If you run an online coaching business, in any niche, and you’re trying to find unique ways to grow your business…then this is for you.

In the above video, Christine walks you through 6 ways you can use quizzes to:

  • Manage your mailing lists with ease
  • Fine-tune your email marketing strategies
  • Hook your website visitors and turn them into leads
  • …and so much more

All this is possible with Thrive Quiz Builder, and we’re about to show you how.

Read on to learn more.


Use Case #1: Build Your Email List

Here’s an idea:

After the last question in your quiz, present an opt-in gate to your visitors. In order for them to see their results, they must enter their name and email address, and boom! You’ve just scored a new lead.

It's super easy to create a quiz lead magnet in Thrive Quiz Builder. Simply add an opt-in gate with the click of a few buttons. From there, you can connect the opt-in form to your email service provider, to capture your visitors’ data.

To boost your conversions, offer your visitors an offer like a free ebook, checklist or guide. This is likely to work much better than just asking for an email address.

Use Case #2: Segment Your Email List

You can also use quizzes to segment your list, so can you then send relevant content to the right leads.

How would that work?

You can direct quiz takers to download a free offer, based on their results, that will solve a specific problem they’re dealing with. Create a tag for each result, and assign it to your visitors’ names and email addresses once they have opted in for the offer.

So, if you specialize in lead generation, copywriting, and sales funnels, you can create a quiz named, let’s say, “Discover where you can improve your business”. Based on the questions in the quiz, your visitors will get one of the three results:

  • Improve lead generation
  • Improve copywriting
  • Improve my sales funnels

Create a relevant lead magnet for each result, e.g. “How to improve your sales copy”, etc.

When your quiz takers finish the quiz and receive one of the three above-mentioned results, they will also see the offer to download a free guide to improve their lead generation, copywriting, or sales funnels (depending on what their results were).

If a visitor chooses to opt-in, submit their email addresses, and download the offer, you can assign a tag to them, e.g. “lead gen”, “copywriting”, or “funnels'', in your email service provider.

And in future, when you want to send out content based on one of your services, you can now send it according to the tagged segments in your email list.

This is super useful when it comes to launching new products like an online course, ebook, or even a membership.

Use Case #3: Guide People to the Right Silo Page

A silo page is a place to bring together information on a particular topic, from different avenues. If you specialize in lead generation, copywriting, and sales funnels, you might create content on all three topics in the form of blog posts, Youtube videos, and a podcast. 

You can create silo pages specifically for each topic you cover. For copywriting, that’s where people can find all of your blog posts, Youtube videos, and podcast episodes related to copywriting. 

In that way it’s super easy for people to find all the information they need about a particular topic. In today’s video, Christine breaks down how you can use quizzes to direct your visitors to specific silo pages on your website.

Note to the Reader ...

By the way, it’s also really easy to create a silo page when you use the Post List element in Thrive Architect. You can learn more about this feature here.

Use Case #4: Launch an Email Autoresponder Campaign

This is where things start to become more advanced. You can use Thrive Automator to trigger actions based on results from a Thrive Quiz Builder quiz.

For example, you can trigger an email autoresponder campaign based on an action your website visitor takes (completes a quiz, submits a form after a quiz, opts-in for a free offer, etc).

This Thrive Automator + Thrive Quiz Builder integration can take your email marketing to a new level and help you turn engaged leads into paying customers.

Check out this part of the video, to learn how you can set this up on your website.

Use Case #5: Trigger a Thrive Ultimatum Campaign

You’ve seen Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Automator at work. Now it’s time to learn about another awesome combination:

Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Ultimatum.

If you’re not familiar with Thrive Ultimatum, it’s is our plugin for creating scarcity driven campaigns, which essentially means placing a countdown timer on your sales pages in order to drive conversions, as well as locking down your sales pages so people can only purchase during the specified purchase window.

So when someone gets a specific quiz result, you can do things like present a limited time offer to purchase your latest masterclass, or an online course.

And with Thrive Automator you can even trigger an email autoresponder AND Thrive Ultimatum campaign. Watch the video to see how Christine does it in her demo.

Use Case #6: Enroll a User in a Free Online Course

Now, as a coach, you might already be selling online courses (or planning to in the future). This next idea could be a game changer for you.

In this video, Christine demonstrates how you can use Thrive Quiz Builder and Thrive Automator to enroll someone in a free online course when they get a specific quiz result. So, essentially you’re using a free online course as a lead magnet – which is a great way to identify those who might be interested in purchasing one of your paid courses later.

But what’s really cool about this idea is you can set up a second Thrive Automator automation to promote your paid course after someone has completed a lesson in your free course. Christine takes you through the entire funnel.

Heads up: this strategy does require a few pieces in order to get going, but once you’ve put everything together, you won’t have to do it again. That’s the beauty of automation!

Build Your First Business-Boosting Quiz Today

Did any of these ideas resonate with you?

If your answer is yes, then it’s time for you to turn that idea into action. Quizzes can be a game-changing marketing tool, and with Thrive Quiz Builder? The sky's the limit.

Give Thrive Quiz Builder a try, implement one of the ideas we’ve suggested in the featured video above, and let us know how it went for you.

Good luck!

About the Author

Christine is a marketer with a background in print graphics, motion graphics, and teaching. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, dancing, and building things.

  • Great video again Christine! How about an update to the quiz builder to display all questions and answers on the results pages? They can be added in the email, but not on the pages. For some quizzes and tests it would look much more professional

  • Hi, fantastic uses of the quiz builder. Here’s what I would like a video on. physical products such as clothing which is a huge niche. I’m setting up a bespoke men’s suiting, shirting and shoe company where we ship worldwide. I would love a list of ideas for us that sell physical products. I saw some of those I could use, but I’m sure you guys could show me ideas I’ve never even considered.
    Thank you, Patrick

  • Question for you, Christine… (nice job on the presentation, as always!): When using the optin Gateway for the quiz, how are the results given to the quiz taker? After they optin, are they taken to a results page? Or, does Automator provide those results to my email provider (Aweber for me right now) and an email with the results is sent?

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