Why are some of the most successful online course creators and personal brand businesses using a homepage quiz above-the-fold?

The answer...

Because quizzes drive conversions.

In fact, nothing works better to help you get the right content or product offer in front of the right visitors like a well crafted online quiz.

Interested to learn how you can do the same for your own online business?

Watch the video or read this post to learn why you should use a quiz in the above the fold area of your own homepage as well as how to build one with Thrive Quiz Builder.


2 Major Benefits to Using Quizzes At the Top of Your Homepage (00:49)

Although there are several good reasons why you might want to place a quiz on your homepage...

...there are 2 key benefits you can gain from doing so in the prized above-the-fold top spot.

Benefit #1: Quizzes Segment Your Visitors (01:01)

If you want to make conversion focus a top priority when building your website, nothing helps you more than getting the right content or product offers in front of the right eyeballs.

And as it turns out, quizzes are the perfect tool to help you do that.


Because a quiz can be designed in such a way that it automatically segments new visitors into different interest categories. Once you know which visitors are interested in what, you can then serve them strategically with the content they want.

For example if you’re running a personal fitness website, a simple quiz can funnel new visitors into weight loss content instead of muscle building content based specifically on their answers to your quiz.

That’s next level content marketing, right?

Benefit #2: Quizzes Drive Conversions (01:45)

A visitor who gets the help they need is more likely to come back, become a fan and eventually buy something from you.

That’s why quizzes are such great conversion boosting tools — they help you serve every visitor that comes to your website better.

And the longer visitors stick around consuming content that solves their problems, the more likely they are to convert into a subscriber or customer.

That’s exactly why we say: online quizzes drive conversions.

Homepage Quiz Examples in the Wild (02:15)

Now that you know the purpose behind a quiz on your homepage — let’s take a look at some real life examples from the wild.

Here you’ll also see a few different ways in which personal brands are deploying quizzes from using on-site tools (Ramit Sethi and Greg O’Gallagher) which keep quiz takers from leaving your own website, to those that are using off-site SaaS tools (Stefan James and Jamie Masters).

Note that although these different quiz strategies work to segment new subscribers, they have the downside of either taking quiz takers away from your website (where they could get distracted and fail to return) or require reloading several pages to complete the quiz.

With Thrive Quiz Builder however, you can make sure your quiz takers never leave your homepage, which allows them to continue engaging with your content as soon as the quiz is completed.

With that being said, check out the following homepage quiz examples to get an idea how they’re being deployed by successful businesses...

Ramit Sethi: IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com (02:19)

Ramit Sethi's "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" homepage quiz

The above-the-fold area of Ramit Sethi's homepage. Notice the yellow "Start the quiz" button front and center.

Ramit Sethi is a master at serving super relevant content to the different segments of his audience so it’s no surprise that he’s used a quiz on his homepage for several years now.

If you’ve been following the Thrive Themes blog for a while now, you may even remember this Personality Quiz breakdown post that featured Ramit’s homepage.

Check out that post to see a detailed deconstruction of 5 different real-world personality quiz examples, including Ramit Sethi’s current homepage quiz.

Also, if you work through Ramit’s homepage quiz, note how it never takes you away from his actual website (like the next two examples do), but does require you to refresh several pages to complete the quiz. 

Greg O’Gallagher: KinoBody.com (02:45)

Greg O’Gallagher's "KinoBody" homepage quiz

Greg O’Gallagher's homepage. Notice the green "Take the Physique" button just under his above-the-fold area.

Similar to the example above, Greg O'Gallaher uses a button that links to a new visitor segmentation quiz on his homepage.

When clicked, quiz takers are sent to another page of Greg's site and led through some simple questions assessing who they are in terms of gender and current body type followed by questions about what their ultimate physique goal is.

Once completed, visitors can sign up to Greg's mailing list in exchange for getting targeted content that will help them get started with their fitness training.

Unlike Ramit's quiz, the button to take the KinoBody quiz is below the above-the-fold area so it would likely generate more new subscribers if it were more prominent and visible as soon as the page loaded.

Stefan James: ProjectLifeMastery.com (Not in Video)

Stefan James's "Project Life Mastery" homepage quiz

Stefan James's homepage. Notice the orange "GET STARTED" button that takes visitors to his quiz placed front and center within the above-the-fold area.

Another personal brand business that uses a homepage quiz (in a slightly more simplified way) is Stefan James’s ProjectLifeMastery.com.

In the above-the-fold area of Stefan’s homepage, you can see a button showcasing the text “Getting Started” which then takes visitors to a quiz page hosted by a third party web tool.

Again, it’s not ideal for visitors to leave your site to complete the quiz on someone else’s (a problem you avoid entirely by using Thrive Quiz Builder), but the result of this quiz is what we’re trying to illustrate here: the ability to segment new subscribers based on their responses to the quiz questions

Jamie Masters: EventualMillionaire.com (Not in Video)

Jamie Masters's "Eventual Millionaire" homepage quiz

Jamie Masters's homepage. Notice the gold "Take the Quiz" button placed within the above-the-fold area.

Similar to the example above, Jamie Master’s EventualMillionaire.com homepage showcases an above-the-fold area button that takes visitors to a third party quiz tool site.

Again, it’s not great that quiz takers have to leave her website to complete the quiz, but it’s another good example of how your homepage can funnel new visitors into a quiz that segments them into content interest categories.

4 Key Points About Thrive Quiz Builder on Your Homepage (05:09)

Now that you’ve seen some successful homepage quiz examples, how can you go about building one for yourself with Thrive Quiz Builder?

First of all, if you’ve never used Thrive Quiz Builder before and need help getting started, follow the steps in this article to learn the basics fast.

But if you’re already fluent with building Thrive quizzes, here’s 4 important points to keep in mind as you work through creating your own homepage quiz...

Point #1: Use a Category Quiz (05:21)

Although Thrive Quiz Builder gives you 4 different quiz type options (i.e. Number quiz, Percentage quiz, Category quiz and Right/Wrong quiz), the Category quiz is ideal for helping you segment visitors into content and product offerings that are best suited to their needs (based on their quiz answers of course).

How to select your quiz type in Thrive Quiz Builder

Select the Category quiz type when creating your homepage quiz with Thrive Quiz Builder. (Click to enlarge)

That’s because Category quizzes best support the methodology of getting the right offer to the right person — which will get you awesome results when it comes to increasing your conversions.

Point #2: Tag Quiz Answers… and Be Organized About It (06:00)

Tagging new subscribers based on quiz answers is super easy to do with Thrive Quiz Builder.

When creating your quiz, just add tags to each of your quiz answers to make sure those tags attach to a subscriber’s email address at the end of the quiz (a.k.a after the visitor passes through your quiz opt-in gate).

How to add tags to quiz answers in Thrive Quiz Builder

Add well thought out tags to your quiz questions to help you segment new subscribers in your email list based on their answers. (Click to enlarge)

Be organized when it comes to naming your tags so they can actually assist you in segmenting your list into useful groups for relevant content or product offer targeting.

Point #3: Connect Your Opt-in Gate (07:39)

And when it comes to passing those answer tags on to your email marketing tool (e.g. Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.), you’ll have to connect your quiz lead generation form to your email service provider when setting up your quiz.

First, read this article to make sure your email marketing tool is compatible with Thrive Quiz Builder and then follow this tutorial to learn how to connect your quiz’s opt-in gate to your email service provider.

Point #4: Create Dynamic Content (08:55)

Finally, one of the most powerful features Thrive Quiz Builder offers you is the ability to display Dynamic Content.

What’s Dynamic Content you ask?

In the case of Thrive Quiz Builder, it’s quiz result content displayed based on the specific answers a quiz taker selects. You can check out this Thrive Themes blog post to see how the Dynamic content feature gets used in a practical list building quiz example.

Also, Dynamic Content can be used on both your Quiz Opt-In Gate Page and/or your Quiz Results Page.

That means with the Dynamic Content feature in Thrive Quiz Builder, you can not only give the most relevant content to each person who takes your quiz (based on their answers/interests), but give them a relevant product offer too — right from your homepage!

Are you starting to see just how powerful quizzes can be to help grow your online business on the most visited page of your website?

Now It’s Your Turn (10:02)

After watching the video, you now understand how helpful homepage quizzes can be to grow your mailing list and boost sales.

And no tool makes building quizzes on your WordPress website easier than Thrive Quiz Builder.

So now it’s your turn to give it a try...

Take the next few minutes to build a simple, yet powerful Category quiz on your homepage and then let us know how it turns out for you in the comments below. If you still have any questions about this homepage quiz strategy, feel free to ask them below as well!

About the Author

Matt's a geologist turned online marketer and digital nomad. He's a Modern Manimal on a mission to cultivate a wild lifestyle – by design. When away from his tech, you can find him studying movement through practices like Aikido, AcroYoga and Barefoot Running.

  • Hah! And I have been already using this at my website for a last year! 😀 It works great indeed!

    (I also get some compliments for that – “its something different from all other websites”, some visitors later write me.)

  • Hi, thank you for this information.
    I would love to know more about how to organize the information and what to ask and what to give at the end of the quiz what is valuable for the client.

    • You can always just give them… Some of your blog posts! 🙂

      At least thats what I do, it’s a short quiz with questions like “What do you like more: being busy or being lazy” (really simple questions, because any harder would cause visitor drop off)… And I give 3 selected posts at the end.

      (Using Architects “post list” content block.)

      It’s both useful (visitor gets what he needs the most) and fun.

  • Hi, so my question is this… If I use an autoresponder that is not supported by thrive themes api, does that mean that I cannot segment my list using quiz builder? Does it not work the same with the HTML code? I use insty.me and insty engage for my autoresponder. I don’t think that there is an api for that in thrive themes.

    • Hi Dave,
      You could still use the dynamic content on the opt-in gate to segment people based on their answers, but you wouldn’t be able to use the tagging feature (that’s only supported through API connection.)

      • Ok, thanks Hanne. So I put in a request for an API connection to my insty.me email autoresponder. What’s the likelihood that that request might be approved?

  • Great concept & great product! 😀

    Great video too, Colin!

    I know how important segmentation is to understanding your audience & marketing!

    I have yet to implement this strategy as the actual quiz questions themselves are the critical part! 😉

    But I do have ‘self-segmentation’ Thrive elements built into several areas of my site… Those then are tagged & connected to my email list…

    Still trying to figure out the specific quiz questions to ask…

    I teach beginner WordPress & website-related topics, so it’s tricky to determine the optimal questions that will get readers engaged, yet place them into the correct funnel (a number of approaches are possible)…

    Still pondering… 😉 LoL, but agree that quizzes are awesome for engagement and conversion! 😀

  • Awesome post! How do we request a different email system api? We’re moving from activecampaign along with thousands of agency owners. Thanks!

  • This is great information. I think I’ll try this as a lead generator and compare its conversion rate to a pdf. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Colin,
    Can you please do a quick video or provide some instructions on how you’ve embedded the quiz into the page using Thrive Architect.

  • After laying out my wireframe and begun building with Thrive Theme Builder, Architect and Quiz, I ran into a challenge.

    How can I use a quiz as thrive lightbox or leads? Here’s what I mean, can a quiz pop up like a signup box? How can that he done?

    • Hi Dayo,

      I already answered you on Youtube but I think others can benefit from this.

      1. Create you lightbox in Thrive Leads (or in Thrive Lightboxes if you don’t have Thrive Leads), If you use Thrive Leads, choose the blank lightbox https://share.getcloudapp.com/2Nuyg27D
      2. Use the Thrive editor to edit the lightbox
      3. Add a quiz element into the lightbox https://share.getcloudapp.com/qGuN9gBr
      4. Start typing the name of the quiz to select the quiz: https://share.getcloudapp.com/Blu5rpP0
      5. Done that’s it 😀 You’ll see either your splash page or the first question in your quiz if you deleted the splash page.

      • Thank you Hanne, this is more detailed compared to the YouTube ????????????????

        Furthering your answer, can I add that thrive box with the splash in the menu? What I’m trying to do is http://www.dayosamuel.com I want to be able to make the free training a splash on the screen to cover the screen while the quiz is taken, by the end, it then redirects

      • Ok let’s try to figure this out 😀
        1. Create a Thrive Leads Thrive Box and pick one of the full screen templates
        2. Add the quiz to the lightbox as described in my previous comment
        3. Go into your header in Thrive Theme Builder (on any template) and edit the header
        4. Add a button to the header that says free training (just like the book a call you have now)
        5. Select the button and go into animations and actions and select pop-up as the action and open a Thrive Leads Thrive Box : https://share.getcloudapp.com/E0unDYvP
        6. Select the Thrive Leads Thrive Box you made in step 1
        Now, on click the lightbox will be shown and the quiz can be started 😀 Tadaaa

      • Hanne, you’re awemazing (awesome + amazing combined). You know asides from watching almost all your tutorials on YouTube, you do a good job of guiding someone to the exact solutions. As a therapist, I give you kudos for that.

        I did as you said, got it to work. However, on mobile, I notice it is not opeining up, I guess small screen (Samsung device, by the way) is playing out.

        Then I tried the link style rather than Thrive Box, it opened, but the quiz does not load on mobile at all (Chrome & Duckduckgo tested). It works well on PC.

      • Looks like I am adding another layer of question, please. When viewing incognito and inprivate modes using Edge and Chrome, I cannot see the free-training quiz set up, it just keeps loading 3 buttons as if to say it wants to open. I have cleared cache, and everything, it still doesn’t seem to work. Mind any help?

      • This seems to be a support issue… Please contact our support team so they can have a look and see what’s conflicting.

      • Done. Was told to turn off Smush plugin, and it is now working perfectly.

        Thank you very much

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