logical, actionable way.

Thrive Comments comes with a suite of reporting tools that help you get to know your audience. Extensive Reporting on visitor activity over time - so you can see if you're making progress, and stats on your most active commenters - so you can identify your true fans. Discover your most popular posts in terms of comment activity - so you know what topics really get your audience riled up.

Up-votes and down-votes allow you tap into the silent majority, creating a no fuss way for the less active visitors to give their opinion.

More Comments + Less Work!

As a company that can get over 600 comments per blog post, Thrive Themes built this plugin with speed and convenience in mind - because we needed it! 

Whether your blog involves a team of content contributors, or you're just looking for an easier way to process comments on your own, you'll love the Thrive Comments workflow.

In a dedicated Comment Moderation Dashboard you'll have endless comment sorting options, including comments from only your posts, comments that still require a reply, and comments on a single page or post. The whole interface is designed for speedy sorting, with keyboard shortcuts for every action.

Comments Moderation Dashboard Example

With the Thrive Comments WordPress Plugin you can assign a comment to a member of your team, so that the most relevant person can reply. Replies will nest under the original comment to make it easier to see threads within your comments. You'll be able to see comments waiting for moderation on the front end of your posts, and you can set up custom notifications so you can rest assured your site will tell you when a comment needs your attention. Automatically linking keywords means all you have to do is type the pre-set term in your reply, and Thrive Comments will automatically create a link to the appropriate URL.

" Engagement is way up "

Installation was simple and straightforward. I just installed the plugin and it worked straight away. Engagement is way up and I especially love the comments upvote functionality. This further increases engagement with my content.

By default, I have always left comments off on all my sites because it's just not worth the hassle. With Thrive the process is streamlined and the added benefit of having the 'upvote' functionality makes it all worthwhile. Well done to Thrive for building yet another awesome plugin.

Gary Evans

Thrive Themes Member

Doesn't WordPress Already Have a Commenting System?

It does. But it's dropping the ball on one of the most immediate and valuable connections with your audience.

With Thrive Comments you can finally tap into that resource…

Let's take a look at what changes when you start using Thrive Comments:

Regular Comments 


Having a visitor so invested in your website that they take the time to leave a comment and .... crickets.

No Incentive

Your power users get no reward or incentive for building your community, besides a brief reply a few days later.

No Insights

A visitor really resonates with a comment left on one of your posts. All he can do is reply with an "I agree".

Missed Comments

You click on a month old post and realize there are at least three replies you’ve completely missed.

Awkward Teamwork

There's a comment on a post that another contributor would be more suited to answer. You have to send them a message or email with the comment details.

Time Consuming Replies

Manually adding a link every time you need refer a specific blog post or tutorial.

Conversion Focused Comments 

Your first time commenter is presented with a special offer in exchange for their email address.

Addictive Encouragement

Gamified incentives keep your commenters involved, rewarding and encouraging positive interactions through badges, up-votes, and featured comments.

Access to Unspoken Opinions

With one click, a visitor can give an exceptional comment an up-vote, or share the comment on their Facebook account.

Oops-Proof Workflow

You go to your Comment Moderation Dashboard and you've got all the comments that require your attention in one place.

One-Click Delegation

Click → assign to contributor. Next time that contributor logs into WordPress, they’ve got a handy list of all the comments they need to reply to.

Automatic Resource Links

Type the word and bam! A link is generated. You can auto-link certain words (like "support forum" or "Thrive Architect") and they'll automatically link to the right resource.

Get Instant Access To Thrive Comments As a Thrive Suite Member or Thrive Comments Plugin Subscriber!

Take A Look At What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say:

" Comments with stronger marketing glue coupled with Reddit up/down votes... "

So good... love the 'badges kudos machine' and that 'opportunity' for euphoria from getting a thumbs up well loved by all Facebook feedback ego junkies. ooo and a more organised, efficient way to manage your comment conveyor belt 😉


Thrive Suite Customer

" Really impressed with how well thought out Thrive Comments is"

Thrive Comments is a fantastic new plugin, and I really appreciate how you focus on long-term fundamentals (that also provide immediate value).  Elegant and powerful, based on strong marketing fundamentals as ever.


Thrive Suite Customer

" This makes huge sense for getting meaningful conversions! "

Many thanks, Shane and the team, for another great plugin.


Thrive Suite Customer

What Do You Get With Thrive Comments?

Engagement & Interaction

Assign Users Badges

Add badges for commenting achievements to gamify and encourage site interaction. Add custom badges or choose from our existing designs. Choose which achievements to give badges for.

Up-Vote & Down-Vote

Encourage quality comments - enable visitors to up-vote and/or down-vote comments, or disable voting altogether. You can also restrict voting to logged in users only.

Display Featured Comments

Get your best comments up the top of the comment feed. You can use you visitors' up-votes to determine who sits in the top spot or you can feature a comment of your choosing.

Comment Boosting Design

We've made it as easy as possible for your visitor to comment, with "leave a comment" buttons at the top and bottom of the long comment feeds.

Post From Social Accounts

Alleviate the hassle of signing in. Users can instantly comment from their linked social accounts. This takes one of the biggest hurdles to commenting - signing in - out of the equation.

Social Sharing

Users can share individual comments from your posts on Facebook, Twitter or by URL. You can also ask them to share the article after commenting.

Subscribe to a Post's Comments

If a visitor would like to be informed about new comments on a particular post, they can subscribe that post's comments.

Auto Generate Visitor Information

Users can comment from their website accounts. Your commenter's name and email will also be pulled into any post-comment opt-in forms.

Conversion Focused Comments

Choose What Happens After A Comment

> Display a custom message

> Redirect to a URL

> Ask for a Social Share

> Display Similar posts

> Open a Lightbox 

(requires Thrive Leads)

Different C.T.A. for First Time Commenters

When a visitor makes a comment on your site for the first time, reward them by offering something special, like say a "Thanks for your first comment!" message or by sending them to a "Welcome to the Community!" page.

Lazy Load for Speed Optimization

Thrive Comments gives you the option to load comments only when the visitor scrolls to the end of the post. Other speed optimization options include only loading avatars when they come into the viewport.

Audience Insights

Thrive Comments comes with a reporting suite to help you gain valuable insights from your audience. Get access to voting and comment rates over time, most popular posts, and more.


Insert Anywhere

Insert a Thrive Comments element anywhere on your landing pages. You can even choose not to use Thrive Comment site wide.

No Lock-in

If you remove the Thrive Comments plugin, all your hard earned comments will remain on your site.

Customize or Remove Dates

Choose between Absolute dates ('03.03.2017'), Relative Dates ('One Day Ago') or remove them completely for an evergreen blog.

Comment Sorting

Visitors can sort comments by oldest first, newest first and top rated. You can also choose what sorting option is default on your site.

Create Your Own Default Avatar

Choose the default avatar on your site. This will display when a commenter doesn't have an image. Or remove avatars completely!

Improved Design

WordPress comments, spruced up! With Thrive Comments your comments will be displayed in a new, sleek, elegant design with a changeable accent color.

Translate or Customize Default Labels

Think "Add your comment..." is too generic?  You can change it! Don't want to ask for a "Name" ? Ask for a "Business Title" instead! Thrive Comments is completely translatable.

Comments into Pages

Don't want a single page with 100+ comments on the tail end? Split your comments across multiple pages. You choose how many comments per 'page' you want to display.

Streamlined Comment Moderation & Management

No Click Comment Sorting

Speed up your comment processing with the keyboard controlled comment moderation dashboard. Reply, delete, assign and toggle comments without a single click of the mouse.

Filter Comments Based On...

> Page or Post

> Reply Required

> Comment Status

> Keywords Used

> Comments on Your Post

Delegate Comments

Assign comments to other admins. Use the "Pending My Reply" filter to see only the comments that require action from you, including comments on post you've published.

Auto-Link Keywords

Sick of constantly manually linking to common resources? Choose certain words (eg. "SEO tutorial") to automatically link to predefined URL's.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to the existing comments on my site?

What will happen if I remove the plugin from my site?

Can the author pin a comment to the top?

Is Thrive Comments translatable?

Does Thrive Comments send notifications?

If I have another WordPress comment plugin installed, will my comments transfer across?

Is support available with my purchase?

Do you have to use the up-vote and down-vote options?

Do you have to use Thrive Themes Builder as Your WordPress theme for Thrive Comments to work?

Will Thrive Comments stop spam?

What moderation features does Thrive Comments include?

Are comments available on pages as well as in posts?

Will my comments be indexable by Google?

Can I purchase Thrive Comments as a standalone plugin?

Does Thrive Comments work on sites?

More From Our Customers...

" I'm getting comments. That simple. Compared to not getting comments it's a major improvement! "

Commenting required a tedious entry process, lacked avatars, and needed a lot of effort. I've never liked many of the popular commenting options due to performance issues or losing my comments to a 3rd party, so I stuck with the built-in commenting system that WordPress provides.

Adding Thrive Comments was a breeze. The system simply builds on the standard functionality, so no actual effort besides a few seconds adjusting the settings to my liking.

Jordan Georgiev

Thrive Themes Member

"Adding Thrive comments to my site was as simple as adding any other decent wordpress plugin - easy!"

The comments are far clearer now - and people can respond directly to specific comments more easily. Also, I have a far better interface now to manage them - and I mean FAR better.

Quentin Pain

Thrive Themes Member

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're convinced you'll love Thrive Comments and that it will allow you to dramatically improve your WordPress commenting system. However, if you're unhappy with Thrive Suite or Thrive Comments for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days. No questions asked.

All you have to do is install the plugin, and within minutes you'll be unlocking the power of comments on your site!

Start taking your online business to the next level

Get Thrive Comments today as part of the Thrive Convert bundle of WordPress plugins.

Thrive Comments WordPress Plugin

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