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Slide-In: Grab Attention In Style

The Smooth Way To Get More Leads

Imagine being at a networking event, you're calmly having a discussion with a couple of interesting people when this guy, bumps into your group and starts loudly speaking about himself. You cannot ignore him, but you'll probably be slightly annoyed with his appearance.

Now imagine this same situation, but a lovely lady taps you on the shoulder when you're finished talking and politely enters the group while introducing herself. You would still have noticed her, but without feeling uncomfortable.

Meet Miss Slide-In.

Slide-ins are opt-in forms that smoothly show up in a corner of the screen and allow you to catch the eye of your readers and grab their attention in style.

I’m making some tests and create somethings with Thrive Leads and themes and I’m loving it. I had talked a lot about OP2, the solution I have used until I knew You… and realized that I had lost a lot of time.

Naim G.

Make a Show When Your Reader Is Ready To Take Action

Timing is everything.

If your opt-in form slides in to early, your reader might not yet be willing to subscribe and waiting too long will risk to lose out on a new lead.

That's why in Thrive Leads, the moment your slide-in shows up is completely up to you. Not sure when you should show it? Simply A/B test it to get the best conversions. 

You can wait for your visitor to click on a link, to scroll to a certain part of the page or to spend a certain amount of time reading.

I now exclusively use Thrive themes for my sites as well as my customers and there hasn’t been any disappointment yet! Thanks for your hard work.

Mary-Ellen M

The Time to Start Building Your Mailing List is Now

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