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Hosting Cohort Based Courses is EASY

with Decoupled Drip from Thrive Apprentice

Free yourself from the painful grind of duplicating courses each time you want to welcome a new intake of students.

Create, sell or pre-sell an unlimited number of unique drip schedules per course. Decoupled Drip is what complete flexibility looks like.    
Because you may want to sell a course individually AND as part of a multi-course bundle product, Decoupled Drip allows you to apply different drip schedules (with different drip triggers) to the exact same course — without having to duplicate any of the content!

Market your online courses like the pros with Thrive Apprentice today!

There’s more to Drip than meets the eye. As promised, we’ve taken it to the next level…

Decoupled Drip Means You’re Not Restricted to One Drip Schedule per Course

Think about what your online course business can do with that kind of flexibility. Now you can apply multiple drip schedules to the same online course because it can be included in different Thrive Apprentice Products!

Apply different drip schedules to the same course

Until now, running multiple Drip Schedules on the same course was a painful affair. You had to spend hours of frustrating work duplicating courses to apply different drip schedules to them — still with zero ability to drip content based on individual student behaviors...

But, that changes today.

With Decoupled Drip for Thrive Apprentice, you can create multiple Drip schedules for the same online course, and choose which Product it applies to.

You can even choose to create a bundle of courses that only start dripping lessons once a student has started the first lesson of each bundle. Spend more time building your business rather than needlessly duplicating courses to get your drip schedules working! 

Decoupled Drip is hands down the best solution for cohort learning

Cohort learning is a great way to create a sense of community amongst your students. As a group, they get to share their achievements and enjoy your course content together.

But that’s hard to create if your course plugin wasn’t designed with those joint experiences in mind… 

With Thrive Apprentice and Decoupled Drip, you can give different intakes of students access to lessons and modules simultaneously without:

  • Duplicating your course multiple times

  • Breaking what you’ve already set up for the first cohort when another needs to start later in the year!

Create an unlimited number of drip schedules for each of your courses and ace cohort learning. Only Decoupled drip gives you the flexibility to do that!


Unlock Online Course Content With Pinpoint Accuracy

Unlock or release new lessons based on the conditions you choose...

We took our time to get Drip right, and it paid off in a big way. Now you have complete control over when students can access your lessons, and what they see in the meantime.

Get Thrive Apprentice at the Lowest Price Possible

Sell anything and customize everything with Thrive Apprentice 4.0

Thrive Apprentice Drip is only one of three game-changing features we’ve recently added to Thrive Apprentice. With the latest 4.0 release, you’ll be able to: 

Sell and protect any content on your website with Products...


Take full control of what content your website shows to specific user groups and visitors with Conditional Display!

Sell and protect ANY content on your website with Thrive Apprentice Products

Create your membership site fast. Thrive Apprentice also functions as a full membership plugin for WordPress! 

Set up membership tiers or protect your most valuable pages and posts in minutes with super simple access restrictions and display rules.

But Thrive Apprentice Products doesn't just restrict access to your content…

You can protect and sell digital product combinations made from any content on your WordPress website!

Personalize your website content and increase sales with Conditional Display

Show the right content to the right person at the right time to increase your conversions and sales.  

With a set of flexible rules, you can display or hide elements to different groups of visitors, students, members, and customers. Setting them up takes only a few seconds! 

Conditional Display means you can serve the same page, but show only the content that is relevant to the current visitor. 

Guide your website visitors towards the outcomes your online business needs with personalized content! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with Drip?

We offer 6 Drip Templates to get you started designing the perfect Drip schedule for your product and audience.

All of these are a great way to get started, and you can make any customizations you want.

  1. 1
    Scheduled repeating
  2. 2
    Evergreen repeating
  3. 3
    Day of the week or month
  4. 4
    Specific dates
  5. 5
    Start from scratch
  6. 6
    and an advanced option to trigger your Drip schedule using Thrive Automator

Is locked content visible to the user or completely hidden?

It’s entirely up to you.

You can show locked lessons as usual in the course overview page, or you can completely hide them from view until the Drip unlock conditions are met.

Can dripped content be unlocked with student assignments or quizzes?

We’re working on it!

We’ve built Thrive Apprentice 4.0’s new Drip feature to provide flexibility to add exciting new unlock conditions in the near future – think assignment submissions or quiz completions.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback immediately after the Thrive Apprentice 4.0 launch, so we can prioritize which unlock conditions we need to add next.

Can Thrive Apprentice Drip do this specific thing?


We’ve designed Drip to be extremely powerful and customizable at every level, and it features a wide range of triggers and conditions (even Thrive Automator!).

We think it will cover the vast majority of real-world use cases.

Of course, when it launches, we’d love to hear your feedback on how Drip plays a part in your online course business.

Does this mean I no longer need a membership plugin to drip content?


If you were using a membership plugin simply to drip content, you can now set it up in Thrive Apprentice (and probably even get rid of yet another plugin subscription).

Get Thrive Apprentice at the Lowest Price Possible

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