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Personalized, Customizable & instantly verifiable
 Thrive Apprentice Certificates

Boost the value of your online course and give your graduates a feeling of accomplishment with impressive course completion certificates.

Thrive Apprentice certificates are fully customizable, giving you total control over their layout, design, elements and text. Now you can create the perfect certificates that match your course and brand... no coding or design skills necessary!

Course completion certificates are the perfect tool to improve the perceived value of your course by adding gamification, verifiable accreditation, AND an incentive to complete the entire syllabus.

Create the Perfect Certificates for YOUR Online Course

Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to automatically award your course graduates with beautifully designed certificates, elevating your course and brand above the competition. Thrive Apprentice certificates are packed with powerful features that are designed to improve your online course-based business.

Incentivize your Students to Buy and Complete Your Course with Beautiful Certificates

Now you can offer stunning certificates to anyone who completes your online courses, unlocking a range of benefits to both your business and students.

Certificates immediately boost the perceived value of your course, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and charge more for access.

They also encourage students to complete your course, ensuring they achieve real results for their money. That means more word-of-mouth advertising, enthusiastic testimonials, and the opportunity to cross-sell your other courses, products and services.

The Most Advanced and Easy-to-Use Certificate Designer at Your Fingertips

That’s right... Every. Single. Element. of your course certificate design can be customized using Thrive Apprentice’s easy-to-use visual editor.

Quickly add text, images, content boxes, decorations, icons and more. It really is as simple as drag-and-drop.

Customizing your completion certificates uses the same intuitive Visual Editor technology you use when customizing your courses and lessons, so you’ll feel right at home designing them.

Choose from Any of Our Professionally Designed Certificate Templates

To save you time and hassle, Thrive Apprentice comes loaded with several gorgeously designed certificate templates ready to use right now.

Each certificate template has been crafted by our professional designers, so they look pixel perfect straight out of the box.

Of course, you’re also free to customize any template element to match your brand and personality. Or build from scratch if you want to create something totally unique!

Create Different Certificates for Each of Your Online Courses

If you offer multiple online courses, you’ll want unique certificates for each.

You can do so with Thrive Apprentice because you choose what custom certificate design to offer students for each of your courses.

1 course, 10 courses, or 100 courses – Thrive Apprentice grows with your business — while helping you make every course one of a kind.

Automatically Personalize Each Certificate with Dynamic Student Data

Traditional printed certificates and diplomas all feature personalized information, such as a student’s name, the completion date and course title.

Why should online course completion certificates be any different?

With Thrive Apprentice, course completion certificates dynamically add your students’ names, completion dates, and name of your course into your certificate designs auto-magically, with zero coding necessary.

Get Thrive Apprentice for the Lowest Price Possible

Now ANYONE can Verify Your Course Completion Certificates' Authenticity!

All Thrive Apprentice certificates can be instantly checked to confirm they are genuine.


It’s as simple as clicking a link or scanning a QR code with a smartphone... meaning anyone – customers, employers, clients – can verify that a student has completed your course and earned their final certificate.

Offer Guaranteed, Un-hackable and Authentic Completion Certificates

Do you need to offer accredited and verifiable certificates so students can prove they’ve passed your online course?

Sounds expensive and complicated, right?

Not anymore... Certificate authenticity validation can be applied to any Thrive Apprentice course, adding premium value that your competitors only wish they could offer.

Quickly Add a Scannable QR Code to Certificates for Instant Verification

Now it’s super easy to add professional and unique QR codes to each certificate automatically.

This lets anyone with a smartphone quickly scan the QR code to open a certificate validation page on your website.

So not only can you now offer fully accredited courses, but you can also allow anyone to confirm the authenticity and validity of your graduates’ certificates!

Encourage Students to Display Certificates on Their Portfolios, Resumes, Websites and Social Media

Thrive Apprentice course certificates can be printed and featured in offline portfolios or resumes, together with their quick-scan QR codes. This makes it super easy for curious employers to confirm their authenticity with just a smartphone.

Of course, certificates can also be featured online as PDFs (perfect for digital resumes and CVs), or as beautiful screenshots that can be added to any website.

Verification works wherever your students need to prove their certification... with a link, a serial number, or a mobile-friendly QR code!

Get Thrive Apprentice for the Lowest Price Possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ALL these course completion certificate features included with Thrive Apprentice?

Yes. Thrive Apprentice includes all certificate features at no additional cost.

Stunning certificate templates, customization, dynamic personalization, and verification are all yours to use immediately when you activate Thrive Apprentice on your WordPress website.

Can I have different completion certificates for each of my courses?

Yes you can! Each of your course's completion certificates can be customized independently... enable or disable certificates for each course you offer, and use entirely different designs on a per course basis.

Can I create the EXACT certificate design I need?

You sure can. Thrive Apprentice comes with several professionally designed completion certificate templates to get you started, but you’re free to customize them however you want, or build your own from scratch.

Layout, images, text, colors... creating the perfect certificate for your graduates is easy and fun.

How does certificate validation work?

Anyone who wants to confirm the authenticity of a certificate can click a link or scan a QR code to open a dynamic verification page on your very own website.

The page can include the course, the student’s name, the date of completion, and a unique serial number, so it can’t be spoofed or hacked.

This is perfect for offering premium certificates such as accredited qualifications.

How will certificates improve my online course business?

Certificates immediately boost the perceived value of any online course, meaning you can better communicate the benefits and charge more for access.

Certificates also encourage students to keep progressing through your course, which can improve completion rates AND ensure your customers get real results for their money. That means more word-of-mouth advertising, glowing testimonials, and repeat customers who want to purchase your other courses.

Finally, certificates elevate your course above the competition... they look professional and give students a branded reminder of what they’ve achieved.

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