You’re on a mission to find the perfect way to show off your brand and get ahead of the competition.

We’re here to equip you with the tools you need to make this happen with no headaches.

Building the perfect website for your business shouldn’t be tiring, stressful, or expensive. With Thrive Theme Builder, you can effortlessly create a stunning, professional site tailored to your brand's unique style. No coding required, just simple, straightforward customization that puts you in full control.

And today, we've added two more themes to help business owners create professional websites that perfectly match their brands— along with an improvement for anyone selling courses with Thrive Apprentice, and some other fixes you should know about.

If you’re in the beauty industry or the music scene, you’re going to really love these new additions.

Let’s dive in.

1. Meet Allure Beauty Theme: Enchant Your Clients

Today, we are releasing Allure, our Beauty Theme for WordPress — powered by Thrive Theme Builder.

Allure exudes elegance and sophistication, making it the best option for beauty and cosmetics brands looking to give their online presence a premium edge, with a fully-customizable website theme.

Tranquil and Refined Design

The soft, muted color palette and delicate floral accents of our Allure Beauty Theme create a serene and refined atmosphere. Generous white space highlights your products and services, while clean, modern typography projects professionalism and attention to detail.

This gorgeous design comes with Thrive Theme Builder, and can be installed and active on your website in minutes.

Premium, High-End Feel

In our Allure Beauty theme, carefully curated imagery with soft-focus photography and luxurious beauty products reinforces a premium, high-end feel. The chic navigation and graceful testimonial section captivate and inspire your audience, positioning your beauty brand as the epitome of style and distinction.

With Allure, your online presence will attract and impress clients, boost your brand's reputation, and drive business growth. How? Well, look at what you get with it.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 4 stunning Homepage variations to showcase your brand's unique style
  • Dedicated Contact Page to encourage engagement and inquiries
  • 29 versatile Page Blocks to effortlessly build and customize your site your way
  • 3 stylish footers to choose from that leave a lasting impression
  • 2 optimized WooCommerce footers to enhance your online store
  • 4 sleek Headers to navigate your site with ease
  • 2 powerful WooCommerce Headers to elevate your shopping experience

Allure is your key to creating an elegant, professional website that affirms your brand. Its sophisticated design and user-friendly aesthetic make it simple to display your products and services in your style.

Ready to make your brand shine? Dive into Allure and watch your vision come to life!

2. Meet Chords Music Theme: You’re the Headliner Now

Today, we also release our Chords Music theme for WordPress — also powered by Thrive Theme Builder.

Get ready to rock your online presence with this dynamic music theme designed to make your band or solo act stand out, and to give to space to promote your music, tours, merchandise and more.

Show Off Your Unique Sound

Our Chords Music Theme for WordPress captures the essence of your music, drawing fans in from the first beat.

More than just a pretty face, Chords empowers you to showcase your talent, engage with your audience, and grow your music career.

Its intuitive layout and dynamic design let you share your latest tracks, promote upcoming gigs, and give fans a backstage pass to your creative world.

Keep Fans Engaged

With striking visuals and bold typography, Chords ensures your content takes center stage. The vibrant color scheme and eye-catching design elements create a memorable visual experience, to match the audio you've spent so much time crafting. From attention-grabbing hero images to the integrated music player, every aspect is crafted to keep fans engaged.

Whether you're a rising star or a seasoned performer, Chords provides the tools to build a powerful online presence that reflects your unique style. Plug in, turn up the volume, and let Chords help you rock your way to the top.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 3 dynamic Homepages to captivate your audience and showcase your style (Band, Musician, and About Page)
  • 1 Contact Page to connect meaningfully with your fans or promoters
  • 1 Events Page to keep fans updated on gigs and releases
  • 32 versatile Page Blocks to create a website reflecting your artistic vision
  • 2 regular Headers to make a strong first impression
  • 2 WooCommerce Headers to combine music and merchandise
  • 2 Footers for a cohesive navigation and website discovery
  • 2 WooCommerce Footers for a seamless shopping experience

Chords gives you everything you need to build a lively, professional website that grabs attention. With this theme’s dynamic landing page templates and versatile blocks, you can easily engage with your fans and expand your music career.

Ready to amplify your online presence? Dive in and let Chords help you hit all the right notes!

How To Build Your Site With Our New Themes

With Allure and Chords, you can create a stunning website that matches your business perfectly, without writing a single line of code. Powered by Thrive Theme Builder, both of these themes are ready-to-go and take barely minutes for you to setup.

Then, when it's time to customize the details? That's when Thrive Theme Builder really starts to shine.

Want to change the color palette to match your brand? You can do that thanks to one-click customization. Need to update images, fonts, or layouts? It’s all just a few clicks away. You have full control over your site’s look and feel, making it truly reflect your unique style.

Fly through our website setup wizard, and then go ahead and customize any included template until it's exactly how you want it.

Both Allure and Chords come with versatile block templates that make building your site a breeze. Just drag and drop the blocks to create pages and content effortlessly. 

It's fast and easy.

Add your products, showcase your services, and share your story with beautifully designed templates ready to use right away.

All of our Themes are designed to save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your business.

Whether you’re new to tech or a seasoned pro, Allure and Chords make it easy to build a professional website that stands out. No coding headaches— just say hello to a website that’s as dynamic and creative as your business.

Who Should Build a Website with Allure or Chords?

Allure Beauty Theme is perfect for beauty salons, cosmetic brands, skincare brands, and influencers looking to make their online presence more chic, elegant, or sophisticated. The soft colors, floral accents, and premium design create a calm and upscale feel, making it ideal for showcasing beauty products and services.

Chords Music Theme is perfect for bands, solo musicians, and music-related businesses wanting to stand out online. With dynamic features, bold visuals, and eye-catching typography, Chords captures the energy of your music and keeps fans engaged.

But here’s the thing

You don’t need to be in the beauty or music industry to use these themes! If you love a refined, tranquil look, Allure can make your website shine. And if you’re into a vibrant, lively design, Chords can give your site that captivating edge.

When everything is editable, the limit is your imagination. This is the new world of WordPress themes. Not rigid themes that look great to start with, and then quickly become infuriating when you need a customization.

So, whether you're into beauty, music— or just love the aesthetics— Allure and Chords give you the tools to create a website that connects with your audience and reflects your unique style.

How to Access Allure and Chords

How much are Allure and Chords?

Allure and Chords are available right now to all Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Suite customers at no additional cost.

Simply update Thrive Theme Builder to the latest version, and these two new themes will be right there.

If you’re not already a Thrive Suite customer, you can get instant access to these themes and Thrive Theme Builder (and many more conversion-focused WordPress tools!) by clicking here.

Do I need Thrive Theme Builder to use these themes?


Allure and Chords are companion themes powered by Thrive Theme Builder.

Think of all our themes – Shapeshift, Ommi, Kwik, Bookwise, Jaya, Xpert, Peak, and now Chords and Allure – as professionally designed "skins" you can activate on your Thrive Theme Builder website.

This “skin” gives you an amazing front-end design and layout, while Thrive Theme Builder works behind the scenes and guides you through customizing your site to match your brand.

To get both Chords, Allure, and our other themes, you’ll need an active subscription to Thrive Theme Builder or Thrive Suite.

Pro Tip: If you’re serious about setting up your online business, then you need Thrive Suite. With this subscription, you get instant access to ALL our other great WordPress plugins to build a competitive online business.

How do I activate Allure or Chords in Thrive Theme Builder?

If you already have Thrive Theme Builder installed on your WordPress site, head on over to the Thrive Theme Builder dashboard.

Under the Themes tab, you'll see a button called "+ Add Theme"

Then select "Load from the Thrive Cloud"...

How to load a new theme from the Thrive Cloud

Loading a new theme from the Thrive Cloud.

And it couldn’t be easier! No coding, just a few clicks, and a variety of customization options right at your fingertips.

Where can I read more about Allure and Chords?

If you want to see either of these themes in action, check out their demo sites:

So, apart from themes... what else is going on at Thrive?

Before we close out this post, we wanted to let our valued customers know that although we've been a bit quieter lately with our release schedule, we are working behind-the-scenes on some major improvements. These are the kind that take quite some time to prepare and to be release-ready.

However, in addition to these 2 new themes, we’ve also released an array of minor improvements today that will upgrade your Thrive experience. Here they are:

3. Stripe Improvements for Thrive Apprentice

For those of you selling online courses and membership— this is for you:

Our Stripe integrations with Thrive Apprentice just got a big improvement.

Previously, there was the hassle of finding your Stripe API keys and configuring test/live environments and products in Stripe. It worked, but it wasn't the most intuitive approach, and required you to swap back-and-forth between Thrive Apprentice and Stripe.

No more!

In our latest release, we've made it so much easier to start selling from Thrive Apprentice.

Now, when you click on 'Connect Stripe', there's a super simple authorization process that takes only a few clicks to pick from an existing Stripe account or to create and authorize a new one for Thrive Apprentice to begin managing products for you.

You'll see a screen just like this one below:

Then, once you're authorized, you can immediately configure pricing settings for your Thrive Apprentice products right from inside of website backend, without ever leaving. No API keys. No jumping back and forth.

When you want to start selling, simply click 'Add Product Price' in the backend of Thrive Apprentice, choose if you want to sell with a 'One Time' or 'Recurring' payment, set the currency and the billing frequency... and you're done!

Your Stripe products are automatically created for you and tied to the correct Thrive Apprentice course. Stripe will create a simple, minimalist checkout page and when your customers complete a purchase on that page, they'll get instantly added to your Thrive Apprentice course.

With one click you can swap from a 'Test' environment, to check that your course access is working‚ to a 'Live' environment, where you can begin taking purchases and growing your business.

Change your prices any time you want to just by coming back to Thrive Apprentice. We even have support for pre-populating email addresses on the Stripe checkout form, and for supporting Stripe coupons and promotion codes.

This is now a complete system for selling courses in Thrive Apprentice, and it genuinely only takes minutes to get up and running.

Try it out!

4. Other Resolved Issues + Improvements

This release also addresses a handful of smaller issues, so make sure to update to the latest version if you're experienced any of the following.

🍔 Mobile Menu Gap Resolved: We've fixed an issue where the hamburger menu on mobile was creating an unwanted space. Now your off-screen menu will display clearly, without any gaps.

🚨 Warning Errors Resolved: Some users reported unusual warning errors while editing pages or templates in Thrive Architect. We've resolved this issue, allowing you to edit without those interruptions.

🙈 Table of Content Headings Visibility: The Table of Content Headings were sometimes being obscured by Sticky Headers. We've brought them to the forefront again for easier content navigation.

🎥 TikTok Feeds Support: With the release of TikTok Feeds (Free) for Smash Balloon, we've updated our Smash Balloon element in Thrive Architect. Pro version users won't be affected by this update.

🔍 Form Identifier Detection: We've ensured that the Form Identifier of a Lead Generation element inside a Symbol is now detectable when creating an automation in Thrive Automator.

🅰️ Custom Fonts Compatibility: We've resolved an issue where changes to the Course Overview Page couldn't be saved when the Custom Fonts plugin was active. You can now customize freely.

📜 Increased Feed Limit: We've removed the 20-feed limit on the SmashBalloon integration, allowing you to access all your YouTube feeds, even if you have over 200.

4️⃣ Megamenu Dropdown Column Fix: We've resolved a bug where the Megamenu Dropdown Column count reverted to 4 when a Conditional Display was applied. You can now set the desired number of columns without unexpected changes.

🎥 Video Lessons Watch Progress Fix: We've addressed a rare issue where users were unable to proceed to the next lesson unless the video progress was 100% complete, even when no progress requirements were set. Now, users should be able to navigate through lessons smoothly, and admins can access all lessons without restrictions.

We want you to know that we take all your requests and concerns seriously. So, if you come across an issue, reach out to our support and we’ll get right to it.

We’ve Got More On the Way…

As I said earlier, we’re here to give you the tools you need to make your business win. 

And our team is working on more features (and themes) to help you design your perfect website much, much faster, and to build a better business. Some of the work we are doing will take quite some time to be release-ready, so watch this space to be notified when we’ve got more in store for you.

If you’re a current Thrive Suite customer, keep an eye on your emails.

And if you aren’t part of the Thrive family yet…

We also love receiving theme or feature suggestions from you. So if there’s an industry-specific theme you think we should add to our design calendar, drop your request in the comments below

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Brad is the CEO at Thrive Themes, and a serious marketing nerd. He’s been a videographer on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a drummer in a rock band, an actor in independent films, and he’s created and sold his own online courses.

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