It’s finally here!

A gorgeous new WordPress theme powered by Thrive Theme Builder.

Introducing Ommi!

Ommi features a modern, inviting design that will invigorate every part of your WordPress website, from your blog posts and pages, through to your new stunning homepage.

With zero coding skills, you can launch a beautiful, functional, and fully customizable website to build a successful online business.

How does Ommi help you achieve this? Let’s find out...


Ommi – A Warm, Welcoming and Modern WordPress Theme for Your Online Business

Today we’re very happy to announce we’ve launched a brand new WordPress companion theme for all websites that use Thrive Theme Builder.

We’ve been working on Ommi in secret for a few months, and now it’s finally ready to add to Thrive Suite as an alternative to the popular Shapeshift theme.

Oh yeah, and Ommi is available to use right now!

Check it out on the new Ommi demo page, or read about the benefits and features below...


An Inviting, Modern WordPress Theme For Thrive Theme Builder

But first, you’ve got questions. We’ve got answers...

What is the New Ommi Theme?

Ommi is a brand new WordPress theme that makes it easy to build a beautiful website for your online business.

It uses Thrive Theme Builder to fully customize every single aspect of your website, giving you the power to build the perfect online visitor experience your brand deserves.

Ommi is more than just another WordPress theme. It's a design language.

Installing and customizing Ommi requires zero coding knowledge. Everything – from colors, fonts, page templates and more – can be configured in our Site Setup Wizard and Visual Editor, so you’re free to focus on building the skills that will grow your online business instead of complex web design.

Ommi can be as simple or as advanced as your business needs...

Simple blog? No problem, Ommi will make your content look stunning.

Service business? Ommi gives you all the templates you need to impress your clients.

eCommerce store? We’ve got you covered with full WooCommerce integration.

Which design principles is Ommi based on?

When we built Ommi, we wanted to create a WordPress theme that was warm yet stylish, familiar yet modern, fresh yet comfortable.

It’s hard to pin down Ommi’s exact design language using English. Thankfully the Danes have the perfect word... Hygge.

“Hygge... a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

Think of a warm mug of hot chocolate in your favorite room just as your weekend starts.

Ommi transforms your WordPress website into an inviting destination, with a whimsical design palette, rounded edges, and warm colors and fonts.

The Ommi theme includes stunning templates for your WordPress website

What’s included in Ommi?

Most WordPress themes consist of just a few page templates for your blog, pages, homepage, and — if you’re lucky — category pages.

But not Ommi.

Ommi offers more. Much, much more...

The word ‘theme’ doesn’t really convey the scale of what’s included in Ommi. So let me share exactly what’s included when you activate Ommi on your Thrive Theme Builder website:


Pre-Designed Homepage Templates - Make first impressions count on your website.


Silo Page Templates - Super-charge your content categories with SEO-friendly templates.


Professional Theme Blocks - Add stunning product benefits, calls-to-action, FAQs, hero sections, lists, pricing tables, testimonials and more — all with Ommi’s convivial ambiance.


Customizable Headers and Footers - Choose from a range of impressive header and footer designs to frame your content.


Blog Post Templates - Beautifully designed blog posts for written, audio and video content.


Blog List Templates - Showcase your blog posts chronologically with a professional touch.


Theme Page Templates - Make your standard WordPress pages POP with these stunning, fully customizable designs.


404 Page Template - Help your visitors find their way again from missing or mistyped content URLs.


Pre-Designed Page Sections - Quickly build high-converting theme pages with professional, ready-to-use Top, Bottom, Content and Sidebar section templates.


WooCommerce-Ready Store Templates - Instantly transform your checkout, cart, product page, shop list and more.


Conversion-Focused Call-To-Action Designs - Grow your email list, capture leads, and sell more products with Ommi-styled CTAs.

Advanced Site Speed Optimization Tools - Simple and effective solutions to speed up your website for better SEO and usability.

An Easy to Use Site Setup Wizard - Quickly dial in your logo, brand colors, fonts, navigation menus, headers, footers and more.

Build your perfect website with Ommi's templates

Who should build their website with Ommi?

Ommi is a perfect theme if you’re starting a brand new WordPress website.

It’s easiest to set up with a fresh WordPress installation – simply install Thrive Theme Builder, activate Ommi, and follow the instructions in the Site Setup Wizard. It takes just a few minutes to get started as you add your logo, choose your header and footer designs, customize your brand colors and fonts, choose your page templates, and choose your navigation menus.

Ommi is also a great choice if you’re overhauling an existing website using Shapeshift or another older, legacy Thrive theme, like Rise or FocusBlog.

However, if you’re converting an established Shapeshift website to Ommi, please don’t treat it like a simple 1-click switch. Treat the move like any other WordPress theme change: make a site backup first, use a staging environment, and test it all before pushing the new design live.

How to Access Ommi

How much is Ommi?

Ommi is available right now to all Thrive Suite customers, at no additional cost.

Simply update Thrive Theme Builder to the latest version, and the new Ommi theme will be waiting for you!

If you’re not already a Thrive Suite customer, you can get instant access to both Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder (and so many more conversion-focused WordPress tools!) by clicking here.

Do I need Thrive Theme Builder to use Ommi?


Ommi is a companion theme powered by Thrive Theme Builder.

Think of Ommi as the front-end design and layout, and Thrive Theme Builder as the engine that runs in the background, allowing you to customize everything to fit your brand, audience, niche and product.

To get both Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder, you’ll need an active subscription to Thrive Suite, which also gives you instant access to ALL our other great WordPress plugins – everything you need to build a successful online business with WordPress.

How do I activate Ommi in Thrive Theme Builder?

If you already have Thrive Theme Builder installed on your WordPress site, head on over to the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard.

Under the Themes tab, you'll see a button called "+ Add Theme"

Adding a new theme in Thrive Theme Builder

Then select "Load from the Thrive Cloud"...

Loading a new theme from the Thrive Cloud

Here you'll be able to download and activate Ommi!

Choose your WordPress theme: Shapeshift or Ommi

Where can I read more about Ommi?

You can read more about the benefits and features of the brand new Ommi theme here:

And if you want to see Ommi in action, we’ve set up a demo site for you here:

You’ll find a lot of great information in this post, but feel free to ask additional questions in the comments section below if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for. We’d love to hear from you and help you decide if Ommi is right for your brand.

Ommi and Shapeshift

Since it was first launched, Thrive Theme Builder came bundled with its first companion theme, Shapeshift. So with today’s launch of a second stunning companion theme, it’s only natural to compare it to Ommi.

How are they different?

Why should you choose Ommi or Shapeshift?

Can you easily switch between the two?

Here’s what you need to know...

How is Ommi Different from Shapeshift?

Both Ommi and Shapeshift are companion themes that can be installed on your Thrive Theme Builder website. Think of them as great starting points with which to customize your website to match your brand perfectly.

The difference between Ommi and Shapeshift is purely in their look and feel.

Where Shapeshift has mainly rectangular shapes and serif fonts, the design language of Ommi is more rounded, and the fonts are sans-serif.

Ommi design language
Shapeshift design language

Can I easily switch between Ommi and Shapeshift?

Switching from Shapeshift to Ommi should be treated like any other WordPress theme change.

That means migrating your website using best practices:

Make a Plan

Make an audit of all your web pages, using a plugin like Export all URLs. This will be useful for checking each page after the migration.

Backup Everything

Export backups of your database, media, site files and plugins, using a solution like BackupBuddy. Keep copies of these backups in different locations.

Use a Staging Environment

Set up a staging or development site, where you can activate the Ommi theme on a copy of your website, without impacting the live version. This way you can iron out any wrinkles before pushing it live.

Test the Final Migration

When you’re finally ready to make the switch to Ommi, block out a few hours and thoroughly test each URL until you’re confident your new Ommi website is working perfectly. Be sure to test your marketing and sales funnels too.

Because Ommi and Shapeshift are both built with Thrive Theme Builder, you’ll find that most pages, templates and elements transfer effortlessly.

However – and this is important – please remember that Ommi uses a different set of fonts, template layouts, and styles, so there will be some stylistic changes that may not transfer back and forth 1-to-1.

Does Ommi include the same features as Shapeshift?

Ommi and Shapeshift are functionally identical.

Both Ommi and Shapeshift work in exactly the same way; they offer beautifully designed, fully customizable templates for your Thrive Theme Builder website.

There should be no loss of features or functionality when switching from Shapeshift to Ommi, only stylistic changes.

Why would someone choose Ommi over Shapeshift?

Whether you choose to use the new Ommi theme or Shapeshift theme for your WordPress website is purely an aesthetic choice.

Ommi and Shapeshift share many common features, but they communicate with a very different design language. They’re like two cars built with the exact same chassis, engine and creature comforts, but featuring very different bodywork.

Both Ommi and Shapeshift have their own distinct identity and voice...

  • If you want a friendly, fresh, organic design, go with Ommi.
  • If you love professional, clean, squarer design, go with Shapeshift.

But remember, both companion themes can be customized using Thrive Theme Builder to perfectly fit your brand.

When switching to Ommi, what happens to existing Blocks and Page Sections designed for Shapeshift?

Ommi aims to preserve any Blocks built in Shapeshift as much as possible, so they’ll remain largely unchanged with switching to Ommi.

However, Ommi comes with a completely different typography set, so do be aware that many of your fonts will change to reflect the font styles of Ommi.

Your Other Ommi Questions

Does this mean Thrive will release more themes for Thrive Theme Builder in the future?

Yes, that’s the plan!

We learned a lot when building and designing Ommi. Instead of just releasing a new ‘skin’, so to speak, we invested a lot of time into the underlying platform, paving the way for future Thrive Theme Builder companion themes.

We have no planned timeline on when more companion themes will be released, but the groundwork is now ready for us to quickly launch new designs like Ommi and Shapeshift.

Can I create a WooCommerce shop with Ommi?

Yes you can!

Ommi comes with full WooCommerce integration out of the box. It just works.

Ommi WooCommerce templates for WordPress

Ommi also comes with professionally designed and fully customizable WooCommerce page templates for your:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Product Page
  • Product Listing
  • Store Homepage
  • ... and more!

If you want to build a WooCommerce store on WordPress, then Ommi is your perfect partner.

Is it possible to make my site look like the Ommi demo site?

Sure, it’s 100% possible to make your website look like the Ommi demo site.

Ommi is fully customizable... the branding, colors, typography, header, footer, sidebar. Everything can be tailored in any way you want. So if you want to match the demo site, go for it!

But if you want to create a unique experience for your brand, you can easily achieve this too with Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder.

Does Ommi work with other plugins like Thrive Architect?

100% yes.

Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder are designed to work seamlessly with all the WordPress tools and plugins included in Thrive Suite.

That includes Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Ovation, and Thrive Quiz Builder!

Does Ommi work with every other WordPress plugin?

While no plugin developer can guarantee 100% compatibility with every other WordPress plugin, we can say that Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder should work just fine with every plugin that was built according to the rules from the WordPress Codex.

We have an active support community here at Thrive Themes, so it’s very rare for a plugin conflict to cause issues.

Most minor issues are caused by caching plugins doing exactly what they’re designed to do, deliver a cached version of your previous website. So make sure to flush your cache!

What other plugins do I need to install to get Ommi to work?

To run the new Ommi theme on your WordPress website, you’ll need to install the following:

  1. Thrive Product Manager
  2. Thrive Theme Builder
  3. Ommi

Like the name suggests, Thrive Product Manager is a lightweight plugin that manages and installs any of the tools available in Thrive Suite.

Thrive Theme Builder is the underlying platform that lets you customize any page template or element on your WordPress theme.

Do You Have More Questions about Ommi?

Leave your Ommi questions in the comments below and we’ll get right back to you!

In the meantime, you can find even more information on the benefits, features, use cases and pricing here...


An Inviting, Modern WordPress Theme For Thrive Theme Builder

Wishing you a sense of true Hygge!

- The Thrive Themes Team

About the Author

David is a writer who is passionate about ethical and sustainable online marketing. He relaxes by writing fiction, learning foreign languages, and making things out of wood - but probably not all at the same time.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! How are Thrive so quick to bring so much new features?? Hooow?? Are every other plugin/theme developer lazy? Or are you here at Thrive driven by caffeine 24/7? ????

    Dang, seriously, all of this is so awesome!

    Time for me to think of another new website idea so I could try this out ????

    • This one definitely required a few coffees, but it’s been well worth it. We’re immensely proud of Ommi 🙂

      I’m glad that we can surprise you with new features so often.

  • Wow! Such perfect timing as I’m about to rebuild a couple of my sites and was looking to create a more organic feel. Perfect! Thank you.

  • I think the theme is super successful. I like it very much. Of course, like any theme, it has to fit the theme.
    But with Thrive Theme Builder you can create any kind of theme.
    And here’s a question.
    A customized or newly created theme can be saved, duplicated and exported. What I haven’t found is how to assign a custom image to the theme.
    Is it possible and if so, how?

    • Can you share what you mean by a custom image?

      Do you mean a thumbnail image that represents the duplicated theme inside the ‘Manage Themes’ dashboard?

      • This isn’t possible right now, but it’s a great suggestion, Josef. I’ll pass this along.

  • Absolutely amazing. Gorgeous theme. Exactly what I need to move my wellness/lifestyle website from the old Squared theme. And now I can launch my online store with WooCommerce too. Thank you all who developed this.

    • I think Ommi would be a perfect fit for a wellness/lifestyle website. It’s got such a positive, friendly vibe.

      Let us know how you get on, Barbara.

  • Shane, Hanne & the entire team at Thrive Themes always on the cutting edge when it comes to WordPress.

  • Nice and lovely work guys.
    It would be nice to be able to use any element of the new theme in Shapeshift. Some of us could prefer to maintain the Shapeshift selection but use several of the new home pages, silo pages, blocks, header, footers, etc.

    • Thank you, Víctor.

      Right now there’s no way to move elements back and forth between Shapeshift and Ommi. We’ve tried to offer some equivalencies, but the styles are so very different.

      I’ll pass this along to our team, thanks for the suggestion!

      • Hello David, thanks for your reply.
        Maybe TT could consider building the same elements based on the Shapeshift architecture and style.
        Just an idea. You are the TRUE experts.

      • Hi Victor, most of the styles have an equivalent! If there’s anything specific missing, please let us know and we could add it to Shapeshift too 🙂

      • Hello Hanne, thanks for your reply.
        I meant an equivalente in the graphic design of an element and not it’s functionality.
        The graphic design of Ommi is so lovely and I would be nice to use it directly in the pages and posts based on Shapeshift.

  • If I’m using an old thrive theme that is no longer supported, what is the best way to install this?

  • OMG can’t wait to get my hands on this one. Amazing, you are really crushing it guys!

  • I find this announcement ironic.

    All Due Respect, I thought you decided that Thrive Theme Builder was the ONLY path forward and you were dropping all discrete themes…….????

    I’ve used the “Storied” theme for 6+ years and lamented the day you announced it and all the other themes would no longer be developed.

    You proclaimed, Thrive Theme Builder would take over and the company would never look back on their younger days and no longer offer any stand-alone themes.

    I suppose the take-away here is, every company will choose to do what is in its best interest, no matter how ironic or contradictory to its previously stated mission.

    Death to all old themes… Long Live Our New Themes!

    • Hi Richard,

      With respect, please read the post again.

      I can assure you that Ommi is not a standalone theme.

      Just like Shapeshift, Ommi is a visual front-end that you can apply to your Thrive Theme Builder website.

      Think of Ommi as a ‘skin’. A starting point with which to build your website on Thrive Theme Builder.

      The legacy themes are great (I still use Rise on some of my sites!) but we are most definitely focusing only on Thrive Theme Builder and its visual front-end designs like Shapeshift and Ommi.

    • Hi Stephen, nothing “special” but please proceed with caution. We did everything we could to make it an enjoyable experience but it’s impossible for us to know HOW you created your website and how many alterations you did to Shapeshift so please proceed as you would with a “normal” theme switch by making a full backup before and if possible using a staging environment.

      • Hey Hanne thanks for the advice. I wasn’t seeing the theme at first. I missed the instruction on how to add it the first time around and saw it after posting my question. I’m all set up on my staging site now.

  • Great timing. I was going to do a new design on my site and this looks great.

    Question – any update on adding a drip feature to apprentice?

    • hahahahhah something about a finger and an arm come to mind 😉 Rest assured we’re working hard on Apprentice too.

  • Oh wow this looks beautiful! And noo now I have something new to play with because I have a feeling that it does represent my niche much more. Dammit 😀

  • I’m getting an error message “It looks like you have Thrive Architect installed, but it’s not compatible with this version of Thrive Theme Builder.”, but both seem to be fully updated. Is there something I missed?

    • Please submit a support ticket with your Architect and Theme Builder version numbers, and our team will get to the bottom of this.

  • Congrats! Looks pretty clean.

    From a performance perspective – and with the hopefully-soon-released Project Lightspeed forthcoming – is there anything advantageous to choosing Ommi over Shapeshift?

    As in, is Ommi built cleaner considering it’s newer? Would Project Lightspeed be available to Ommi sooner or at the same time as Shapeshift?

    • Hi Jordan. Great question.

      Ommi and Shapeshift are written on the exact same framework, so I wouldn’t consider Ommi to be cleaner or faster.

      However, I can share that Project Lightspeed is aimed at speeding up the fundamental frameworks that power all our plugins, so both Shapeshift and Ommi will benefit massively as we apply these improvements to Thrive Theme Builder.

      So Project Lightspeed will be available to both Shapeshift and Ommi as the same time.

      • Thanks. My assumption was with a 13-month gap between releases that Ommi would be a little lighter and leaner. But makes sense that it’s the same if it’s more of a skin than a new theme.

      • Since Project Lightspeed will significantly improve the page load speed of both Shapeshift and Ommi, it didn’t make sense to divert our developers’ attention to just trying to squeeze out a few minor improvements on Ommi alone.

        The potential speed improvements gained from combining a few DIVs or minifying code is really nothing compared to what’s possible with Project Lightspeed: splitting and delivering CSS and JS files, lazy loading and DOM optimization.

        Rest assured, Jordan, everything will benefit noticeably when Project Lightspeed is released.

  • Did you increase the compatibility with WPML? A lot of us are Europeans and need multi-language Thrive websites.

    • The work on Ommi didn’t focus on any WPML enhancements. This is perhaps something we could look at in future, but it’s not on our immediate roadmap. Thanks for suggesting it!

  • You guys are fantastic!

    Please don’t ever sell off Thrive Themes! Keep doing what you are doing.

  • This is something I have never understood:
    Why do you not have a theme or design focused on an online business LIKE THRIVE THEMES.!?

    There are a LOT of us out here like you – both software-type products AND a membership “join our site/become an agency and use all our products”. A combination of products and service with elements of an SAS (software as a service)

    We have 271 clients with essentially that same type of business. (Note:
    none of them use Woo, only paypal. Software shoppers seldom have need of a shopping cart)

    Omni looks great but the templates – for example home page – are either choose JUST “service 1,2 or 3” or “content/blog 1,2 or 3” or “product 1,2 or 3”

    Most sites are a bit of all 3 aspects. You need some mixed mode templates.

    Just a thought 🙂


    • Hi Joe, that’s why we have the blocks 🙂 simply pick the page the resembles most what you or your clients need and then add the blocks!
      If you like the personal branding homepage but need a pricing table on it, just add a “pricing table” block and you’re good to go.

  • I visited the link for the Omni demo. Do you have a similar demo page for Shapeshift so I can see the differences and decide which one is right for me?

  • Hi David… I’m not very tech savvy, but I do all my own web site work right now. How long would it likely take me to switch from my old theme – Pressive, now somewhat integrated with Shapeshift (I never actually did a complete switch, but that theme is now active and small changes have occurred over time) – to fully use Ommi?

    Would it be best for me to hire a professional to do this for me? (Where would I find someone with Thrive Theme skills to do this and how long might it take them?)

  • Excellent! Shame I spent the past three months making my version of shapeshift warm, rounded and with a sans serif font. I’ll now call it my ommishift theme 🙂

  • Hi. I’d like to understand why I need this theme when I already have ShapeShift – which already allows me to build anything from scratch, so far as I can see. What’s the difference between the two themes? Is this one superior, technically?

    • HI Andrew,

      No this is the same technology as used by Shapeshift; the Thrive Theme Builder technology.
      If you’re happy with the way Shapeshift looks no need to change. Ommi simply gives you a different design to start customizing from.

  • Thanks for that development.
    Please where could I find explanations about “how to Use a Staging Environment”?
    (Set up a staging or development site, where you can activate the Ommi theme on a copy of your website, without impacting the live version).

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