If you're looking for a Thrive Themes review to understand the company and its products better, you're on the right page.

Thrive Themes develops premium WordPress plugins and themes to help small business owners, with little to no design or coding experience, build a thriving business they can be proud of.

Maybe you're wondering: is Thrive Themes worth it for you?

Read this article to learn about our powerful products and why they could be a great fit for your business needs. You'll also see reviews from real Thrive Themes customers who've used our products.

What Is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is the company behind Thrive Suite a toolkit of plugins and themes designed to help small business owners compete with the big guys.

Our suite of tools are suitable for businesses of all sizes (from 1 solopreneur, to a growing blogger, a team of 50 or even more). And the goal is simple: to get your potential customers to buy from your business and sing its praises to anyone who will listen.

The plugins included in Thrive Suite are:

  • Thrive Theme Builder: Build a stunning, professional website with our intuitive theme builder & customizable templates 

  • Thrive Architect: Use our WordPress page builder to create attention-grabbing landing pages and blog posts that convince your audience to convert

  • Thrive Apprentice: Build an impressive membership site, online course platform (or both)

  • Thrive Leads: Rev up your lead-generation and grow your email list

  • Thrive Quiz Builder: Design engaging quizzes to generate leads and segment your audience

  • Thrive Ultimatum: Build and implement countdown timers for your time-sensitive offers & get your audience to take quick action 

  • Thrive Ovation: Collect, manage, and showcase customer testimonials to build credibility & trust with your audience

  • Thrive Comments: Moderate blog and page comments, boost reader engagement, and build a community right from your blog posts

  • Thrive Optimize: Run regular A/B tests to improve your landing pages & get even more conversions

  • Thrive Automator: Create smart automations to connect your website with your favorite tools

Thrive Suite is designed to set your business apart from your competition and convince your potential customers that they need your products and services.

You can purchase these plugins individually, but if you want to experience the full power of our tools and see how they will supercharge your business... you need Thrive Suite.

Is Thrive Themes Really Worth It?

Yes it is. 

Thrive Themes provides business owners with the tools they need to build a successful, online business -- without needing to learn how to code or hire an expensive web designer.

Our products are straightforward and designed to help you create high-quality web assets at a pace that suits you.

You don't need to worry about learning complex code or difficult workflows.

Our products are equipped with seamless setup wizards where necessary, and a large base of tutorials and guides to help you get started and expert support to help you solve any problems.

We don't just provide customers with great tools. We show you how to use those tools to achieve maximum conversions and take your business to the top.

Why Should I Buy Thrive Suite?

We can give you countless reasons for why you should buy Thrive Suite. But we've summarized them into the following points:

1. Access a Library of Themes & Plugins Optimized for Maximum Conversions

What good is an attractive website if it doesn't convince your potential customers to convert? That's the goal at the end of the day, after all!

If you don't know what it takes to create a clean, conversion focused website, then you'll struggle to turn your audience into excited subscribers and customers.

That's why you need Thrive Suite. Our library of plugins and themes were created with conversion-generation in mind. Every tool is designed to help you gain more customers and grow your business quickly.

2. Choose From Hundreds of Templates To Help You Build an Impressive WordPress Site Fast

You don't need to know HTML, CSS, or any other coding language to build the website of your dreams. Thrive Suite gives you access to hundreds of professionally designed templates that are fully-customizable.

In fact, you can build a stunning website to impress your site visitors and get them to buy from your business. The best part? You won't need to write a single line of code.

Thrive Theme Builder comes with professionally designed companion themes (including OmmiShapeshiftKwik, and Bookwise), complete with conversion-focused pages and block templates for every part of your website

Use the Thrive Theme Builder Setup Wizard to select all the important parts of your website — header, footer, post templates, homepage template, sidebars, etc.

Coupled with Thrive Architect, the best page builder plugin and ultimate Divi and Elementor alternative, you can build a unique website to provide a memorable experience to your site visitors.

And since you bought Thrive Suite, you have access to even more templates to take your website to the next level:


Our other apps like Thrive Quiz Builder & Thrive Ultimatum have pre-designed templates to help you get setup fast.

You don't need to stress about building your website from scratch and hope it looks decent. With our templates, you'll know you've built a stellar website your audience will love.

3. You Don't Need to Code! Build Your Website with Our Super Simple Drag-And-Drop Visual Editor

When we say "zero coding required" we mean zero coding required.

The Thrive Visual Editor is our drag-and-drop editor designed to speed up your productivity and get your website up and running quickly. We want you to be able to work smarter and faster.

You’ll find the intuitive drag-and-drop Visual Editor in the following tools:

  1. Thrive Architect

  2. Thrive Theme Builder

  3. Thrive Leads

  4. Thrive Ovation

  5. Thrive Quiz Builder

I used to develop my own WordPress themes. Although I had a reasonably fast process, there's no comparison with how quickly I can spin something up with Thrive. Another thing about building websites this way is that I don't have the absolute control I would have by coding them, and that's a GOOD thing. If you're trying to get results, you don't want to focus on making your website uselessly fancy and pixel-perfect.

I think Theme Builder has been the real game-changer. I had already tried to build a website with some WYSIWYG plugin before, but not being able to edit so many parts of my website has been a deal-breaker for me.

Tommaso Manca  |

With the Visual Editor, you can use quick keyboard shortcuts to save your work, add links in a second, or even move multiple page elements at a time. But that's not all.

If you're new to Thrive Suite (or just haven't had time to learn any time-saving tips), read this guide to speed up your design in the Thrive Visual Editor.

4. Build the Online Course Platform of Your Dreams

Thrive Apprentice is the only LMS plugin for WordPress that gives you total design freedom over EVERY aspect of your online course.

Reviews from Thrive Apprentice Users

This is the game-changing, course creation platform you need to become the go-to authority in your niche.

Think of how much a single, standalone LMS plugin or course-creating platform costs. Now look at Thrive Apprentice, what it offers, and the fact that you don't just get this powerful plugin when you purchase Thrive Suite.

You get access to 9 other powerful plugins to create a seamless, enjoyable experience for your current and potential customers.

5. Turn Your Site Visitors Into Engaged Subscribers Who Love Your Work

Thrive Suite gives you access to Thrive Comments and Thrive Quiz Builder, two plugins that have different functions but can achieve similar results: converting your audience into engaged, paying customers.

Think of the comments section in WordPress. It helps you make sure the right comments are shown on your blog posts and pages, and not the spammy comments that try to get in the way.

But that's all. 

Thrive Comments turns your comments section into a hub of engagement; encouraging your commenters to share their thoughts and recognizing them for doing so. 

You can use this plugin to recognize frequent commenters, reward first-time commenters, and so much more.

Thrive Quiz Builder, on the other hand, is the perfect plugin for creating engaging quizzes your audience will love.

If you need a neat way to generate leads and learn more of your audience's interests, this is the quiz-building plugin for you.

Watch this video to learn how to create attractive quiz lead magnets:

6. Stuck? Access Our LARGE Base of Resources to Get the Help You Need

Reviews on Thrive Themes Support

Reviews from the Thrive Suite Sales Page

Thrive Suite has a slight learning curve, but Thrive Themes has taken care of that by creating a large base of resources for its customers. 

You can find help in the following channels:

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base is like a searchable instruction manual, with tutorials on everything you'll ever need to learn how to use our products. If you ever get stuck, you just have to send us a message and we'll get you unstuck. Our support team is always there to help you out.

7. Connect Your Website With Other Leading Plugins to Make Your Online Biz Even BETTER

Thrive Suite is compatible with most of the top WordPress plugins you'll need to turn your website into the ultimate marketing tool.

Some of these plugins include:

You can also use Thrive Automator to connect your website to a variety of top email marketing services, social media tools, and other apps.

Thrive Suite Pricing

Thrive Suite's pricing is pretty straightforward — and affordable! 

Think of what you'd pay for one theme or one plugin for a specific function. It'd probably be anywhere from $100+. 

With a Thrive Themes membership (Thrive Suite) you get access to 10 premium plugins plus themes, templates, and unlimited support.

To say that this is a steal is an understatement.

The best part? If you don’t feel like our tools are a match for you, you can take use our 30-day money-back guarantee to get a refund.

Thrive Suite Pricing

Thrive Themes Reviews from Our Customers

Don't just take our word for it. Here are a few of the many reviews we've received from our 20,000+ customers who are still using Thrive Themes products to grow their online businesses:

I've been using your themes and plugins for a couple of years or so now. As a micro-business, particularly one hit hard by COVID, every recurring expense that I have has to be considered carefully and justified. I can think of almost no other suppliers who I am as happy to pay the bill for.

The products you create are excellent, and the interface for them is absolutely first class, every time.

I often find myself using other people's tools (for example ActiveCampaign) and thinking "I wish Thrive Themes made this - it would be so much better."

Not only that, but (and perhaps even more importantly) the support you offer is second to none - always an answer, never a problem, no matter how many questions I've had.

Andrew Richards | 

Just.....unbelievable. You guys are AMAZING. You have created a set of tools so that little guys like me can create a fully functioning online business, AND make it look good! I am so proud to be a Thrive member. Sending lots of gratitude your way.

Andy | 

This is the BEST NEWS I've heard from Thrive Themes!! It's a prayer answered and I'm so excited to start using this new tool.

Great developments like Thrive Automator is the reason I will be a customer for LIFE!

Thank you so much, Thrive Team!

Sherine C. | 

Wow! Just wow. I've been a Thrive user for a long time and I'm building (Almost finished) a course with apprentice now. TT has always been the best on the web. Hands down. Adding apprentice into the family, especially with all the marketing solutions is a real winner for me. Love all the excellent teaching material available as well. Thanks for an absolutely excellent product.

David S | 

And if you want to read more customer success stories from Thrive Themes, you can find them right here.


Q: What is the difference between Thrive Architect & Thrive Themes?

A: Thrive Architect is a conversion-focused page-building plugin created by Thrive Themes. This plugin consists of a host of design elements and templates to help you create a clean, impressive user-interface and add calls to action to get your site visitors to convert.

Q: What is the best hosting for Thrive Themes?

A: Some of the hosting platforms we recommend are SiteGround, BlueHost, and WPX. Read this article from WPBeginner to learn about other recommended hosting solutions for your WordPress website.

Q: How much does Thrive software cost?

A: Your first year of Thrive Suite costs $299 for the year, and renews at $599 the next year. You can also pay for Thrive Suite on a quarterly basis, for $149 per quarter.

Q: Who owns Thrive Themes?

A: Thrive Themes is owned by Awesome Motive, the company responsible for most of the top WordPress plugins and resources you know -- WPBeginner, MonsterInsights, All in One SEO, WP Simple Pay, and so many more.

Final Word: So, Is Thrive Themes Worth It?

Thrive Themes has the best WordPress plugins you need to build a thriving, online business. With Thrive Suite, you get access to a wide variety of features to convert your target audience into a loyal, paying customer base.

From a powerful page builder, to an engaging quiz plugin, evergreen countdown timers, and so much more... you can’t go wrong with this product.

And if you ever get stuck while building your website, you have several places to get the help you need.

If you need more resources to build or improve your online business, you can start here:

And that's it. Everything you need to know about Thrive Themes and why you should buy our products.

Get started with your conversion-focused website today.

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