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A/B Testing: Get More Subscribers on Auto-Pilot

Same traffic, 10X More Subscribers

What if you could 10x your conversion rate?

Would that make a big difference to your business?

It's not just a dream. We've seen it happening over and over again.

This is the power of A/B testing. In Thrive Leads we included an A/B testing feature on steroids.

What Should You Test?

We believe you should start by testing BIG things to immediately grow your list faster.

Different Form Types

With Thrive Leads, you can even test entirely different opt-in types against each other. E.g. a lightbox popup vs. a slide-in form or a widget vs. a ribbon.

Different Triggers

Should you show a popup after 3 seconds, once the users scrolls 50% down the page or once the visitor is about to exit your site? Run the test and find out!

Different Design & Content

With just a few clicks, you can change the headline, add a new image or switch colors to get 2 test variations to pit against each other.

Entirely Different Offers

Test an ebook as your opt-in incentive vs. a 4-day video course. Or any other combination of offers. You can sign people up to different funnels and different follow-up sequences.

You Deserve The Best

We take testing seriously.

Conversion optimization is our thing.

That's why we included more testing possibilities and better metrics than any other plugin.

A/B testing features are often advertised on plugins but they hardly ever live up to their promises. The problem with measuring incorrectly or with insufficient, non-significant data is that you'll come to the wrong conclusions. Instead of optimizing your opt-in forms you might very well be doing the opposite.

We want you to have the best conversion rates possible. That's our job.

That's why we make sure to provide you with the necessary information to come to the right conclusions. This will help you make your opt-in forms better and better without getting a headache over complicated data.

Well not even 24 hours later I have some really interesting stats. Here are my results: The Smart Exit is showing a 163.49% Improvement over the control with a 98.04% Chance to beat the original. All I can say so far is AWESOME! I am anxious to see what the stats are in a few days.

Michael J.

How to Put Your Conversion Optimization on Auto-Pilot

There are many self-proclaimed experts with many opinions about what you should do to increase conversions. But opinions simply don't matter. The way to increase the speed at which your list grows is to run A/B tests and find out what really works best on your site.

Thrive Leads was built from the ground up to be the best, most conversion-boosting testing tool you've ever used.

With Thrive Leads, you can set up a test between two or more variations of your forms in just minutes and then you can use our "automatic winner" feature to let the plugin do the rest.

Thrive Leads will automatically monitor the performance of each variation and once a statistically proven winner has been found, all the losing variations will be hidden automatically. In practice, that means you can "set and forget" your tests and your conversion rate will automatically increase over time.

Drag and Drop Easy

All forms can be created with the easy, build in drag and drop editor.

A/B tests are no exception!

There is zero coding involved! Not to create your test variations, not to get the test running on your website.

Up and Running in Seconds

You select the forms to test. We do the rest.

No need to install other plugins or third party applications.

The A/B testing magic happens right within Thrive Leads.

Set and Forget

You have a business to run. That's why we built in the "automatic winner" function.

You can sleep easy knowing that you're always showing the highest converting form to grow your list as fast as possible.

Michael E.

I now see how I can really go to town on growing not only a more targeted list, but also working out what display works best. And not only that, but where on my site they work. This is a really magnificent and valuable tool… And it is easy to use and implement.

Ian R.

So glad a non tech guy liked myself found out about Thrive Themes. I’ll never go anywhere else.

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