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Reasons to Ensure Using the Latest Versions of Thrive Themes Products

Are you using an older version of a Thrive product on your website? While updates may seem to be unimportant, they play a vital role in the health of your website and in making sure Thrive products work well.

In this article, we’ll see the reasons why you should regularly update Thrive Themes products to their latest versions on your website.

Improving Website Security

Security is the most important reason why you should update all the plugins and themes on your website.

Quality and reliability are our top priorities. We run regular audits to ensure all our Thrive products are safe from vulnerabilities. Any security issue is fixed as soon as we discover it. That is why we strongly recommend you keep all our products up to date.

Running an older version of any plugin could mean there’s a known security vulnerability on your website. This may let malicious parties steal or damage your website data.

Accessing New Features and Improvements

We keep a close watch on new trends and what our customers need. These feature requests and improvements are released in our plugin updates.

Therefore, if you’d like to stay up to date with all the new improvements and features we add, please always use the latest version of our plugins.

Accessing Bug Fixes

With regular audits and user feedback, we make sure everything works exactly as it should.

We release bug fixes in product updates anytime we see that something isn’t working as expected. Please keep a watch on updates to make sure the Thrive products work as promised on your websites.

Maintaining Compatibility with Other Themes and Plugins

Your website is a combination of all the different things you use in it. This includes WordPress core, the theme of your choice, different Thrive products you use, other plugins, PHP, and more.

We want to help make sure that everything on your site works well together. We at Thrive Themes keep a close watch to make sure all our products work great with each other and all major WordPress plugins and themes.

It’s important that you keep a watch on updates to make sure you have all the latest compatibility features needed for your website to work smoothly.

Now that we’ve seen why is it important to have the latest versions of a plugin, let’s make it even easier. You can turn on automatic updates that will help update the theme and plugins on your website.

Did you know you could set to receive timely notifications through your WordPress site? Here’s an article that’ll help.

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