8. Customizing Product Pages & How to Add WooCommerce Elements



How to Build a WooCommerce Store from Scratch Using Thrive Theme Builder

Let's customize the "Default WooCommerce Product" template:

  1. Hover over the template and click "Edit"
  2. "Header", "Top" and "Product" section are customizable
  3. Ensure to click the "Product" breadcrumb followed by the left-hand side "Edit Design" button
  4. Edit your font, color, background, text, etc.

A Word to the Wise

It's important to remember that you won't be editing / customizing a particular product page, but rather the template used for all product pages. Because of the "interlinkage" between them, all product pages will look the same. 

Next, let's look at how to add WooCommerce elements to any of your WooCommerce templates and even to your webpages, if you need:

  1. In "Thrive Theme Builder", click "Add Element" in the top right corner 
  2. A list of WooCommerce elements will appear
  3. Choose your elements (eg: add a "Cart Widget" to the sidebar, a "Product Categories Widget" or / and a "Recently Viewed Products Widget")

To edit any of the elements, simply click on one and use the left-hand side menu to customize.

'Customizing the Shop Page' is up next, as well as learning how to add a sidebar. 
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