Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball that told you the exact content your audience wants from you?

Or a tool that helped you better understand your customers and cater to their needs?

Well in this post, we’re going to show you how the latest quiz type now available inside Thrive Quiz Builder can help you do – just that.

We’ll even show you how we’re using this feature at Thrive Themes to customize our LIVE webinar training sessions for attendees, before the event begins.

Ready to learn how to start reading the minds of your audience? Keep reading...


Made-to-Order Webinar Trainings

If you’ve signed up for a Thrive Themes webinar training lately, you may have noticed that our post-registration redirect page looks something like this:

Webinar Confirmation Page Survey

We now embed a short survey on our webinar confirmation pages asking attendees to submit their questions before the event. This allows us to customize our trainings much more relevant for attendees.

Just a simple webinar confirmation page telling attendees they successfully signed up, and what to expect next.

Below that, however, there’s a simple one question survey asking attendees to submit their questions ahead of the training.

Q: What tool are we using to do this?

A: Thrive Quiz Builder’s new “Survey” quiz type.

Once a webinar attendee submits their response within the Quiz Builder Survey on the webinar confirmation page, it appears inside the Thrive Quiz Builder Reports Dashboard.

To see them:

  1. Click on the “Reports” button
  2. Select the “Questions” options in the “Show Report” dropdown menu
  3. And then select the appropriate Survey title from the “Source” dropdown menu
  4. Finally, you can export your Survey responses as a CSV file by clicking the “Export Results” button
Thrive Quiz Builder Questions Report

To access your survey responses: 1) Click on the Reports button, 2) Select "Questions" from the "Show Report" dropdown, 3) Select the relevant quiz name from the "Source" dropdown, 4) and don't forget you can export your survey/quiz results in a CSV file by clicking the "Export Results" button. 

Notice that this webinar registration survey strategy garnered over 500 responses!

After analyzing them all, we customized our webinar to make the live training meet the exact needs of the registered attendees.

Let’s now take a quick look at how you can create and deploy your own surveys with Thrive Quiz Builder to help read the minds of your audience better...

Survey Quiz Type Features

To access the new survey quiz type, just create a new quiz inside the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard. You’ll then see a “Gain customer insights” option within the lightbox that appears:

Choose the "Gain Customer Insights" option when building a survey in Thrive Quiz Builder

Select the "Gain customer insights" option to get started building a Survey.

Once you select it and click the green “Continue” button, you’ll be prompted to “Label your quiz”. Do so and click “Continue”:

Assign your survey a name

Give your Survey a name. Don't sweat it... this can be changed later.

Then, just like setting up any other quiz type, you’ll then need to select a “Quiz Style” for your survey:

Choose a "Quiz Style" template for your survey

Select a Quiz Style for your survey. This can be changed later.

After clicking the “Choose Style” button, the survey setup dashboard will appear.

You can then work through the Quiz Structure steps to create a Splash Page (optional), set up your survey Questions, add an Opt-in Gate (optional) and then customize your survey Results Page.

Just click the purple “Manage” button to get started customizing the templates for each of these survey stages:

The Survey Quiz Type setup dashboard

The Survey Quiz Type setup dashboard inside Thrive Quiz Builder. 

If you’re already familiar with the Thrive visual builder, then customizing your Splash Page, Opt-in Gate and Results Page will be easy for you.

For more help on setting up these different Thrive visual builder stages of your survey, check out the following Thrive Knowledge Base articles:

And don’t forget that a great way to incentivize people to complete your survey is with a free download they get at the end.

You can promote your digital download gift on your Splash Page and then provide a download button for it on the Results Page like this:

Survey Results Page template with a digital download button added

Use a digital download button on your Results Page to help incentivize engagement with your survey.

When it comes to setting up your survey questions, you can keep it simple with a linear question approach (all quiz takers answer the same questions in the same order)...

...or a branching logic question strategy. For example, if you run a blog about coffee and tea, you might want to set up a single survey that segments your coffee drinkers into answering coffee specific questions, and tea drinkers into answering tea specific questions:

Create branching logic surveys to collect more detailed insights about segments of your audience

You can create branching logic surveys in the Questions dashboard to segment your survey takers and get more detailed insights.

This way, one survey can be used to gather detailed insights about different segments of your audience.

The choice is up to you!

To deploy your new survey, just paste its assigned “Quiz Shortcode” (found in the upper righthand corner of the Quiz Builder Dashboard of a given quiz) in a Text element within the Thrive visual editor...

Embed your surveys with "Quiz Shortcodes" inside a Text element

You can either embed your surveys with Quiz Shortcodes in a Text element... 

...or drag & drop the Quiz element onto the page and search for the name of your quiz in the search bar or dropdown menu that appears:

Embed your surveys with the Quiz element

... or you can use the Quiz element instead.

And of course, as soon as survey takers submit their responses, they’ll appear in your Thrive Quiz Builder Reports Dashboard:

Thrive Quiz Builder Questions Report example

Your survey Questions Report is available inside the "Reports" area of the Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard. 

Don’t forget that you can click on the “Export Results” button to download your survey responses as a CSV file! This allows you to work with the data you collect offline in tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Now that you know how to create and deploy a survey on your WordPress website, let’s take a look at a few different use cases of how you can really leverage them to get deep inside the minds of your online audience.

Use Case #1: Thank You Page Surveys

Much like the Webinar Confirmation Page example we showed you at the beginning of the post, you can also use surveys on Thank You landing pages:

Use Case #1: Thank You Page Surveys

Survey Use Case #1: Thank You landing pages to collect FAQs from new subscribers and customers.

This way you can not only thank your new subscriber or customer for converting, but you can then give them the opportunity to ask you any burning questions they might have around your area of expertise.

You can then use the constant stream of responses to generate new content ideas, podcast topics, or even an online course. Look for common themes and patterns in the survey responses to strike topic relevance gold.

Use Case #2: Customer Insight and Product Development Surveys

Customer and product development is another great way to use surveys:

Use Case #2: Customer Insight and Product Development Surveys

Survey Use Case #2: Customer and Product Development landing pages to help improve your products and services.

On landing pages you send potential or current customers to, you can embed a survey and ask questions about how your products, services or online course can be improved.

There's even a few different ways you can add surveys to your landing page:

  1. Embed them directly on the landing page (as shown above)
  2. Embed them within a Thrive Architect Lightbox or a Thrive Leads ThriveBox to make the survey appear after a button click in a lightbox (as shown below):
Survey embedded in a popup lightbox

Embed your surveys in lightboxes for a more advanced survey experience. 

When using the Lightbox display for your survey, consider eliminating the Splash Page as the actual landing page and “Start the Survey” button will do that job instead.

Use Case #3: Blog Post Surveys

Ever wanted to get direct feedback from readers about your blog posts?

Perhaps you wanted to poll your audience with questions about the topic you just blogged about.

This is all possible now with the Survey Quiz type in Thrive Quiz Builder:

Use Case #3: Blog Post Surveys

Survey Use Case #3: Blog post polls and content matter surveys.

For example, if you wrote a blog post about meditation and used a survey to ask readers what type of meditation they were most interested in learning, the winner of that poll should probably be your next blog post, right?

Use Case #4: Student Feedback Surveys

If you're an infopreneur who creates and sells online courses, then getting feedback from your students can be a great way to improve your products and develop new courses.

The new survey feature is perfect for collecting the student feedback that will help you do that:

Use Case #4: Student Feedback Surveys

Survey Use Case #4: Student Feedback Surveys to help improve your courses or develop new ones.

If you use Thrive Apprentice to build and host your online courses, just create a final “Student Feedback Survey” lesson where you can embed your Thrive Quiz Builder survey.

And if you host your online course on some other platform, you can instead build a Course Feedback landing page (as shown in several of the previous examples) where students can be sent to complete the embedded survey.

What Kind of Survey Will You Create?

So that’s a quick look at how you can understand your audience better and give customers what they want using the Survey Quiz Type now available in Thrive Quiz Builder.

After seeing the many ways you can start using surveys across your website, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s never been easier to get into the heads of your visitors, subscribers and customers.

Have any questions or thoughts about the new Survey Quiz? Make sure to leave them in the comments below!

About the Author

Matt's a geologist turned online marketer and digital nomad. He's a Modern Manimal on a mission to cultivate a wild lifestyle – by design. When away from his tech, you can find him studying movement through practices like Aikido, AcroYoga and Barefoot Running.

  • Just wanted to share a quick use case from my sister’s website…

    She asked her email list of about 700 people if they would be willing to answer 10ish questions to help her define her new offer (she has a sewing blog and is working on adding a paid product).

    The survey quiz is a combination of multiple choice questions and open ended questions and so far 102 people finished the survey (she sent it out this weekend)!


    That’s over a 100 people telling her what they are struggling with and what they would like to learn from her!

  • Thanks Matt. Lots of potential for audience growth, engagement and shares by using TQB.

    I’m a member of the excellent ‘Audience From Scratch’ course, which has the creative juices flowing.

    Here’s a way of using quizzes to ‘Build Your Own Library of Audience Generated Resources’……. and gain raving fans that are willing to share your content.

    ……..If relevant to your niche, a great way of engaging and connecting with your audience and building a raving fan base would be to ask them to supply you with their own photos/videos/images/experiences/stories/progress etc.

    This also becomes your own library of resources and could even replace the need to find and use stock images.

    Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame or more exposure, particularly other bloggers or those (potential clients) from your audience who are perhaps active on social media, and this could be a win-win as they will share whatever you publish that mentions them.

    Do some outreach to influencer’s in your niche or to the people who read your articles or to those who regularly leave comments or to those who are active on your email list and ask them directly to submit their own photos/videos/images/experiences/stories/progress etc that they don’t mind you using/sharing on your website.

    In return, you could offer to link out to them via their website or their social media accounts etc if you actually use their submission. This may require some kind of signed ‘waiver’ to allow use but this type of audience interaction and engagement is potentially powerful………….as well as being beneficial in helping you to build a diverse library/catalogue of relevant photos/videos/images/experiences/stories/progress that are directly related to your niche and could replace the need to use stock images, this also allows you to provide ‘a better representation of your audience to your audience’ (relevance, authority and trust).

    If your niche is represented on Instagram (people uploading their own photos), then go to Instagram and find your audience and ask them directly to submit their photos to you and highlight the benefits of doing so………then notify them if/when you used their photos in one of your articles/quizzes/videos etc and I bet that they would share that article/quiz/video.

    You could use and include multiple different photos/images from multiple different people in the same article/quiz etc and therefore reach far more people through those subsequent shares.

    Once people see that you are willing to share/promote your readers stuff, then you should see an uptick in requests and more real engagement.

    Question to Thrive readers – How many quizzes (or adaptations of a quiz) could you create for your own niche/market/business and how many of your audiences photos/images etc could you include in one quiz?

    • Hi Jonah,

      This is an interesting idea and might be facilitated by using the new File Upload feature to support collecting the type of content you’re talking about from your audience to help build your quizzes. Just make sure that you’re in compliance with Privacy and Copyright laws whenever you collect and/or reuse other people’s data and content.

  • I was looking at adding a straightforward poll at the end of the post: Ask a question, give a few responses, audience chose one and then they can see the results. That doesn’t seem possible with quiz builder, or is there a way around it (besides having to download another plugin)?

    • Thanks for your comment Prisqua! At the moment, you can’t display the audience-wide results to a quiz/survey taker on your final results page, but this is something we could create a new feature around. Thanks for the idea! Of course, you can see these results in the TQB reporting on the backend so we would just need to create new front-end options for this. I’ve passed it along to our devs so watch out for this update in the not-too-distant future!

      • It has been a year and ……. ? Before 2021 ends I will have Thrive Suite. I am very much interested. Thank you

  • Interesting. Could this replace typform. Meaning could this automaticly forward the results with utm source to active campaign and an excell?

  • Does the survey quiz results keep the end users answers attached to the person’s record?

    Then quiz and be answers to a set of test questions tied to specific students.

    • No at the moment it does not.
      Originally Quiz Builder was designed to be just that, a quizzing tool on your site. We realized a lot of people were trying to use it for survey type solutions which is why we added this quiz type (to make it easy).
      We’re getting more and more requests to now integrate TQB more closely with Thrive Apprentice (which is something we’re looking into)

  • Why not show the result page after Opt-in Gate while doing the survey.

    Do you have an option to a custom landing page at the end of the quiz rather than the results page? We really need this.
    Thank you ????

  • Good info but lacking the “how to” that I am looking for. Very high level, I need paint by numbers. I followed your instructions and what I don’t see is what the quiz looks like. It would be great if quiz builder worked like thrive architect where you see what your page looks like in real time. So, my question is how do I view the quiz before sending it out?

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