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Use this CTA top-section to highlight the one thing you want your visitors to do.

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The ribbon: the discreet eye catcher

Get More Leads Without Wasting Space

Getting leads is one of the most important components of your online business.

But sometimes you don't want to clutter your website with opt-in forms.

Enter the ribbon.

Thanks to the ribbon you can continually show an opt-in form without having to sacrifice any screen real estate. 

The opt-in ribbon is a bar on the top or the bottom of the page and when your visitors scrolls down, the ribbon will stick in place.

It's tactful but sticky! Tactful because you're not covering up any content and sticky because your opt-in form stays in sight even after scrolling.

It's a discreet but eye-catching way to get more leads.

The Right Message on the Right Page Shown at the Right Time

Thanks to the targeting options, you can show highly targeted messages based on which page the user is currently on.

This allows you to match your opt-in offers to the interests of your readers, and inevitably turn them into subscribers.

When it comes to effective opt-in forms, timing is everything. 

You can choose to show your Ribbon-form on page load or after a certain amount of time, when your reader might be more inclined to take action.

Excellent work again you guys are awesome.

Jule Fuller

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