When you think of a quiz, you think of something fun, right?

I’m guilty of that, too. Probably because I’ve been seeing a ton of Buzzfeed quizzes on Facebook and Twitter. And frankly, a lot of them were hilarious!

But… There’s always a but...

Quizzes have soooo much more potential than just being something fun. For example, you can use them to build your email list! 


How To Use a Quiz To Grow Your List

For the sake of argument, let's say you have a photography website.

At some point in time, you decide it would be cool to also have a photography quiz on your website.

In this quiz, you can test your visitor’s knowledge about photography. And, based on how much they know, they can either be photography Amateurs, Intermediates or Experts.

At the end of the quiz, the visitors will see their final result, and will know how advanced they are in terms of photography.

The end of the quiz is also the place where you’ll make them an offer!

This offer will consist in a Free PDF, that the visitors will be able to get only if they leave their email address. 

But this won't just be any Free PDF...

In Thrive Quiz Builder, there is this cool feature called “Dynamic Content”, which allows you to display specific offers for specific visitors - This means that we can display different offers to the photography Amateurs, Intermediates and Experts.

Let’s Build the Quiz!

Choosing the Quiz Type

In order to place the quiz participants into the 3 categories mentioned above: Amateur, Intermediate, and Expert, we need to choose a certain quiz type.

Since this is a Test Your Knowledge quiz, the quiz participants need to score a certain number of points in order to be placed into one of those categories.

So, in Thrive Quiz Builder, simply choose the “Number” quiz type:

Choose the “Number” quiz type from the first step of setting up your quiz in Thrive Quiz Builder

The Questions

How should you formulate your quiz questions?

First off, it is VERY important to find out where your visitors stand in terms of photography knowledge.

For example, you DON’T want to create an easy quiz, because if you do, you won’t be able to tell which visitor is an Amateur and which is a Photography Master

Segmenting your quiz takers into these different knowledge categories is important, because the outcomes each is looking for will vary drastically.

A Cool Example of List Building Segmentation

Recently, my colleague Matt took an in-depth look at the segmentation strategy of a health and wellness website - It's a really cool way to see how you can make your list of subscribers even more valuable:

How To Segment Your New Leads To Serve Your Audience Better

In our case, a photography beginner might be interested in learning the most basic things about photography - So you can offer him a "Photography for Beginners" PDF. 

On the other hand, an expert will be interested in taking his photography knowledge to the next level, probably even turn it into something that brings him money, so you can offer them a resource in that direction. 

Now, in the Questions editor of Thrive Quiz Builder, go ahead and create your questions.

I would also suggest you use images because it will make your questions much more engaging:

To make the quiz more engaging, choose the Multiple Choice with Images question type

You could then create a series of multiple choice questions that offer 4 possible answers — only one of which is correct.

To weight the responses accordingly, you could then assign 0 points to the wrong answers and 1 point to the correct answer:

Assign 0 points on the wrong answers, and 1 point (or how many points you see fit) to the right answer

Then as your questions get harder, you can even assign even greater point amounts to the correct answers to make it easier for the real photography experts to reveal themselves.

Making Your Opt-In Offer

Now, we get to the fun part...

After the visitor goes through the questions, they will be sent to the quiz Results Page, to find out what photography category they fit into.

Instead of showing the visitor how many points they scored, you can let them know whether they are an Amateur, an Intermediate or an Expert level photographer.

Using the Dynamic Content Element

This element allows you to display specific content - meaning that the content that you display on the Results Page for an Amateur can be different from the content you display for the Photography Expert.

To do this, first drag the Dynamic Content element on the page:

Drag the Dynamic Content element and drop it on the Results Page canvas

Then, since we are using 3 outcome categories for this example, we will need to create 3 dynamic content intervals:

Create as many dynamic content intervals as you have quiz outcome categories

The first step is to determine how many points the quiz participant needs to score in order to be placed in the Amateur category:

The Amateur category will include the visitors that will score the lowest number points on the quiz (in our case for this example, between 0 and 2 points)

In our example, since we’re dealing with a small quiz, if the participants score between 0 and 2 points, they will be placed in the Amateur category.

Creating the Offer for the Photography Amateur

First of all, move ALL existing content from the Results Page into the Dynamic Content element:

To make sure that the Amateur will see a different offer from the Intermediate, move all the content from the Results Page inside the Dynamic Content element

Then, after tweaking a few of the default elements in order to make way for your offer, this is how the final Results Page will look like for the Amateur:

The offer that people that will score the lowest number of points on the quiz will see 

Let’s deconstruct this Results Page:

The first line of text lets the visitor know where they stand in terms of their photography knowledge: “You are a Photography Amateur”.

This paves the way for your offer…

Since the visitor is an amateur, there is a BIG chance they will be interested in getting their hands on a free e-book about Photography for Beginners.

The fact that it is free is very important because the visitor has nothing to lose by signing up to get it.

It’s a win-win situation: The visitor learns something about photography for FREE, and you get their email address for further relationship building.

Creating the Ultimate "Free PDF" Guide

Creating the actual "Free PDF" guide can be a bit exhausting, too...

To help you save some time while building this guide, my colleague Brad put together a really cool blog post about everything you need to know when creating such a guide:  

How to Create Ultimate Guides that Convert Like Crazy

Creating the Offer for the Intermediate

A lot of the processes here are similar to the ones we used when we set up the Amateur level interval.

In this example, we’ll set the Intermediate category to include the participants that score between 3 and 5 points on our quiz: 

The Intermediates will be the people that will score a medium number of points, they have some knowledge, but they’re not experts

Then, you can duplicate what you created for the Amateur category, and just make a few changes.

To do this, select the “Import” option and choose to import the content from the “0-2” category interval (or your equivalent of the Amateur category): 

To avoid building the offer for the Intermediate category from scratch, import the content from the Amateur category (in our case, the 0-2 interval)

Then, after making some changes, this is how the Results Page along with the offer will look like for the Intermediate photographer:

The offer that the people that will score a medium number of points on the quiz will see 

As you can see, the structure is almost identical to the Results Page displayed for the Amateur, but of course, the specifics are tailored for the Intermediate photographer.

If we take an in-depth look at this particular offer, we can see that the first line of text is appealing to an intermediate, but aspiring photography expert.

As before, this paves the way for our offer…

Which, in this case, is a free e-book that will help our Intermediate photographer learn some techniques that will get him closer and closer to becoming a photography expert.

The rest is then similar to the Amateur Results Page.

The only thing that you need to change is the mailing list you want to add your visitors to: the Intermediate list in your autoresponder (or however you named it). This will allow you to not only grow your mailing list, but also segment it:

Don’t forget to add people to separate mailing lists on your autoresponder in order to segment your mailing list at the same time

Creating the Offer for the Photography Expert

Since the maximum number of points that people can score on our quiz is 8, we’ll place the Expert category within the 6 - 8 points range. This makes sure that only the people that score a high number of points on your quiz are categorized as experts.

Then… Voilà the Results Page:

The offer people that will score the highest number of points on the quiz will see

Here, you must keep in mind that the Expert is a totally different breed. You cannot offer them what you offer the other people because they already know a lot about photography.

So, what do you offer them?

Well, you help them turn their knowledge about photography into a business. 

And that’s basically it!

Using quizzes can help you understand better who your visitors are and then use what you learn to offer them something that is truly appealing. If you do that, your odds of growing your list will increase!

Other Cool Uses for a Quiz 

You could have seen how easy it is to grow and segment your mailing list using a quiz. However, there are a couple of other cool things you can do with a quiz.

Check out our free course below to learn how you can use a quiz to get social shares, make sales or simply gather insights about your audience:

How to Use Quizzes to Boost Conversions

Your Turn to Build a Quiz!

Now that you have an idea of how a quiz can help you grow and segment your mailing list, are you ready to create your own quiz along with some specific offers?

If you have any questions about the list building method I discussed here, or how to properly deploy it with Thrive Quiz Builder, let me know by leaving a comment below!

About the Author

David is a video content creator and writer at Thrive Themes. When not at his working desk, he enjoys driving like an enthusiast, visiting the beautiful cities of Transylvania for the 100th time. Either that or he could end up watching an entire season of Friends in one day.

  • I have a case study showing how Thrive Quiz Builder 10x’d my client’s conversion rate. (Happy to share a link if you guys want.) He’s a surgeon who performs elective procedures and was struggling to get more leads and attract patients who are candidates for certain procedures. I set up a Thrive Quiz that allowed visitors to identify if certain procedures were right for them, then guided them toward contacting his office. This “virtual consultation” as I call it also segmented those visitors into email campaign groups for follow-up marketing. He went from a 2.5% site-wide conversion rate, to a 28% site-wide conversion rate in just a few months.

    Thrive Quiz Builder has fundamentally changed how I help my clients grow their businesses. Wonderful tool.

  • David, thank you for this. I’m new to TA and find the way you work with TA refreshing and fun.
    Question: in the Intermediate/Expert windows is there a way you can put more space between the lines of text that start with, “Get your Free eBooks….”?
    Again, thank you for this nifty way to use the Quizz with TA on our sites.

    • Thanks for the comment, Ken! I’m glad you enjoyed this!

      And, yes, absolutely, to add more space between the lines – You need to select the text with your mouse cursor, go on the left sidebar, and select the option “Line Height” (found between “Font Size” and “Letter Spacing”), and increase the space 🙂

  • Hi, Thanks again for this tutorial. I would love to see a feature added where participants can enter their own answers in text. If Quiz Builder offered that I would buy it in an instant and give Survey Monkey the flick. Andrew.

    • Thanks for the comment, Andrew!

      I just checked in with our CEO, Paul McCarthy, and he assured me that this feature is already on the roadmap in Thrive Quiz Builder!

    • Yes. This is a fundamental function that would certainly be beneficial.

      I have a bank of questions from a particular industry that I then need to select 25 questions from to create a theory paper as part of the testing criteria.

      5 of those questions need to be ‘open’ questions, which requires the student enters their own answers in text.

      If that would be made possible AND for the software to be able to identify and mark a ‘wrong’ answer from that text it would be awesome.

  • Which tools are required to create a quiz with a dynamic results page? Can ThriveQuiz do this all on its own, or is ThriveArchetect needed too?

    • Thanks, Eddy!

      Well, if you are using a quiz along with lead magnets to also build your email list, as I showed in the tutorial, you can go a couple of different ways with this.

      You could display an offer to get the prospects on a call, on the “Thank You” page. So you thank them for getting the e-book, and then let them know that you can provide further assistance via a call at a time that they find convenient.

      However, if they don’t know you that well, there is a chance they might be hesitant to give you money and get on a call with you right away. So what you could do is take advantage of the fact that they are in your email list. Give them some time to go through your e-book, probably even remind them to do this in the follow-up emails, and then make them an offer again, through email, to get on a call with you.

      There are many other ways you can go about this, especially if the prospect is in your email list and you can use email marketing to promote your bottom of the funnel offer.

      • There is no money exchanged for this call. The point of the call is to offer a program.

      • I see. I’m not really familiar with this tactic and, I’m not really sure how you could promote this, because it sounds like it’s more of a sales call. But probably someone else who has experience with this might help you.

  • David, Another great post. Thank you.
    I have a question about the free ebook delivery. I’ve seen how to do it in Thrive Leads using the Asset Delivery but that doesn’t seem to be an option in Quiz Builder. I can’t find anything in the opt-in that points to the asset. Can you point me to a tutorial showing how to do make it so the asset goes to the quiz taker. Thanks,

  • Forget my last comment. Did a ton of searching before writing it. Couldn’t find anything. Posted comment. Went back to the quiz builder and saw the box for enabling asset. Sorry about the needless comment.

  • Hello

    I Want the Contact Data ( Phone and Email) before my clients are getting the result. What I Have to do – to get these Information via Email ? I can´t find the result for my Situation. I only find something about API´s but I dont want to create a “monster List” I only want the results and contact data via Email.

    Can You help me?

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