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Stop Asking Your Subscribers to Subscribe

The Fastest Way to Getting More Sales & Treating Your Fans Like Royalty

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I am a leeetle (just a leetle) bit in love with you! Every turn around there is a super cool email from you with a great new feature. I am new at this website game, but you make it like Christmas, every two weeks. Thanks!

Kristen M.

Sad But True: Most Websites are Not Smart...

It's silly (bordering on annoying) to interrupt a subscriber from reading your newest post by repeatedly asking them to subscribe to your email list. Doing this face-to-face would be awkward, so why do we do it online?

Your other option is to be overly polite and shy with your opt-in requests, which leaves interested leads falling through the cracks because they didn't see your tiny, unobtrusive opt-in form.

SmartLinks ends this nonsense.

It will get more subscribers onto your mailing list, while also making sure you're not alienating your most loyal visitors and most valuable clients by bombarding them with the same offers they have already signed up for.

As you saw in the video above, SmartLinks gives you control over what kind of content new visitors see, compared to what kind of content existing subscribers see. This alone is a gamechanger for list-building and Email marketing.

3 Ways SmartLinks Will Serve Your Visitors

What exactly can you do with Smartlinks? Here are the three key benefits you'll get:

Clutter Free Content

Clean up your website, so your subscribers can enjoy your content with zero distractions!

More Profit

Replace your regular opt-in forms with special offers and upsells to generate more sales.

Boost Engagement

Provide a tailored experience for your subscribers and customers, increasing their engagement.

Different Content for a Different Visitor

Your standard conversion focused website has opt-in offers placed in strategic positions. That's a great start! Problem is - most websites stop there.

If you're asking existing subscribers to subscribe, you're wasting valuable space on your site!

Here's what makes Smartlinks so awesome: you can set any lead group to completely hide itself from subscribers.

Let them enjoy a distraction-free browsing experience and focus on enjoying your valuable content.

How about if you have a special offer only for subscribers? You might have a discount or a limited edition product you want to make available only for your subscribers.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, Smartlinks can also show a different set of lead group for subscribers.

Think of how special your subscriber feels when they have unique access to your offers.

Are you still wasting your website real estate? Get your copy of Thrive Leads now and make it all count!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I just love the way you folks go about continuously developing your products!! Adding features you make other plugins obsolete and help keep a WordPress installation clean.


Becoming a Thrive member is turning out to be one of the best things I've ever don in my blogging life. Had a good feeling about you some years ago, it's been born out in spades. Keep up the great work, not to mention the inspiration!

joe garma

Unleash the Power of Your Segmented Mailing List

Using Smartlinks is as quick as sending a link to your subscribers. Your subscribers click and see a unique custom page. That's it.

But what if you've segmented your list into different sets of subscribers? You wouldn't want them to see the same content, would you?

No problem. Just send out two different Smartlinks.

Are you beginning to see just how powerful this is?

In addition to all that, when your subscriber opts in through a Thrive Leads-form, they are automatically cookied as a subscriber.

They're automatically taken to the subscriber-version of the website.

Go on, click that button and get your copy of Thrive Leads now.

The Time to Add Smarts Into Your Website is NOW

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