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Find Your Best Opt-In Forms & Most Valuable Traffic With Our Powerful Reporting

How Do You Get More Leads?

You get more leads by truly understanding your visitors and then giving them what they want.

To do this, you need to understand what messages and opt-in forms are working best.

With the extensive reporting suite in Thrive Leads, you'll know exactly how many visitors became subscribers for EACH and EVERY article, page and opt-in form on your website.

No more guessing! You'll know exactly what kind of content gives you the best conversion rates so you can fine tune your message and adapt your content marketing strategy for exponential list growth.

But Wait, There's More...

You do more than just post on your own site. Wouldn't it be nice to know who or what is sending you the most leads?

We think so too.

You can simply look at the Lead Referral Report and find out what source is giving you the most leads.

Is it the guest blog you published last month?

Or your social media profiles?

You can discover in a heartbeat if you're on the right track and what to do to ramp up your lead generation.

Use Smart Analytics To Truly Understand Your Visitors 

Find The Value

Within the reporting dashboard, you're able to compare opt-in forms and offers and see how your A/B tests are performing.

Detailed Reporting

Discover in the glance of an eye how your overall website conversions are performing or go into detail on each opt-in form.

Choose Your Timeframe

Chose a specific timeline, compare different forms or look at the accumulated growth of your list.

I’m just glad the Thrive Leads exists. It just makes things so much easier to implement. Thanks again Shane.

Fiona F.

Do You Love Spending Afternoons With Data & Graphs?

When someone tells you something, is your first thought: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but where are the numbers to prove it?"

Never mind movies and TV shows, you can spend an entire evening with your sweet, sweet Google Analytics. 

Mmmmmmm, so much beautiful data to look at!

Do you value performance over design? Who cares how good it looks if it's conversion rate is dominating, right?

In Thrive Leads we have spent the time and done the work to make sure we have one of the most powerful reporting engines in the industry.

Thrive Leads gives you a simple, easy to understand overview of the most important metrics. See exactly how your opt-in forms are performing over time and where your most valuable traffic comes from.

Here's the reports you get access to:

  • Conversion Report - Know how many leads you're getting
  • Conversion Rate Report - Know if you're converting better
  • Cumulative Conversions Report - Total conversions over time
  • Comparison Report - Find out which opt-ins generate the most leads
  • List Growth - Total opt-ins across all forms and lead groups
  • Cumulative List Growth - Opt-ins across all forms/lead groups over time
  • Lead Referral Report - Find out where your leads are coming from
  • Lead Tracking Report - Find out the effectiveness of your campaigns 
  • Content Marketing Report - Find what content produces the most leads

You’re making list building easier day-by-day. Thanks for the awesome plugin.

Mohanraj S.

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