You've worked hard to build an online quiz that converts using the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin for WordPress.

How great would it be to translate the success of that that quiz to other websites as a template — but without having to build it from scratch all over again?

Well, with the latest version of Thrive Quiz Builder you can now use our single-click export and single-click import feature to quickly copy your successful quizzes onto as many other websites as you want.

Watch the video to learn just how easy it is to now import/export your quizzes across multiple different websites if they use Thrive Quiz Builder....


Export Your Quiz from Website "A"

Once you have a Thrive Quiz Builder quiz created on one of your websites, exporting it is now one-click simple.

Just open a specific quiz from within your Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard and look for the new export option in the top right:

Click on the "Export Quiz" button to one-click export a quiz.

Clicking the "Export Quiz" button will create a Zip of all the .Json files that make up your quiz. Name the file and click "Save" to download the Zip to your computer.

Import Your Quiz onto Website "B"

Now that you've exported your quiz, it's just a matter of one-click importing that Zip file onto any other WordPress site you own or manage that has the latest version of Thrive Quiz Builder installed. 

The "Import Quiz" button can be found in the upper righthand area of the main Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard. Click it to continue:

In your Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard, click on the "Import Quiz" button to import your quiz Zip file.

Within the Import Quiz lightbox that appears, just add the Quiz Zip file you exported to see it load within the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard:

Any Quiz Zip file you add in the "Import Quiz" lightbox will then be added to your Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard.

And that's all there is to it!

The ability to import/export quizzes between WordPress websites that use Thrive Quiz Builder is as simple as that.

Your Turn To Quiz Us

So that's a quick look at the new import/export feature we made based on your requests for it inside the latest version of Thrive Quiz Builder.

If you have any other feature requests for Thrive Quiz Builder or questions about how this new feature works, please share them in the comments section below!

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  • I would love to have the quiz builder in multiple modal forms, similar to Thrive Leads: pop-up, ribbon, full-screen, etc. Is there any plans to implement that functionality? I’d like it to be my main form of capturing (and segmenting) leads, but without the ability to display the quiz in more “intrusive” forms my conversion rate drops drastically.

  • I tried to export my quiz but I keep getting this message:

    Exporting process has started… please wait…

    Exporting quiz details…

    Step details data could not be written to file.

    What can I do about this?

  • i need upload 2000 questions, why you has not developed a tool to imports from google sheets or excel …………… dam !!!!

  • Hi, I just tried that but none of my questions, nor the styling of the pages comes over – I had 23 questions that I exported (I checked the .json file) but they don’t import into my new site

    • Hi Debbie sorry to hear you’re having problems with this feature. Please contact support so they can look at your site and figure out what’s going on!

    • Nope still in the exact same spot… If you think there is a bug on your site, please open a support ticket so we can investigate.

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