You receive an email, click on the link and you see...

An opt-in form.

Really? How annoying is that?

They contacted you through email, they have your contact information. Why would you have to do the effort to opt-in AGAIN?

Click. Window closed. Conversion lost.

As a subscriber you understand how irritating this is, but as a marketer you've probably done this to your own subscribers at least a few times.  Because sometimes you want your subscribers to opt-in again, no?

Well, yes and no.

You want the RESULT of your subscribers opting in again. You want them to be added to a different list, receive a series of follow-up emails, get tagged, etc.

Good news, you can have the best of both worlds!

Thrive Leads is packed with one of the most powerful one-click sign up features: Signup Segue.

You get what you want and your subscribers are happy too. A true Win-Win.

Let's take a look at when using the Signup Segue feature will help you boost your conversions.​


You Should Use Signup Segue To:

1. Get Loads Of Webinar Sign-Ups

Webinars are the first situation that comes to mind when thinking about asking to opt-in again.

This is mainly because you want to get people on your webinar list to be able to send reminder emails only to those who showed interest in the webinar.

Signup Segue allows you to add your subscribers to your webinar list in one click in the background, so they do not even notice they have been added to this list.

Desired result:

Get your subscribers onto a special webinar list so that you can send them reminder, replay and promotional emails.

How to:

  • Create a Signup Segue link that's connected to your favorite webinar solution and/or to a specific list, group or tag in your email provider​. 
  • Use the conditional redirect options to send visitors to a "thank you for subscribing" page, a replay page or a "sorry the event is over" page. You can check out this post for detailed instructions.

The email link message:​

“Simply click here to claim your spot.​”

2. Pamper Your Subscribers With Freebies

You've just created a value packed opt-in offer and wrote all the follow up emails that will lead into the sale of your product or service.

You want people who are following you already to know about this!

They deserve to be treated extra special and sending them to an opt-in page would not make them feel that way.

With the Singup Segue link, you can send your subscribers immediately to the download page or to the free report and in the background they will be added to a new list, get a tag or be added to a group. 

Desired result:

Giving the opt-in offer to your subscribers, while still being able to trigger the follow-up sequence.

How to:

  • Create a Signup Segue link that's connected to your email provider and send people to a different list, group or add a tag that will start the follow-up email sequence.
  • Send the visitors immediately to the download page of your opt-in offer.

The email link message:​

“Click here to download this new awesome guide.”

3. Rock Partnerships

When you're doing an (affiliate) promotion, you want a maximum of your subscribers to opt-in to your partner's list.

That's why you should make it as easy as possible for your subscribers to join your partner's list.

You can write an email in your voice and you do not have to count on their opt-in landing page to do the job.

Just make 100% sure your subscribers understand that by clicking on the link they will opt-in for another list and will receive messages from this person.​

Desired result:

Have your subscribers join your partner's list

How to:

  • Create a Signup Segue link that's connected to your partner's email provider. 
  • Send the visitors to a personalized thank you page so that you can keep the messaging congruent or send them to the access page of the offer they were promised.

The email message:​

Click here to get access to the partner's amazing resources, you'll get immediate access to the offer and will be receiving training emails from this partner.

4. Clean Your List

After a while some people will stop opening your emails, maybe because they changed their primary email address or simply because the topic is not interesting to them anymore.

But many of them will not unsubscribe, they'll simply delete your emails or worse mark them as SPAM.

This sends a negative signal to spam filters and can hurt your delivery rates.

That's why it's important you delete inactive subscribers from time to time and clean your list. 

Not only can it help your delivery rates but it will also lower your costs because you'll stop paying for useless contacts.

Your email provider should give you the possibility to filter subscribers based on their behavior. You can filter for people who have not opened your emails for the past couple of months (depending on the frequency of your emails). These are the people you want to delete from your list.

To make sure you do not delete anybody who still wants to be on the list, send an email after deleting them with a Signup Segue link in it.

When they click on the link, they stay on your list.

In essence they are opting in again, but they do not see that.​

Desired result:

Give contacts you manually unsubscribed an easy way to stay on your list.

How to:

  • Create a Signup Segue link that's connected to your email provider's newsletter list.
  • Send the visitors to a personalized thank you page where you can re-engage by giving links to interesting content on your website.

The email message:​

You have been removed from the mailing list. If you'd like to make sure you get our future blog posts and updates, you can do by clicking here.

5. Segmentation & Anticipation

Segmenting your list can be super powerful because this allows to send highly relevant messages to targeted subscribers.

Imagine having a new product or service idea in mind, but before spending hours creating it you want to make sure there is demand.

Create a simple email to explain your new idea and have people click on a Signup Segue link if they want to learn more about it.

Behind the scenes you can now add these people to a "waiting list". You'll immediately see if the demand is high enough for you to pursue that idea and you'll already have a list of people who showed interest.

Desired result:

Create sub-groups in your email list to communicate more effectively with your different subscribers.

How to:

  • Create a Signup Segue link that's triggers a segmentation of your list. Depending on the email service you use, you can use a tag or create a new list.
  • Send the visitors to a personalized thank you page where they can learn more about the topic they showed interest in.

The email link message:​

  • Click here to learn more about XYZ
  • Click here if you're a {subgroup: eg SEO consultant}

How To Create a Signup Segue Link

You can find the Signup Segue - One Click Signup Links in your Thrive Leads dashboard.

From there, you can watch the short tutorial video or you can click here to watch the tutorial video from within the knowledge base.

A Note About API Connections

To be able to use the Singup Segue feature, you have to integrate via API to one of the many services we connect with.

It's Your Turn To Stop Asking To Opt-in

Are you using Signup Segue already? Did you find another smart use case? Do you have any question?  Let us know in the comments below!

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