Are you looking for the best ThriveCart plugins to generate your sales, optimize your customers’ experience, or improve your marketing automation?

Or are you thinking of adding a paid membership or online course platform to your WordPress site and need to find a plugin that seamlessly integrates with ThriveCart?

This is the guide for you.

We’ve outlined 7 powerful plugins you can ThriveCart integrates with, and you can use, to enhance your current website and generate more leads and sales for your eCommerce store — whether you sell digital or physical products.

Let’s dive in.

Benefits of Using ThriveCart for Your Online Business

ThriveCart is powerful shopping cart software, designed to help you turn your website into a thriving ecommerce business — no need to use tools like Shopify or Wix that don’t offer you the flexibility to build your website your way.

With this plugin you can:

  • Create impressive checkout pages and link them to your sales funnel builder (e.g. Thrive Architect, Elementor, or SeedProd), allowing for seamless transactions

  • Get the most out of each purchase by offering one-click upsells, down-sells, or other relevant order bumps

  • Embed popups and time them to appear at strategic times to highlight key offers and bump offers (e.g. a special discount, coupon code, attractive upgrades, sale, etc.)

  • Easily collect payments for your digital products (e.g. online courses, membership platforms, webinars)

  • Connect ThriveCart to various payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and This allows you to have different products in your account use different accounts for payment processing.

With ThriveCart and the right plugins, you can create a seamless payment platform for any type of WordPress site – from a membership platform, to an online course platform, and more.

When you purchase the lifetime license for a ThriveCart pro account (one-time payment) you also get access to advanced features like collecting digital sales tax (and enabling tax calculations).

7 Best ThriveCart Plugins to Generate Sales for Your Online Business

Each plugin listed has a direct integration with ThriveCart, making it easier for you to run your business smoothly. We’ve also included a very useful automation plugin you can use to connect more of your WordPress plugins with ThriveCart, in case you can’t find your specific use case here.

Note: You’ll need an active WordPress site and custom domain to use these plugins.

Thrive Apprentice is a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) plugin, designed to help business owners and educators create high-value online courses.

This course building plugin is known for its ease of use, design flexibility, and powerful course-building features. 

You can also use Thrive Apprentice to turn your WordPress site into an engaging membership platform, where paid members can access a variety of paid digital products. And with a payment processor like ThriveCart, you can collect payments with ease.

Key Features of Thrive Apprentice include:

  1. Intuitive course builder: Design stunning, in-depth courses with Thrive Apprentice’s user-friendly drag-and-drop course builder.
  2. Full design flexibility: Design & customize the look of your online school to match your brand.
  3. Pre-designed templates: Choose from a variety of course lesson, course overview, and other page templates to make each course unique (and also build your courses fast)
  4. Variety of lesson types: Use text, video, and audio lessons to create an engaging course
  5. In-depth drip functionality: Pick from a range of drip content settings to ensure your students get their lessons at the right time
  6. Powerful reporting engine: Use Thrive Apprentice’s detailed reporting & analytics to gain deep insights on your courses’ performance
  7. Assessments functionality: Set a variety of assessments to ensure your learners are retaining the right information from your courses
  1. Certificates: Reward your students and boost their learning experience with personalized, custom certificates

If you’re looking for a complete, all-in-one solution for your online course needs, Thrive Apprentice is a highly recommended choice.

Check out pricing for Thrive Apprentice

2. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the best WordPress page builder plugin.

If you’re looking for the right tool to create stunning landing pages that are designed to generate conversions, then this is the page builder you need.

And if you want to create a streamlined sales funnel for your offers, then you can connect Thrive Architect with ThriveCart to make this happen.

Key Features of Thrive Architect include:

  • Easy drag-and-drop editing: Build impressive landing pages without writing a single line of code

  • Total design control: Customize every element of your landing page until it matches your brand 

  • Expansive template library: Choose from hundreds of pre-built, professionally designed templates to build your pages faster

  • Wide variety of design elements: Use Thrive Architect’s library of conversion-focused design elements to create engaging landing pages that encourage your customers to convert

  • Mobile responsiveness: Thrive Architect ensures your pages look great on all devices by offering mobile-responsive design options and tools. All of the pre-designed templates that come with Thrive Architect are mobile responsive right out of the box

  • 40+ integrations available: Connect Thrive Architect with your favorite email marketing, marketing automation, and payment tools (like ThriveCart).

When you purchase Thrive Architect, you also get instant access to our A/B testing plugin (Thrive Optimize), so you can test and tweak your pages for maximum conversions.

If you’re looking to add a paid membership platform to your WordPress website, you should consider using MemberPress and ThriveCart.

MemberPress is a powerful and versatile membership plugin that simplifies the process of creating and managing different memberships tiers.

With its user-friendly interface, this plugin allows you to control access to content, create subscription plans, and manage member accounts with ease.

Key features of MemberPress include:

  1. Simple membership creation: MemberPress enables you to create various membership levels with different pricing plans and access permissions, allowing you to offer tailored content and experiences to your members.
  2. Access control: The plugin provides advanced access control features, enabling you to restrict access to specific content, pages, or sections based on membership levels or user roles.
  3. Premium community functionality: Build your own, private community with MemberPress and offer a variety of members-only content and digital products to keep your community members engaged.

For online business owners, MemberPress is a fantastic tool for creating and managing a successful membership site.

Check out MemberPress pricing

WishList Member is another WordPress membership plugin you should consider if you’re planning on building a paid membership platform.

It’s a powerful membership plugin that offers flexibility on how to create and manage your membership platform tiers; advanced content control features; and a wide selection of integrations with WordPress plugins and other important marketing apps.

WishList Member also integrates with ThriveCart, allowing you to easily process payments for your membership platform.

Key Features of WishList Member include:

  1. Unlimited membership tiers: Set as many membership tiers as you need. You can have the three classic “Basic, Gold and Platinum” levels or you can build out a forum-like membership site that has 15 different tiers

  1. Drip & scheduled content functionality: Automate your content distribution to your members to build interest and boost engagement. Drip specific content to new members when they join, or schedule posts to go live on a particular date.

  1. 50+ integrations available: Connect WishList Member with a variety of top WordPress plugins (like Thrive Suite), email marketing services, and other marketing tools to create a powerful membership platform that offers top value.

Check out WishList Member’s pricing here.

Uncanny Automator is the best WordPress automation plugin in the market. It lets you create powerful workflows to save time and reduce errors without writing any code.

You can use this automation plugin to connect Thrive Cart with popular WordPress plugins like AffiliateWP, bbpress, FunnelKit Automations, WPForms, RafflePress, and so many more.

Uncanny Automator is WordPress’ own “Zapier for WordPress plugins”, helping business owners create automated flows to improve their business’ efficiency and enhance their online store’s functionality.

And the best part? You don’t need to know how to code to use this plugin.

You can set up in-depth automation workflows to run your website efficiently – and trigger specific actions after someone’s purchased one of your products or subscriptions through ThriveCart.

Key Features of Uncanny Automator:

  1. Simple workflow builder: Building automated workflows are super easy with Uncanny Autmator’s user-friendly interface
  2. Unlimited workflow creation: Create as many workflows as you need to
  3. 130+ integrations available: With Uncanny Automator, ThriveCart integrates with many more plugins - giving you more ways to enhance your WordPress site. Connect most of your favorite WordPress plugins with ThriveCart to create a seamless payment experience for your online store.

Check out Uncanny Automator’s pricing here.

Alternative: Thrive Automator is a great alternative for WordPress automation. It’s a completely free plugin that lets you connect your favorite tools with your WordPress website.


LifterLMS is a popular WordPress LMS plugin, you can use to create and sell online courses.

With its comprehensive set of tools, this plugin enables entrepreneurs and educators to create engaging online courses, and even build a fully interactive online school to help their students learn specific skills or achieve a particular goal.

Key Features of LifterLMS include:

  1. Intuitive course builder:  LifterLMS includes an in-depth course builder that allows you to create lessons that feature various media (video, audio, etc.), quizzes, and assignments.
  2. Drip content functionality: You can program when lessons should be unlocked, based on specific dates, or a number of days after a student enrolls. LifterLMS also allows to set prerequisite lessons that a student must complete before they can access the next lesson.
  3. Advanced engagment features: Program personalized emails and certificates to motivate your students and encourage them to engage with your course content.

FluentCRM is a well-known marketing automation plugin for WordPress. 

You can use this plugin to manage your leads and customers, streamline affiliate management, create automated email sequences, and segment your users according to a variety of tags – right from your WordPress dashboard.

To connect FluentCRM to ThriveCart, you’ll need to use an add-on plugin called Fluent Connect. 

And when you’ve connected the two plugins, you can set certain triggers like creating a new WordPress user account after someone purchase’s a ThriveCart product; or adding/removing tags based on purchased products, and even after refunds take place.

Key Features of FluentCRM include:

  1. Easy email campaign management: Create and send one-off email campaigns to provide product updates, promote new offers, announce special discounts, etc.

  1.  Advanced email marketing automation: Program automated workflows to capture and/or nurture leads, segment users, and onboard new customers.

  2. In-depth reporting: Gain key insights on how your campaigns are performing so you know how to optimize and generate more lead or sales.


Q: Can you sell courses on ThriveCart?

A: Yes you can. ThriveCart has a plugin available called ThriveCart Learn. But you can also connect ThriveCart to your preferred online course plugin (like Thrive Apprentice or LifterLMS) to sell your online course.

Q: Is ThriveCart easy to use?

A: ThriveCart is straightforward to use. If you encounter any challenges, you can refer to their documentation or contact their support team.

Q: Can you make landing pages on ThriveCart?

A: No. ThriveCart is a checkout page builder and cart tool. So if you want to build landing pages, you’ll need a page builder plugin like Thrive Architect.

Next Steps: Learn How to Generate More Leads and Sales for Your Business

Now that you know the best plugins to connect with ThriveCart to enhance your website and online business, it’s time to start building.

And if you need free resources on how to generate more leads or sales to grow your online business, check out these articles:

If you already have a complete website, and just need to a membership or online course plugin to expand your site’s functionality, you should try one of the options in the list.

We recommend trying out Thrive Architect to build your sales funnels and landing pages, or Thrive Apprentice to create an engaging online course platform.

You can purchase each plugin separately, or together with Thrive Suite and get access to 8 other conversion-focused plugins to generate more sales and leads for your online business.

Check out Thrive Suite's pricing today.

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