Lesson 1 – Watch This First!



How to Switch Your Site to Thrive Theme Builder

Important: Thrive Theme Builder (with Shapeshift, Ommi or Kwik) is now fully WooCommerce compatible so you can switch even if you have a WooCommerce store. To learn all about Thrive Theme Builder and WooCommerce, check out this course.

In this lesson we're covering what's theme related and what's not. 

Your theme is responsible for:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Single blog post layout
  • Page layout
  • Blog list layout
  • Archive Pages (such as category pages)
  • Search pages
  • 404 pages
  • Author box layout
  • Comments section layout
  • Sidebar layout
  • Related Posts
  • Social Sharing (sometimes)
  • ...

For additional information and examples check out this article.

Your theme is NOT responsible for:

  • Pages and their content (created with Thrive Architect or in the WP editor/Gutenberg)
  • Posts and their content (created with Thrive Architect or in the WP editor/Gutenberg)
  • Layout of landing pages created with Thrive Architect

This means that you will not loose ANY content when you switch to Thrive Theme Builder, all your blog posts will be there, all your pages will be there, the URL structure will still be the same, etc.

  • I understand the page/post content is not lost. Now, what happens if Divi theme is used? I believe Divi builder and some builders embed the content within their builder. If these builders are uninstalled, the content comprises lots of technical code too. What’s your thoughts?

      • Ya, I guess so. If I re-create all my existing Divi pages with Architect, would this integrate easily when i switch to Theme Builder from Divi?

      • Yes all those Thrive Architect pages would stay exactly as you build them.

  • Whoa Hanne – I just heard you say not to SWITCH to Thrive Theme Builder if we have a WooCommerce Site. But how about setting up a new Thrive Theme Builder site that will use Woo Commerce? Does the same “Don’t Go” warning apply to that?

      • This is really disappointing. It seems like Thrive Themes really only cares about blog, solopreneurs and digital product offerings, minus e-commerce. I started my website with a 3rd party theme before I found Thrive and have really had my hands tied with using your products. Only being able to place ultimatums in awkward areas, to say the least. I originally designed with beaver builder and was really looking forward to changing everything to Thrive to have full control of the site design and take full advantage of conversions. However, I sell physical products and use woo-commerce for checkout.

        I guess I’ll continue waiting, and hopefully be able to do some staging work for the time being. Please, please give some more thought to e-commerce customers (physical products) this is really getting to a point of maybe Thrive was the wrong choice. What is the ETA on Woocommerce compatibility?


      • Hi Brady,
        We already gave the WooCommerce integration a lot of thought, but we also wanted to make sure to not make the mistake of continuing improving Thrive Theme Builder behind the scenes when so many people can already benefit from it.
        As soon as we have a clearer overview, we’ll be able to communicate a date with you.

      • Hey Hanne,
        Sorry, I’m too stubborn to wait. This plugin has been working great for me, Multiple Themes By David Gewirtz. Running Thrive themes on the front and using another theme for woo-commerce (store, products, and checkout). Testing it in “staging” currently. Might be a workaround for now… You can throw the check in the mail 😉

      • I actually love when people are stubborn 😀 Happy you found a way around this!

      • Hi Hanne,
        My Situational Question:
        I have an old site that I will be converting over to Thrive Themes, (thank you so much for your recent Webinar and this training by the way).

        Sometime down the line, not exactly sure, about 6-months to a year or more, I would like to add Woo Commerce.

        So the question is: Can I go ahead NOW and install Thrive Theme on my old site, and then ‘install, upgrade, or whatever-need-to-do’ the Thrive Woo Comm when it’s released sometime in the future to the public?
        (note. ALL CAPs is BOLD, not yelling. 🙂

      • We’re aiming to have WooCommerce compatibility by the beginning of June with further improvements consistently thereafter so you can go ahead and upgrade to Woo Comm when you’re ready!

      • Thank you for the good news!
        I’ll go ahead and start staging and installing TTB tomorrow on the old site and carry on till the Thrive WooComm is available. Again, thank you both and the whole Thrive team! (**)/

  • Hi Hanne

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this query.

    I was wondering about the possible improvement in site / page load speed if making the switch to theme builder from current Rise theme.

    (currently no custom coding to Rise theme.)

    Lets say I create a fairly basic theme using theme builder, is it reasonable to expect an improvement in site / page load speed compared to the existing Rise theme – keeping all other content etc the same. i.e. Theme builder v’s Rise theme speed.

    Thanks and kind regards


  • Hanne, I love your way of speaking. Very easy to understand and not too fast. Tell your colleagues 🙂

  • Hanne, this is great, thanks! If you had to guess, would you say it’ll be weeks, months or 2021 before Woocommerce plays nicely with Shapeshift? I’m planning to use Woocommerce in the future, but don’t need it right now. And I’m super keen to play with Themebuilder! 🙂

  • Hello mam,

    Im a new member and beginner for making own ebook website what is the best template for ebook website you can suggest. Thank you waiting your reply.

  • Thank you Hanne! I’m getting ready to finish this series to change themes for my artist/musician site!

  • Hanne, very clear instructions. After I finish all the lessons I feel that I will understand how to use the Theme Builder.

  • I had a problem with staging after installing ThemeBuilder on my live website. Is it possible that installing ThemeBuilder on a live site immediately converts the live site? I created my Staging site afterwards, then went to my Staging site and made one or two changes. I then went to my live site and the same changes were made! I probably had both the live site and staging site open in Chrome. I am sure I made the changes only in the staging site. Needless to say, I quickly became a “cowboy coder” and made all my changes on the fly at my live site. It all worked out because my site is currently quite simple and I was motivated to move quickly. What did I do wrong? I’m sure most users would not want to live that experience.

  • Thank you. Quick question. When was this recorded, the first vid says that TT is not compatible with Woocommerce, and I think I read somewhere on your blog that it already is. Could you confirm this for me please?

  • My site was designed by someone who used TT and Astra as a theme (that’s my limited understanding). I am NOT a developer, and really just a little more than a beginner with TA. I am using TA to edit my posts/pages. My question is this: If I want to add a new landing page (for a sales page) using Thrive Theme Builder Oxygen, is that a different Builder Theme from Shapeshifter? Do I have to install Oxygen?

    • Hi Lianda,

      Are you referring to the Hydrogen landing page set? In that case you won’t need any other tools. It is one of the landing page sets included in Thrive Architect.

      To start using it on your website, create a new page, click on the “Standalone pre-build landing page” https://share.getcloudapp.com/P8ukGo7q
      This will open the library of landing pages and you will find the Hydrogen set there.

      Hope that helps,

  • Very nice work Hanne. I had Thrive way back around 2014 or 15. I liked it a lot, but more into Amazon sales then. Now I’m a retired computer analyst who builds sites for my local businesses in my small town. I am doing more and more sites. I think it is time to come back to thrive for the flexibility and utility of this theme.

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