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13 Best Popup Plugins to Generate Leads and Drive Sales

Looking for the best popup plugin to boost conversions on your WordPress website?

You've come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn 13 of our top recommendations for the best popup plugins that'll help you generate more leads, collect key feedback from your audience, and drive more sales.

What Is a WordPress Popup Plugin?

A WordPress popup plugin is designed to catch your audience’s attention when they land on your website and encourage them to take action.

This action can be joining a mailing list, purchasing a product, or opting in for a lead magnet. 

The best popup plugins provide a user-friendly interface and pre-built form templates to help you get set up fast – and with ease.

When looking for a WordPress popup plugin you should also make sure that they have the following features:

  • Design flexibility

  • Different types of popup templates

  • Preferably a drag-and-drop interface

  • Integration with email marketing tools

  • Advanced targeting options for strategic placement

These are just a few of the basics. But when you look through your options to find the best popup plugin, make sure that the features offered are relevant to what you need for your website.

13 Best Popup Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Finding the best WordPress popup plugin to generate leads and sales for your website is challenging. You have so many options to choose from -- how do you decide?

We've narrowed down the list for you so you can make a decision fast. This list includes the best popup plugins we've tried, reviewed, and/or heard about from our customers:

Thrive Leads homepage screenshot

Thrive Leads is the best WordPress popup builder you can use to generate leads and grow an engaged mailing list. This plugin has a super simple visual builder you can use to build and customize your opt-in forms. 

To help you create stunning, eye-catching popups with ease, Thrive Leads provides a user-friendly visual editor and a library of 450+ professionally designed opt-form templates you can use to grab your audience’s attention and get them to convert.

You have a wide range of opt-in forms and popups you can create, including:

  • Popup Lightboxes
  • Sticky Ribbons that stay on the page while your visitor scrolls
  • In-line opt-in forms
  • 2-Step Opt-In form
  • Slide-in forms
  • Opt-in widgets
  • Scroll mats
  • …and so much more

Additionally, Thrive Leads offers advanced targeting options to help you show relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors at the right time based on posts, categories, tags and more.

Show popups based on exit-intent, or different trigger options like scroll depth, interaction with specific elements, time on page, and many more. 

This advanced targeting is proven to boost conversion rates, while ensuring you still offer a good user experience on your WordPress site. 

When people do engage with your popups and contact forms, you'll be able to effortlessly sync the data with your email marketing service thanks to a host of integrations

  • Active Campaign
  • Drip
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit
  • Mailchimp
  • SendinBlue (Brevo)
  • And many more...

This allows you to effortlessly follow your email opt-ins up with high quality email marketing. 

With your Thrive Leads subscription, you’ll be able to run A/B tests on your popups and forms, without needing to purchase another plugin. And, with advanced analytics, you'll be able to use the data to spot your best performing popus and utilize them across your site. 

The best part about this plugin? You don’t need to know how to code. You can build high-converting popups in minutes and embed them on your WordPress website.

One more great thing - you can try Thrive Leads risk-free with a 30-day money-back-guarantee. 

Check out the pricing and get started now!

OptinMonster is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress lead generation plugin that’s designed to help you convert more of your site visitors.

Like Thrive Leads, OptinMonster has a drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy for you to create eye-catching popups to convert your site visitors into subscribers.

You also get to choose from 100+ stunning popup templates to design your attention-grabbing popups. These designs are compatible with any device, so your site visitors will see them clearly on their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

OptinMonster allows you to display your popups on a time delay, or you can use the plugin’s advanced targeting features for more complex triggers. For example, you can display a popup with a lead magnet about weight loss recipes when your site visitor reads a blog post about the same topic.

Other features included in OptinMonster are:

  • Ease of setup and use

  • Customizable popup templates

  • Campaign design flexibility

  • Advanced targeting options

  • GDPR compliance

  • Effective analytics tracking

  • …and so much more

Check out OptinMonster’s pricing here.

TrustPulse is one of the best social proof plugins available for WordPress.

And with this plugin, you can display real-time user activity and purchase through popup notifications on your website. These popups can play a big part in winning your audience’s trust and convincing them to buy from your business.

When using TrustPulse, you can easily select the type of campaign you want to display, its design, and even customize your popup notifications appearance – all done from the app’s dashboard.

Additional features of TrustPulse include:

  • Real-time user activity & purchase tracking

  • Leveraging FOMO to drive conversions

  • Easy setup

  • Smart targeting

  • …and so much more

Check out TrustPulse’s pricing here.

UserFeedback homepage screenshot

UserFeedback is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to gather feedback from your website visitors and understand them on a deeper level.

You can collect feedback through customizable surveys and polls, which can be embedded anywhere on your website. 

So, with a popup survey, you can engage with your customers while they’re on your website and gather useful information in real time.

Plus, you can add various types of questions, including multiple-choice, rating, and open-ended questions. With these answers, you can make improvements to your website or amplify the parts that are working faster.

To make building and designing your surveys easier, UserFeedback provides a library of customizable survey templates and a drag-and-drop builder.

When customizing your popups, you can make changes to their appearance, behavior, targeting, and so much more.

Other features of UserFeedback include:

  • Page-level targeting

  • Conditional survey questions

  • Unlimited questions and surveys

  • Google Analytics integration

  • And so much more…

Check out UserFeedback’s pricing here.

HubSpot homepage screenshot

HubSpot offers its own WordPress plugin; allowing you to easily create popup forms and add them to your WordPress website.

In addition to popups, HubSpot also includes useful marketing features like live chat, in-depth analytics, email marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

So, if you’re already using HubSpot for your sales and marketing strategies, then this might be the easiest popup plugin option for you.

While its tools like live chat and forms are available for free use, they’re quite limited and include HubSpot’s branding. You’ll need to pay for a paid HubSpot plan to remove the branding and use these free tools on a more advanced level.

Elementor Pro homepage screenshot

Elementor Pro is a well-known page builder plugin for WordPress that also features popup building capabilities.

Similar to Thrive Leads, Elementor Pro offers a large selection of templates you can use to create popups for your WordPress website.

Elementor Pro also has an intuitive visual builder that makes it easy for you to customize and style your popups. But you still need some design or technical experience to comfortably find your way around this tool.

Additionally, this plugin does not come in with built-in analytics or A/B test – something other more advanced plugins on this list offer.

And while you can use a free version of Elementor to build your site pages, if you want to use the popup builder you’ll need to purchase a premium Elementor plan.

Popup Maker homepage screenshot

Popup Maker is another popular popup plugin for WordPress.

It offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to what you can build – from opt-in forms, to cookie notices, and even video lightboxes.

You can also set popup triggers based on a timed delay or on what your visitors click when they are on your site – menu items, buttons, sidebars, etc.

While this plugin is easy to use, it doesn’t have many of the advanced trigger and targeting options you get from other plugins mentioned here. For example, if you want to create an exit-intent plugin, you’ll need to purchase their paid extension plugin.

Popup Maker also doesn’t have an intuitive visual editor, making it a little harder to use. But if you’re looking for a free popup plugin option that gives you the basic tools you need, this is a good one to consider.

Bloom is a WordPress popup plugin built by Elegant Themes.

It’s simple and straightforward to use. You can choose from 6 display types, including popups, in-line opt-in forms, and widget-area opt-in forms. 

Bloom also provides you with 100+ templates you can customize to create the attractive popups and forms you need to get more site visitors to opt-in, subscribe, or buy.

This plugin includes triggers based on a timed delay, after a visitor reaches the bottom of a page, after a user leaves a comment, and more.

However, you can only access this plugin when you purchase one of Elegant Themes membership plans. If you already have a subscription, Bloom is a great option for your website – and doesn’t require an extra purchase.

But if you use a different set of tools for your website, you may want to consider a different option.

Popup Builder is a simple WordPress popup plugin that’s easy to use.

The good thing about this plugin is that it prioritizes responsiveness, so you won’t have a problem building mobile-friendly popup ads.

While Popup Builder does offer a free version that you can download and use to customize your popups,  if you want to add video or show exit popups you’ll need to pay for an extension.

Icegram is a more simple, popup builder that lets you create popups right from the WordPress dashboard.

The text-based interface might throw you off, as it’s not as user-friendly as a drag-and-drop editor, but it’s still easy enough for you to find your way.

With Icegram, you can create 4 types of popups: lightbox popups, header and footer action bars, toast notifications, and slide-in messengers.

While this plugin does offer a free version, you’ll need to purchase a premium plan to access more advanced features like exit intent targeting, user behavior targeting, and reports.

Ninja Popups is a simple, affordable popup plugin for WordPress websites.

For $24, you can use their drag-and-drop builder – and 70 customizable templates & animation effects – to create a variety of popups.

A standout feature of Ninja Popups is its anti-adblocker technology that lets you show your popups even to visitors who use ad blockers. You can also set triggers for your popups based on how far a visitor scrolls on your page, the time spent on a page, exit intent, and more.

While they may not have a large selection of templates compared to Thrive Leads or OptinMonster, you can still use this plugin to create decent popups to promote your offers.

OptiMonk is another good popup plugin you can use to generate more leads and sales  – ideally for your eCommerce website.

You can use this plugin to create opt-in forms for various purposes like capturing email subscribers, reducing cart abandonment, promoting special offers, collecting feedback, and more.

OptiMonk also provides customizable templates and a drag-and-drop builder to create good-looking popups that catch your customers’ attention and encourage them to take action.

One of its standout features are the smart options you can use to display a relevant message to your visitors – based on their browsing behavior on your website. You can also use their A/B testing functionality to ensure you’re putting up the best popups to generate conversions.

Poptin is a popup and form builder that’s designed to help you build popups (and forms) quickly.

This plugin has a variety of conversion optimization features you can use to boost your email signups, reduce cart abandonment, and drive up your sales.

In a matter of minutes, you can create your lightbox popups, full-screen overlays, gamified popups, countdown popups, slide-ins, bars, widgets, email forms, and more. You can add different elements such as images, videos, icons, countdown timer, coupons, and even custom CSS.

However, compared to Thrive Leads template library, Poptin’s gallery of templates seem quite limited.

What we do like about this plugin, however, is the free option it offers. Most of its core features are available on this plan, so you can give it a spin before committing to a higher priced tier.


Q: What is the best popup plugin for WooCommerce?

A: Some of the best popup plugins for WooCommerce include:

  • Thrive Leads
  • OptinMonster
  • Popup Maker

Q: How do I use a popup builder on my website?

A: Simple ways to make your testimonials look good include:

  1. Download the popup builder of your choice (e.g. Thrive Leads)
  2. Go to “Plugins” in WordPress then Click on “Add New” and Install your Plugin
  3. Activate the plugin by Clicking on “Activate Plugin“
  4. After having installed and activated the plugin, It will show this plugin in the WordPress left sidebar.
  5. Go to your popup plugin’s settings and set your desired options.

Q: Are pop up ads safe?

A: If you’re using a reliable WordPress popup plugin like Thrive Leads, OptinMonster, etc. that’s regularly updated, your popups shouldn’t have any security issues.

Make sure to use them sparingly, however, so you don’t interfere with your visitors’ experience. 

Next Steps: Start Generating More Leads Today

Now you know 13 of the best popup plugin options to generate more leads and sales on your website.

But now you need to take this knowledge and turn it into action. If you don’t have much marketing experience or are trying to find new lead-generation or sales strategies, these free resources can help:

Remember, your marketing strategies are only as effective as the strength of your website.

If you have a janky website that lags and doesn’t have a uniform aesthetic…you’ll struggle to get your visitors to believe in your business.

You need to make sure your other plugins are as good as your popup builder.

You have two options:

1. Buy an array of plugins from different stores & developers...and risk them clashing and even crashing your website…

2. Purchase Thrive Suite, the all-in-one plugin toolkit you need to create a stunning, engaging website that generates conversions.

When you purchase Thrive Suite -- at a steal, might we add -- you get access to 9 powerful plugins that turn your site structure into an engaging website your potential customers will love.

Click here to learn more about Thrive Suite.

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