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Thrive Apprentice Templates

Thrive Apprentice comes with full visual editing capabilities. This means that you can make your online courses and your online course environment such as your school homepage, course overview pages, modules etc. look EXACTLY the way you want it! And to make it super fast and easy, Thrive Apprentice comes with pre-designed templates for each important page.

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School Homepage Templates

The school homepage templates are the perfect starting point to create a high converting school overview page for your online courses.

The course list element, used on this homepage is super flexible. You can filter the courses anyway you want. These filters allow you to show your courses in the perfect order. Maybe you want to show free courses before showing your premium courses? Add a call to action? Show some course in a list layout and others in a grid layout? All of this is possible! 

Course Overview Templates

The course overview is the first page students will see when clicking on your course. This page can be protected or publicly available.
Use this course overview page wisely to get more students to take your course! 

The course overview page templates feature the course list element to show the details of the content within the course. These templates also take full advantage of the dynamic course buttons to give the right call-to-action for your visitors. 

Depending on whether your student has access, is logged in, has already started the course,... the button will prompt them to buy, get access, continue, etc.

Module Overview Templates

To keep your course content well organized, Thrive Apprentice allows you to create modules to group chapters and lessons. 

Each one of the modules has it's very own page so that students can easily navigate the course. 

You'll notice that these module templates follow the same design language as the course overview templates which makes it super easy to create a coherent look and feel.

Lesson Templates

You have access to text, video and audio lesson templates. Each one created to make your content stand out and create a premium feel for your course.


 Text Lesson Templates


 Video Lesson Templates


 Audio Lesson Templates

Sidebar Templates

Thrive Apprentice allows for collapsible or fixed sidebars for your courses. And of course, you get templates to make these sidebars look good.

Each of these designs comes with certain elements such as a:

Progress bar

Lesson list

Course title

Teacher information

But of course, you have the freedom to add or delete elements as you please. Don’t want to show the teacher information? Simply delete it! Want to add the course description in the sidebar? Just drag & drop the element into the sidebar.

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