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The Only Exit Intent Feature that Comes With Street Smarts

Discover the exit-intent mistake everyone is making and how to fix it:

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The Exit Intent Problem No One Talks About (& How We Kicked its Ass)

Everybody makes a huge fuss about exit intent, but rarely do people talk about the problem with it:

Exit intent triggered forms have horrible conversion rates.

Are you going to riddle your site with exit intent forms just because everyone else is doing it...

...or would you rather have your opt-in form show only when it supports your conversion goal?

We like features that increase your conversion rate. While exit intent by itself usually tests poorly, we found that exit intent works great to supplement the existing triggers.

That's why we created SmartExit+.

SmartExit+ makes it possible to trigger the exit intent only when certain conditions are met.

Let's say your opt-in form is set to trigger after 15 seconds. Your visitor is struck with a sudden urge to endulge their birdhouse-building habit, and leaves your page after only 10 seconds of enjoying your glorious content.

SmartExit+ grabs your carpenter-turned reader by the collar and presents them with the chosen opt-in form on exit intent.

Another visitor might be quite happy to browse your website until they see your opt-in form after 15 seconds. SmartExit+ knows this, and lets your visitor leave with no further annoyances.

Are you still using dumb exit intent triggers on your website?

Amazing, very well thought out feature. You are my favorite developer! Thanks for the continued value.

Michael Onthank

Stop Letting Mobile Visitors Fall Through the Cracks in Your Lead Funnel!

When we realized the traditional exit intent catches mobile users like a leaky bucket catches running water, we created the original SmartExit.

Exit intent traditionally triggers when your visitor moves their mouse cursor over the edge of their screen towards a new tab or a close button.

How many times have you EVER done that with your iPad or smartphone?

You've never done that, because there IS no mouse cursor in a mobile device. It's impossible to trigger the traditional exit intent!

Mobile users easily form over 50% of modern internet traffic. That's a huge bunch who might never see your opt-in forms, simply because they don't trigger. Would you willingly let this amount of traffic slip through your fingers?

A few clicks, and SmartExit takes care of that problem. You can now catch those mouseless mobile users with the second best thing: a time based trigger on your mobile lightboxes and screen fillers.

This makes so much sense. Another winner, Shane! Many thanks to you and the team.

Lewis Evans

SmartLinks Compatible

The SmartExit and SmartExit+ features are fully compatible with the Smartlinks-function, so you don't have to worry about annoying your subscribers with opt-in offers they've already seen.

You can also turn your exit intent triggered form into a new offer only available for the SmartLinks user. Turn your site into a conversion machine offering a unique experience for each visitor!

 Learn more about smart links 

The Time to Get Rid of Useless Exit Intent Forms is NOW

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