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Show Your Opt-In at the Perfect Time Using Triggers

4 Ways To Customize When Your Opt-In Appears...

Showing an opt-in form at the right time is critical to adding more visitors to your list. 

However, It's hard to know what will resonate the best with your audience unless you test it. With our triggers feature you have 4 different ways to serve up your opt-in form. You can pick one or even test different options to find out which works the best for your audience. 

Exit Trigger

Show your opt-in the moment a visitor is thinking about leaving your website.

Time Trigger

Choose between instantly showing your opt-in form or showing it after a certain amount of time (in seconds) has passed. 

Scroll Trigger

Choose between showing your opt-in form when a user scrolls to a specific part, after passing a defined percentage, or after reaching the end of your content.

Click Trigger

Show your opt-in when a user clicks an element (like a button or link) in your content.

Triggers Are Just ONE Aspect of Thrive Leads!

The Thrive Leads plugin comes with a full arsenal of features aimed at growing your business.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Kevin B.

Hi Shane. Brilliant, as usual ???? I was just looking at adding an exit popup plugin, but no need now! You continue to make my life easier. And just having it on specific pages is brilliant. Thank you.

Rita S.

Hi, Thrive team, I used Thrive Leads yesterday for the first time. And it is really great. I worked before with OptinMonster and a long time with the SumoMe apps. But Thrive Leads is so much better and easier to handle. Thanks a lot!

Fiona F.

I’m just glad the Thrive Leads exists. It just makes things so much easier to implement. Thanks again Shane.

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