Lesson 4 - The Checklist



How to Switch Your Site to Thrive Theme Builder

Now that you merged your staging site back with your original site it's time to check if everything is working correctly:

  • General look and feel of the site. Go to your most important pages and double check if everything looks the way you want it. Pay special attention to your homepage, your blog list page and your conversion pages such as landing pages and sales pages. If you haven't done this while you were on staging, make sure to fix all the leftover shortcodes (that won't render anymore).
  • Your conversion elements. Are all your opt-in forms connected? Are your buttons linked? etc.
  • Check proper site tracking. Use the inspect tool to see if you tracking code has been properly added to your site. This includes Facebook pixel code (if you had it), Google Analytics code, etc.

Ask Your Questions!

We're more than happy to answer your questions in the comments, but if you run into any technical issues, opening a support ticket is the fastest way to get help. Our technical team is ready to look at your site and fix your problems. 

  • I use backup creator for backing up wordpress sites. Can I still use backupcreator, or will I need a different backup tool?

  • Excellent course Hanne! Lot of effort put into making a solid informational course that will help people. Thanks!

  • I love this! Great job done… starting now to migrate my page to theme builder… super integration into theme architect… give you some feedback when done!

  • Are you able to have different headers/footers on different pages of your site, or only 1 header/footer globally?

    • Hi Bryan,
      You have different options to have different headers and footers on different content.

      1. If you want a different header on just one page, I would suggest using a landing page from Thrive Architect (you can even have a blank landing page and the add any header or footer you want.
      2. If you want a different header but the same on multiple content pieces then you can use the template functionality and create a new template for that piece of content.

      What are you trying to accomplish Bryan?

  • Great tool … and very helpful video … thanks

    Will Theme Builder be integrated in some way with Apprentice?
    if so, how? and when?

    • Hi Ted,
      Yes and no ETA yet. But the plan is to integrate Thrive Apprentice with the Theme Builder tech.

    • Hi Linda,
      On the site listed here on your profile, it seems like your homepage is already made with Thrive Architect, so is your service page. These pages would stay the same. What I would do in your case:
      Go throught the site setup wizard to pick the header, footer and page layout you want.
      Don’t worry about the blog list and single blog layout, just keep the default
      Choose your current homepage as the homepage.
      And all should look good πŸ™‚
      Then the moment you want to add more pages or a blog or something, you can easily do that.

  • Thank you for putting a crystal clear training. This was incredibly helpful! I carved out some time to go trough the training and to update my website… And now it looks and feels just right. Now, I am ready to put in the time to create content.

  • TheTheme Builder TOP section should be orpahned. E.g. you should be able to remove a global update of any changes across the theme. E.G. I want the site to have the same look and feel but when I replace the text or the video link the changes are applied site-wide. I need have more control over this.

    • Hi Simon,

      Could you please explain what you’re trying to accomplish.
      That way I can probably explain what the right way is to do it…

      Feels like you’re using the Theme Builder for content but I’m not entirely sure from your comment.

  • Fantastic job Hanne! I loved your videos. About to start redeveloping a website today based on what you’ve taught me. Thanks!

  • Hi Hanna,

    I currently use focus blog theme for my site. Is it possible to change to theme builder while keeping my featured image size at 730px itself for my existing posts as my images are resized for 730px.

    If you use the boxed template option mentioned in the video, what will be the default px sizes?
    Also i use tables in my posts for reviews, will it be possible to retain them in same layouts. Thank you

    • The tables in the post will stay the same unless you created them with theme shortcodes. But if you created them with Thrive Architect there is no issue.
      The default size for the box layout with sidebar is 677px so your featured images will look just fine πŸ™‚

  • Hi Hanne,
    Great tutorial. Thank you! I want to customize my 404 page where there is no header/footer but only an image and text with a link going back to the home page. How would I accomplish this?

    • Hi,

      Yes of course πŸ˜€ In templates you can see there is a specific template for the 404 page. Go there and change whatever you fancy.

  • Hanne,

    Nice tutorial and thank you for producing the series. I was able to migrate my (basic) site in about a day (including design tweaks, template changes, layout, etc.). I did lose the Smash Balloon Instagram plugin (which uses shortcodes) which was a bummer but not a deal breaker.

    Do you believe plugin makers will offer updated plugins that work with TTB? How are you guys working with your third-party partners for broader support within Theme Builder?

    Thanks again for your ongoing work and efforts!


    • Hi Christopher,

      We are compatible with most plugins and shortcodes should render. Did you remove it because you thought it wouldn’t work? or did you test it and it didn’t render? Just to be clear only theme shortcodes would not render. Shortcodes from other plugins should.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I thought it was a theme shortcode but it was indeed just a regular plugin shortcode. Problem solved….thank you!!!

  • Hi Hanne,

    Thanks for the training sessions. Very helpful and very well explained.

    Want to start using TTB on several similar websites. Where the look and feel is almost the same, expect for logo color scheme and some specific linking in the side bar.

    Is there also an Export / Import facility. So i can create the main settings once and import these in the other websites. Or should i do this via the Template / Symbol options?

    Looking forward to best practices πŸ˜‰

    regards, Remco

    • Easiest way to do that would be to:

      1. Add a new page
      2. Open Thrive Architect and click on the new template icon (the cloud with the arrow)
      3. Select eighter the blank page from the Shapeshift smart landing pages and start adding blocks or pick one of the sales page landing pages
      4. You can add your theme footer and header on the salespage if you want.

  • Hi Hanne, on the front page is it possible to add various content blocks? In example change testimonial, add progress bar, add video blocks etc?

    And are there any ready made block templates?

    Thank you / Dennis

    • Ow yes πŸ˜€ We now have page blocks (we have a video coming out showcasing them this week but it’s pretty straight forward). On the homepage, you’ll see a blue plus in between sections when you hit that plus button you will be able to choose from 125 pre-designed blocks. And of course you can add any element to the page (eg. if you want the progress bar)

  • Thank you, Hanne, for the course. I did my first conversion today and found it to be much easier than I thought it would be, because so much of what I had produced in Architect was automatically converted, so there was no need to implement all the steps in the course, but simply get to know the new environment and make a few adjustments. Excellent!

  • Thank you, Hanne, for the course. You and Shane continue to WOW us. I purchased Thrive Theme builder yesterday and was able to create a whole new site from the ground up in less than a couple of hours (it would have gone faster if I had my copy all figured out before hand). I love how it plays with Thrive Architect and doesn’t affect any of my landing pages. Great product. Here’s my “new” site Byron.cc

    (I’m open for any constructive feedback you may have to make it even better).

    I’m so pumped!

    • Unfortunatly not really… But you don’t really have to. I would leave the old posts in the old WP editor and start using Thrive Architect for new posts (that’s what I did on my personal website).

  • Nice tutorials Hanne. Question: my website used one of the ThriveTheme footers with “Useful Links” that were auto-generated. The first link is now called “Autogenerated Home Page.” I was unable to modify those links and link to my true home page. How can I modify those links?

    • Hi Hugh,
      Yes these are autogenerated because the list is a dynamic list of pages. If you only want certain pages to show, best is to manually add text and links (and delete the dynamic list)

  • Hi Hanne,
    I enjoyed very much your tutorial! πŸ™‚
    Some questions:
    1. How will be your Cookie bar pop-up appear? I set it up in Hungarian. I had my own one previously, and this shows up only. Europe.

    And how can I put only my linked pages into the Footer as I do not want to shown all the pages?

    • Hi,

      We do not have a cookie bar included so you would simply still use the plugin you were using before.

      For the links, at the moment, this is a dynamic list which pulls all the pages. If you only want some pages, then you can simply change the dynamic list for a normal styled list and add the pages and links you want.

  • I am super upset. I did a staging website and it’s looks great. Now, I can’t put it in the place of my current website and it took 3 days to redo. I don’t want to lose my place on google, etc. What can I do. They hosting company wants me to send my domain to another one or move files. I don’t know how to do either!!! Please help. I would have used my current site if I had known it would be this difficult.

  • Hi Thrive Themes folks. Just a heads-up about some little caveats here and there:

    1) In the theme template interface, the option for displaying sidebar on the left side appears ok, but is not reflected in the actual page after saving.

    2) While there are many WooCommerce elements for customizing theme templates, elements for customizing WooCommerce single product page (e.g., product image, product gallery, product title, product description, add-to-cart button) seems to be missing.

    All in all, Thrive Theme Builder is really a game-changer in terms of both concept and implementation. Looking forward to more awesome development coming soon!

    • For the record the left sidebar feature seems to boil down to the custom field “sidebar_on_left”, as setting it to “1” in a page does not move the sidebar to the left.

    • Hi Thomas,

      1) we managed to fix the sidebar issue. This will not appear anymore for anyone who loads the latest version of Shapeshift (if you already customized the templates and can’t reload a new version, then you can ask our support team to manually fix this issue for you)
      2) For WooCommerce, we’re trying to find the right balance between some customizability and still making sure it works with all the 3rd party plugins that are hooking into WooCommerce. This limits our options. But I’m happy to tell you that we have a shop element in the making that will allow to create really cool looking pages using WooCommerce products listings.

  • Hi, Hanne great course thank you. I love it. My site is built with the classic editor WordPress, with pages and post. It looks like it shouldin’t be to hard to use thrive builder, and designs new layouts. I to here you’re thoughts..

  • Hi Hanna. Wonderful instructions. Thanks so much. I have one question: Should I add my staging site URL to my images for internal navigation, or should I use the Links from my live site?

  • One other question. We are currently using WooCommerce on our site. and I know that you now not only support WooCommerece but also provide so great customization features. If I migrate the site would my Woocommerce continue to operate and would I then be able to jazz it up with the features you have added?

    • Hi Michael,

      First things first: Please ALWAYS use a staging website when switching themes! This will allow you to check if everything is working properly before switching your website.

      If you switch to TTB you’ll be able to use all the latest features for WooCommerce, yes!

  • Hi Hanne, thanks for a great course!
    Two things…
    1. In ‘Check proper site tracking’ in lesson 4 you write to check the inspect tool to see if your tracking code has been properly added to your site. What inspect tool do you mean?
    2. I forgot how I have previously added facebook pixel to my site, but it may have been through the file manager in my hosting solution (one.com)…when migrating to TTB should I then add fb pixel again?

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