Learn how an Indie musician built multiple 6-figure online businesses using The Conversion-Focused Tools Inside Thrive Suite. 

Watch the video below to learn how Tobias Rauscher deployed the entire Thrive Suite toolkit to create an online info-product empire — teaching what he loves — to finally live the digital nomad lifestyle he always dreamed of ... 

“I use Thrive Themes because when it comes to marketing, it's super important to have all your tools, features and plugins integrated in one place."

Meet Tobias:

A professional musician who built a digital nomad lifestyle by creating an info-product empire around teaching a niche style of guitar.

After learning the hard way that online business success comes from dominating a niche market, Tobias launched Fingerstyle Academy with the singular focus of teaching modern, percussive, fingerstyle guitar.

With the help of Thrive Suite, Tobias built, owns & operates multiple online businesses that work for him and his lifestyle — not the other way around!

Watch the Video to Hear Tobias Discuss...


Why it's so important to niche waaay down and focus solely on a small market you can dominate — like modern, percussive, fingerstyle guitar training.


How he got started building his first website — knowing nothing about WordPress — and why he ultimately chose Thrive Suite to accomplish his most important jobs.


How the Thrive Themes toolkit empowers solo business owners in ways competing tools can't — especially when it comes to marketing your business.


His advice to Solopreneurs just getting started...

Tobias's Success Story Highlights

About Tobias

After a failed attempt at launching a venture capital backed general music education site, Tobias Rauscher found himself wondering how to pivot. 

He decided to niche waaay down and bootstrap an online training academy just for modern, percussive, fingerstyle guitarists. After an intense, 9 month period of creating content, Fingerstyle Academy was born in August 2019.

Tobias launched his new membership site to the YouTube audience he had spent the previous few years building and sales started coming in.

This experience of building a small niche music academy led to his next venture – helping other musicians build an online fanbase called Fanbase Academy.

Because his guitar academy and musician marketing academy audiences were so different, Tobias learned how use paid advertising to grow the new business.

"You just need to find a problem that many people have and then market your solution via paid advertising. And as soon as you can turn $1 into $3 or even more, you have a successful business that you can scale up!"

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Tobias's Thrive Themes Experience

  • Tobias began building his original site with "the cheapest tools" like OptimizePress, OptimizeMember, Divi and Elementor. However, he soon realized these options were very limiting — especially when it came to marketing.

  • Tobias became a Thrive Suite customer in 2019 and never looked back.

  • Thrive Architect helped Tobias build gorgeous landing pages that load lightning fast.

  • Thrive Optimize helped Tobias A/B test his landing page designs —boosting his conversion rates by over 10% on key sales pages!

  • Thrive Leads helped Tobias build and A/B test his opt-in form designs. Such tests taught Tobias that 2-step opt-in forms drastically outperformed his original, single-step designs!

"All these features together make you so strong when it comes to getting your business out there. And this is what really sold me on going with Thrive Themes."


"Thrive Themes really empowers you as a business owner. You can do everything without needing to hire a coder or needing to buy all sorts of expensive marketing or SaaS products."

  • The frontend of all Tobias's websites are now built using the Thrive visual editor.

  • Getting Thrive Suite helped Tobias automate his business and streamline his tech stack.

"Right now, my new ventures took less than 3 months to grow from $0 to $10k per month [in revenue] without an existing audience."

  • Tobias was able to quadruple his Fingerstyle Academy revenue overnight by reframing his business model from a membership site to selling online courses.

  • The Thrive Themes toolkit helped Tobias create sophisticated sales funnels for his online businesses boosting conversions to the next level!

Tobias Rauscher's LAnding Page & Post Examples

Check out the following landing page examples Tobias built using the different tools included in Thrive Suite:

  1. Personal Site Homepage

  2. Digital Download Products Page

  3. Fingerstyle Academy Homepage

  4. Fanbase Academy Homepage

  5. Free Webinar Signup Page

Each example showcases several cool Thrive Themes design features you can incorporate into the landing pages and even blog posts of your own WordPress site!

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