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Sales Page Blueprint: Learn to sell more without using sleazy sales tactics

The Only Sales Page Course You Need To Sell More Products With Less Effort & Without Using Sleazy Sales Tactics

The Missing Component In Your Marketing Mix & Website That Could Be Costing You Thousands In Lost Revenue & Sales... 

Do you want to sell more products using only the power of words?

Do you want to sell more products — using only the power of words — without hiring expensive copywriters, mentors or coaches, and without spending thousands of dollars on a “copywriting degree” or an overpriced course?

 What if you could boost sales and conversions on your website using the exact same simple, effective, and highly-replicable strategy that I’ve used to sell millions of dollars worth of products across my businesses… even if you have no clue what to write and have never written sales copy before?

 This is so refreshing! Thank you for this approach and not hype. I’ve been through several big name people’s training and it never felt right, given the maximum hype and just looking to close people. Excited to do something that more lines up with who I am. Thank you!


On top of that, how relieved are you to hear there’s no need to write slimey, over-hyped “Sales Copy” that’s designed to trick your audience into forking over cash for products they don’t want or need?

In fact: what if you could sell more products by writing clearly and truthfully about your products and could do so on a shoestring budget? If that’s something that could bring value to your business, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Shane Melaugh,
Founder of Thrive Themes

I’ve created and launched several 6- and 7-figure businesses over the last 10 years, from scratch, on a shoestring budget.

Over the years and across many successes and failures, I’ve learned one indisputable truth:

Words on pages matter.

If you want a successful online business, there are hundreds of things you could focus on, but at the end of the day, you have to have the right words on your website.

Words matter more than images & design. MUCH more.

The right words have the power to skyrocket your business growth… and nothing gets that done better than a well crafted SALES PAGE.

I have personally written dozens of sales pages for businesses ranging from online courses to software and SaaS.

And I've trained up and worked with marketing teams, overseeing the creation of countless sales pages, landing pages and funnels.

During all this, I’ve been keeping careful track of what works and what doesn’t.

And finally, I was able to create a simple, proven blueprint. A system that I follow every single time I write a new sales page… so I never have to worry about whether I’ve given it my best or not.

Now, for the first time, I’m making my Sales Page Blueprint available for you. 

Why Your Sales Pages Are Leaking Profits Like A Rusty Bucket

As I write this, I’m thinking back to all the products I’ve launched throughout my career… and all the sales pages I’ve published.

It wasn't always easy for me. In fact, I remember clearly how confused and overwhelmed I felt the first time I had to write a sales page for a product.

What exactly should I write here?

In what order should I present my points?

How am I supposed to write something that will make someone want to buy my product?

If you've ever sold something online, I'm sure you can relate.

Now, with everyone (and every business) coming online over the last two decades, it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to “get the sale”…

It's not enough to have a good product. It's not enough to mean well.

You need to make your product stand out. And you need to be able to convey the value of your offer effectively...

...and quickly.

Because people's attention spans are getting shorter. If you can’t communicate your product's value effectively in the first 2-3 seconds you have a visitor's attention… you’re leaking profits from every sales page.

For a while I struggled through this new reality… time and time again, I had to realize that what worked before no longer worked today.

I followed all the typical marketing and copywriting advice... and got mediocre results.

I knew I needed to go back to the drawing board.

Is there a better way..?

Around that time I’d been watching many other online marketers and entrepreneurs slowly fizzle out as they failed to adjust, but I also started to notice a trend…

Successful Sales Pages Are Filled With Insight, Clarity, & Evocative Value Propositions.

And so I began to learn…

I soaked up everything I could and I started to rely on the real world experience of what was working instead of on old books.

I started paying close attention to highly successful, highly profitable businesses that WEREN'T relying on the typical loud, over-hyped promises of quick results. I was discovering a world beyond that of classic, direct-response copywriting.

And most crucially: I wrote sales pages. Many sales pages.

I ran A/B tests and wrote, re-wrote and tweaked sales pages, even when they were already performing excellently.

And it paid off:

For one of my products (an online productivity course), I poured everything I learnt into the sales page and tested it.

This simple sales page generated over $63,809 in its first year.

And here's what's even better: it did so from only around 15,000 visitors. That means each visitor who hit that sales page was worth $4.25!

And that includes cold traffic.

From that moment on I refined and perfected the craft of creating sales pages that sell (without using sleazy sales tactics or manipulative persuasion techniques) and I’ve used that exact formula to grow sales in every business I’ve participated in since. 

Hold On… Why Am I The Right Person To Teach You About Sales Pages?

Great question.

I wasn’t always the CEO of Thrive Themes (one of the most popular tools in the WordPress space). First and foremost I’m an entrepreneur and marketer. I cut my teeth selling computer hardware and later info-products and courses... in fact, I used the money I made from selling courses to help launch Thrive Themes. 

As a marketer, one of my earliest lessons was in the power of selling with highly effective sales copy.

In fact, learning effective sales copy and how to create a sales page that sells is a big part of how Thrive Themes succeeded in a competitive marketplace of thousands of WordPress plugins, themes, and tools.

I’ve used the power of words to launch nearly every one of my products — whether that be software or a course — and I know, that if I can just give you even 1/10th of what I know, you can learn how to sell more of your own products, or launch your first product, all without hiring an expensive copywriter and without using sleazy “sales copy” designed to trick your visitors into purchasing something they don’t want.

Sell Without Sleaze, Persuade Without Manipulation 

The sales page and copywriting landscape is littered with words that hype, persuade, and grift the clothes right off your back… every Red Word, and psychological trick in the book deployed to sell products that no-one needs or wants.

Copywriting gurus, coaches, and courses are selling the dream of getting sales with word-trickery and emotional manipulation while justifying it as a means to an end:

Sell more products.

And yeah, manipulating your audience to buy a product they don’t need can work.

I'll tell you the secret to almost every copywriting guru's success right now. It's simple and, frankly, disappointing. Here's how it works:

Promise a quick, painless solution to a huge problem for which no quick and painless solution exists.

That's it. That's the big copywriting secret. You sell a product that people desperately want. A product that doesn't exist. You sell a promise, a dream, a lie.

Now, if that's what you want to do to make a living, go right ahead. Just remember that you may want to remove the mirror in your bathroom first...

But what about the rest of us?

What if you want to sell a "normal" product. A real product, not a made up dream?

What if you want to sell with honesty and authenticity? What if you, quite simply, don't want to lie, deceive and manipulate?

Is there a way for you?

In short: yes!

You can sell - and sell effectively - to the right audience without manipulation. You can sell by focusing on truth, clarity, and the unique value of your products. And that is what Sales Page Blueprint is all about.

Copywriters & Coaches Are Expensive & Don’t Know Your Products

Here’s the thing:

You can hire some amazing copywriters out there, or hire a coach that can help get you to where you want to go.

But if you’re like most people, that’s simply not an option.Time, cost, and fear of failure are huge barriers.

Top rated copywriters and coaches are prohibitively expensive for most entrepreneurs because they get results and are worth the expense…

But it’s still out of reach for 99% of most business owners (yes, even for Thrive Themes, which is why I learned to create sales pages that sell our products myself).

So here’s the good news.

You don’t need to hire expensive writers or consultants to write your sales pages and you don’t have to settle for subpar work, either.

In fact, you have everything you need to sell your products locked up in your own head right now… because YOU know the ins and outs of your business.

You Don’t Need To Hire That Expensive Copywriter Or Coach.

All you need is to tease out the information you already possess and turn it into Sales Page Gold by accessing a proven format and process… the exact same one that’s helped me bootstrap every single product at Thrive Themes and all of my other businesses.

What It Feels Like To Sell MORE Products Without Sleazy Sales Copy

(Two Sales Scenarios)

Imagine something with me for a moment.

You wake up on the day of your product launch excited to see what will happen.

You’ve hired a well-regarded copywriter, consulted all the gurus, and taken all the courses.

You know you’re going to crush it because the sales page copy is so HOT that it even makes you want to pull out your credit card and buy. All your friends, family, and entire network congratulate you. Well done!


...something feels a little off...

...even wrong.

You don’t know why. You ignore it. You go about your day and voila!

Sales start to roll in. By that afternoon, you’re ecstatic. You’ve done it!

Then you get an unexpected email. Your first refund.

That’s OK though, it’s only one!

Then another, and another appears… by the end of the next day, nearly half of your new customers have refunded.

And not only that, many seem angry. “Your product doesn’t do what your sales page said it would do,” they email you in frustration. “Lies, Hype, Garbage!” And finally you’re forced to admit that the super HOT sales page copy you invested so much time, money, and energy into is actually destroying your brand and reputation — because it IS all hype, and lies.


In this scenario you’ve written all the sales copy yourself.

After all, you’re the product owner. The best person for the job.

You didn’t fill your sales page with hyped up sales language, sleazy sales persuasion tactics, or falsehoods… 

Instead you simply, clearly, and without hype introduce your product and make sure the value proposition is very clear. And perhaps most importantly, you also state who the product IS NOT for just as clearly as you say who will benefit from it the most...

You go live (deep breath).

The sales start to trickle in! You’ve done it, people are buying!

By the next day, you have a sizable list of new customers. And, not only that…

You’ve got your first email from a happy and excited customer.

They love your product and it’s exactly what they were looking for.

By the end of the first week you have dozens of new customers, no refunds, and a ton of goodwill built with your new audience.

Now that feels good.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci

The truth is that you can sell by embellishing your copy and layering in a ton of hot-button psychological hooks to get your audience to buy your stuff…

But do you really want to, and is that the best way to build your business?

Your answer, I’m hoping, is “NO.”

In fact, if it’s not, then I invite you now to close this page and move on.

Because we are not here to sell you another “LEARN TO MANIPULATE, LEARN TO SELL!”-type of product.

We’re here to convince you that, in fact, simplicity, clarity, and truth are the BEST ways to sell your product.

You don’t need fancy words. You don’t need expensive copywriters. You don’t need consultants.

You just need a solid understanding of your product, what makes your audience tick, and a blueprint to build a sales experience that will resonate with them. 

That’s it.

Have You Tried Creating Your Own Sales Pages In The Past & Failed?

Look, I get it.

It’s hard.

It’s tough to put yourself out there and sell your products.

It’s scary to be vulnerable and truthful about your products…

And if you’ve tried and failed to sell online products in the past in the past, I’m willing to bet it’s simply because you didn’t have a simple, proven solution to follow and replicate every single time.

Maybe you ventured to make a sales page before, but ended up staring at the screen for hours, unsure of what to write and how to structure it.

Maybe you completed the page, but never pulled the trigger and actually launched your product for fear it would completely bomb.

Maybe you did launch what you thought was the perfect sales page only to get bombarded with questions, confusion, and inaction…

Maybe it’s time you tried something… completely different.

Why You Need To Learn The Skill Of Crafting Highly Effective Sales Pages

We have become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that his product is the best in the world, or the cheapest, that we take all such statements with a grain of salt.

- Robert Collier

Communication with your prospects is absolutely critical to getting the sale.

But the truth is, consumers are a lot savvier than we tend to give them credit for…

It’s not as simple as just slapping up a headline, image, and “BUY NOW” button anymore (ahh the good ol’ days).

There are now so many options, so many scams, and so much information out there that you need to walk a fine line between getting your prospect all the information they need to buy without overselling your product.

Because the truth is they can smell a scam from a mile away.

But the reality is, there’s no more effective skill at selling on the planet than well-crafted, truthful, and evocative sales copy built around a great offer.

And, if — like myself with all of my businesses — you’re bootstrapping your business, then learning how to craft a highly effective sales page might be the exact skill you need to sell more products with less effort.

The Sell More, Hype Less Formula

Sales copy doesn’t need to be full of hype or sleazy sales tactics. What if instead of all the slimy copywriting “tricks and tactics” that most gurus pitch… you could actually sell more by being truthful, clear, and honest about your products?

Yes, it’s possible. With the “Sell More, Hype Less Formula,” you’ll finally know the exact non-salesy strategies you need to sell more products (without lies, manipulation, or hype)

The Shoestring Budget Sales Page (that Converts)

What if you could build a sales page on a shoestring budget that sells at least as well (if not more!) than the overhyped, extremely expensive copy that the gurus all say you need? What if you could put together the page, copy, and offer all by yourself without breaking the bank?

The Shoestring Sales Page Method is my answer to overly hyped sales page fluff (and it converts!). 

The Selling Superpower

Being able to sell more with less effort is like having a superpower. Imagine taking your current sales page and boosting conversions on that page by 5% -- all with a simple copy refresh. Getting more value from your current traffic without mountains of effort or expensive tools and professionals will feel like a superpower.

The Highly Leveraged Growth Skill

There are few levers in your business as powerful as learning how to effectively sell your products to customers. Without this skill, you’re undoubtedly losing sales every single month. The return on investment for learning how to sell to your audience the right way is massive.

Once you’ve got this highly leveraged growth skill down, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively sell more with less effort.

❝ Sometimes, all you need is one high converting landing page to bring in the big bucks.❞ - Neil Patel

Your sales page is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s where everything must come together at that final, crucial moment when a decision is being made.

When your prospect's finger is hovering over the ‘BUY NOW” button.

This is it! The MOMENT.

They’re either going to buy... or hit that “X” button and be gone for good. Did you do everything in your power to get the sale without resorting to dirty tricks or sneaky persuasion tactics? 

Your Sales Page Has The Power To Make Or Break The Sale

(And It’s In Your Hands)

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

“What if you hire the wrong copywriter and your launch bombs?”

“What if you “go it alone”, put hours of effort into your sales page, and the campaign tanks?”

“Should you even create a sales page not knowing what kind of results to expect?”

“What if, by NOT creating a sales page, you’re missing out on sales and customers?”

These are all genuine concerns that crop up time and time again whenever an entrepreneur is facing the daunting task of creating a sales page for their products or services…

Hiring The Wrong Writer

Hiring the wrong copywriter could be one of the most expensive mistakes you ever make in your business. Likewise, hiring a sub-par writer could not only hurt your chances of success, but cost you sales in the long run. Just as words can sell, the wrong words can turn your visitors off. And if your writer doesn’t understand your products, the market, or your audience, then you could be headed for a sales page disaster.

Hours Of Effort

Not knowing where to start, not knowing what to say, not knowing what it truly takes to turn a visitor into a customer… all of these roadblocks can lead to frustratingly endless hours of banging your head against the “copywriting wall.” Conversely, once you know the blueprint for success, putting together your next sales page can become a fun, easy exercise that doesn’t suck (but still sells like hell!).

Unknown Results

One of the largest barriers to crafting a sales page yourself is often the fear of unknown results. What if the page bombs and no one buys? I hear this often, and the truth is, there’s always the chance that your sales page won’t perform. But what if you could follow a sales page blueprint that you knew with a high-degree of certainty would help you convert more visitors into sales? As long as you have a product that people actually want and helps them solve their core frustrations, the right sales page can (and will) help you convert. 

Lost Sales & Revenue

It’s hard to create a sales page that converts, but even harder not to. Imagine the lost sales and revenue that is leaking from your website if you can’t convey a sales message to your audience? Without an effective sales page, you’re leaving hundreds to thousands of dollars on the table.

The good news? Crafting an effective sales page that converts is not only easy, fun, and financially rewarding - you also don’t have to go it alone.

I’m going to give you the exact same proven blueprint that I use to sell more products with absolutely zero sleaze.

Introducing Sales Page Blueprint.

Finally, A Simple, No-Frills System for Creating Sales Pages That Sell

(Even If You Have Zero Copywriting Experience)

In this no-frills, straight to the point course you’re going to learn my exact sales page formula I use to craft sales pages that sell for all of my products (yep, even Thrive Themes).

The same exact sales page blueprint I’ve used to make $72,603 in 23 days with my latest product launch.

And the best part?

You’ll only need a couple of afternoons to get through this material…

And you don’t need to be a copywriter…

...or a designer or marketer.

You won’t have to learn how to sell with sleaze or manipulate your audience (thereby devaluing your products and brand)...

And we’re not going to charge you $1,997, or even $497…

Nope, not even $297 (stay with me, we’re almost to pricing, but I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised).

When you complete this bite sized sales page blitz of a course, you’re going to have: 

0 1
The Proven Sales Page Copy Formula

Swipe my exact (proven) sales page copy formula that I’ve used in all of my businesses, including Thrive Themes, helping me to generate millions of dollars in revenue for my businesses and brands. 

0 2
The Winning Sales Page Structure

Don't know what to write where? Sales Page Blueprint will give you a tutorialized sales page structure that ensures no conversion-critical element is overlooked.

0 3
Copywriting Kung Fu 

Not a pro-copywriter? No problem. Sales Page Blueprint will give you the writing chops you need to draft killer copy with zero sleaze. Not only will you learn the 3 unbreakable rules of copywriting, but you'll discover techniques to unstick your writing process, as well as a rapid implementation method to get your sales page published in the shortest possible time.

❝ The most powerful element in advertising is the truth

william Bernback

What Sales Page Blueprint is NOT...

Just as important as what this course is, is what it’s NOT.

We’re not going to waste your time with another 6 week program that requires you to quit your job just to finish, or spend your precious evenings and weekends in order to get it done.

We’re committed to bringing you the most actionable, no-fluff guide to creating an online sales page that sells. And just so we’re clear…

Here’s what Sales Page Blueprint is NOT: 

Sales Page Blueprint Is Not A Fluffed Up 6 Week Program

Sales Page Blueprint requires a relatively small time commitment. We haven’t packed this course with a bunch of filler content and copywriting tricks mumbo-jumbo that you’ll never learn. Instead, SPB will give you everything you need to craft sales pages that sell in an easy to digest format that won’t take you no more than an afternoon or two to complete.

Sales Page Blueprint Is Not A Copywriting Course

Wait, what? Yes, I know, we discussed copywriting a lot on this page, and copy is a big part of what you’ll be learning, but that’s not all. Instead, SPB is dedicated to helping you craft sales pages that sell, and copy is one critical component to that mix. However, we’re not going to waste your time teaching you “words that sell”. Oh no... we’ll cut to the chase and show you how to sell more with less hype and less sales jargon.

Sales Page Blueprint Is Not A Marketing Course

We’re not going to teach you how to sell or how to market your business. Sales Page Blueprint is only designed to do one thing, and one thing really well: help you create pages that will turn your existing traffic and leads into sales and customers. SPB is the highly distilled experience and knowledge from my years of creating six figure launches and sales pages all in one, easy to digest course.

This Bite Sized Course Will Help You Quickly Create Sales Pages That Sell

(Finish It In A Single Afternoon Or Weekend)

Sales Page Blueprint is the information I wish I had when I built my first sales page.

In this course you’re getting the distilled-down (bite sized) brain download (from my brain to yours) of everything I’ve learned over the years on how to craft a sales page that sells…

That means you don’t have to struggle as hard as I did learning how to communicate your offer effectively, how to structure a sales page for maximum effectiveness, how to increase sales without compromising your integrity and without selling like a used car salesman.

I’ve designed Sales Page Blueprint to be a “no fluff” course that respects your time as a busy entrepreneur.

You can easily finish the content in a weekend, or finish it at your leisure over the course of a few afternoons.

However… don’t let the bite sized nature of this course fool you.

I’ve used these exact techniques on sales pages for multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses including Thrive Themes — and you can too.

What you’re going to learn inside of Sales Page Blueprint might be worth 100s of thousands of dollars in sales to your business.

What Will You Learn In Sales Page Blueprint?

Sales page Blueprint is exactly that:

A blueprint to sell more products from a single landing page on your website.

In this course you’re going to learn the exact process I use every single time I launch a product, whether it’s a new course (like this one), or a software product.

Follow this blueprint and you’ll see how easy it really can be to build a sales page.

You’ll get over-the-shoulder video training you can complete in several hours (or over a weekend), actionable content, downloadable worksheets and everything you need to craft your first sales page (or make your next launch one for the history books).

Along with the easy-to-digest content, you’ll benefit from a series of “secrets” I’ve developed over the years that I employ in all my sales pages to evoke curiosity, speak directly and clearly (without hype or sleazy sales tactics) to my perfect customer, and close the deal.

Sales Page Secrets

The 3 Unbreakable Rules of Copywriting

If you know absolutely nothing about copywriting, don’t really want to know anything about selling with copy, and will never have the time to really learn the skill... then just knowing these 3 simple, unbreakable rules of copywriting will be all you need to get more sales and customers.

Audience Polarization Techniques To Identify Your Perfect Buyer

Did you know that by actually turning away some of your visitors, you can sell more products? Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but the truth is that your products aren’t right for everyone. By knowing how to polarize your audience with a sales message, you can actually sell more products to the right customers and stop wasting your time trying to sell to leads that will never buy. 

The Secret To Selling Without Sleaze

Can you sell with sleazy sales tactics? Yes, but do you really want to be known as that entrepreneur and watch your businesses reputation suffer just to get a few extra sales? The truth is, you can actually sell more products by being honest, clear, and transparent with your audience. And knowing how to do this the right way is one of the secrets that helped me scale Thrive Themes and all of my businesses. 

Communication Strategies That Sell

Learning how to effectively communicate your message to target customers is the number one skill every entrepreneur should learn if they want to sell more of their products. Understanding the hearts and minds of your ideal customer and being able to effectively communicate your value proposition to them will help you bridge the gap between lukewarm visitor and red hot buyer. And with our Communication Strategies That Sell, you’ll be able to do exactly that (without any sleaze or hype). 

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up for Sales Page Blueprint Today

The Only Sales Page Course You Need To Sell More Products With Less Effort & Without Using Sleazy Sales Tactics

Sales Page Blueprint includes everything you need to start crafting sales pages that sell, even if you’re not a copywriter or marketer. 

  • 1
    A proven process to build & launch sales pages that sell.
  • 2
    Copywriting strategies to sell more with less hype.
  • 3
    My exact sales page design structure I use for every sales page.

What Exactly Is Included In The Course?

Module 1 - Introduction & Prep.

In module one you’ll get prepared to create your first sales page, get organized, and learn the structure needed to craft a high-converting sales page.

4  Videos

1  Worksheet

3 Downloadable Sales Page Examples

Lesson 1 - Introduction & WelcomeVideo

Lesson 2 - Preparation

Lesson 3 -Getting Organized

Lesson 4 - Sales Page Structure

Module 2 - Shortcut To Copywriting Success

In module two you’ll learn the 3 unbreakable rules of copywriting, techniques and implementation processes to build your sales page, tools of the trade and how to quickly write your sales page first draft. 

4  Videos

2 Bonus Videos

Copywriting Tool Recommendations

Lesson 4 - The Unbreakable Rules of Copywriting

Lesson 5 - Preparation

Lesson 6 -Getting Organized

 Bonus#1 - The Hero’s Journey

 Bonus#2 - Unstick Your Writing Process

Lesson 7 - Copywriting Tools & First Draft

Lesson 8 - Improving Your First Draft

Module 3 - Design Modules & Final Build

In module three it’s time to start putting it all you’ve learned together and actually build your sales page. You’re going to learn design principles and sales page design tactics that actually work (and are quickly implementable), as well as how to get your first sales page built and ready to deploy.

2  Videos

Design Tool Recommendations

Lesson 9 - Design Modules

Lesson 10 - Draft To Final Sales Page

Bonus# 1

The Hero’s Journey

Have you ever read a book, or watched a movie, and really connected with the transformative journey of the hero character?

If so, you were likely getting pulled into some variation of an ancient, archetypal storytelling device called “The Hero’s Journey,” that has the power to connect with readers on a deep, emotional level.

This powerful, evocative storytelling technique is central to The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Lord of The Rings, and almost all epic tales…

… And the amazing thing?

This exact technique can be used as a powerful selling device within your sales page.

And, with this free bonus strategy, we’re going to show you exactly how to use The Hero’s Journey in your own brand’s storytelling to connect with more visitors, engage more hearts and minds, and ultimately… sell more products and services.

Bonus# 2

Unstick Your Writing Process

One of the huge problems many face when sitting down to write their sales page copy is feeling stuck.

What should you write? 

What will help sell your products?

Writing about your own business and products is often one of the hardest challenges business owners face.

Knowing how to unstick your writing process will help you get your creative juices flowing every time, but it’s not as simple as sitting down in front of your screen and opening up a new document.

I learned from trial and error that writer's block is usually the first barrier you’ll need to overcome to get your new sales copy ready to go, and it’s often the most difficult challenge of all.

With this bonus you’ll learn my exact process for getting started writing my sales pages fast, without wasting time worrying about what to write or how to say it.

Who’s This Shane Melaugh Guy Anyway?

Okay, so I claim to be some kind of expert and I claim to be able to teach you how to easily grow your business with sales pages. But can you really trust me? After all, how many fake gurus and online marketing “experts” are all over the place, making all kinds of promises and claims?

I totally agree with your skepticism, here. In the online marketing space, there are too many “experts” who don’t really know what they’re talking about. People who have only ever made any income by promising to teach other people how to make money…

First of all, I’m not just a “marketing guy” selling you a marketing product (though I am passionate about marketing and online courses).

Over the last 10 years, I’ve successfully built up e-commerce, SaaS, WordPress software, information product and service-based businesses. I’ve built businesses solo and worked with 70+ person teams.

It’s not my job to teach people how to build online businesses. I’m not one of those one-trick-pony guys who’s only source of income is teaching other people how to make money.

But I’ve learned a thing or two that has helped me exponentially grow my own businesses, and copywriting plus the art of creating high converting sales pages are two of the high-value skills I’ve picked up bootstrapping my businesses which have really moved the needle for me. And they can for you, too (with less effort than you might imagine).

But Can I Really Create Sales Pages That Sell On My Own?

 (Without Hiring A Copywriter, Even If I’ve Never Written A Word Of Sales Copy Myself?)


In fact, I would argue that with the proper tool kit and strategy in hand, anyone can craft a sales page that sells.

You don’t need to take a masterclass in copywriting…

You don’t need a coach or guru or to join some copywriting “mastermind”...

And you don’t need to spend $997 on a course that takes you 6 weeks to finish and eats up all your spare time.

All you need is to know your product, know your customers, and have a proven blueprint to follow.

With Sales Page Blueprint, you get the most bang for your buck and have access to the exact same blueprint I follow every single time I craft a new sales page… all broken down into bite size chunks that can be consumed in a single weekend. 

Victoria Hopkins,

Business Owner

Shane’s is a calm voice of reason in the overhyped, jargon-heavy world of online business. His advice is always based on sound evidence and experience.

Thank you for a really well-crafted course. 

Are You Ready To Own Sales Page Blueprint For Life?

What Former Students Say About Shane's Teachings...

Both your analytical and communication skills are SO spot-on that you’ve been elevated to the level “Too Good To Be True” in my mind. Add these to your creative and development skills, and, well, I’m speechless!!!

Thank you, again, for all the time and the heart you’ve put into this course!!!


Shane has a very clear way of explaining important matters in his videos. 

Shane truly over-delivered, which is not all too common these days with online courses. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to grow!

Philip Röder

I very much like Shane's style of teaching.

The quality of the material is excellent and what I like most is that it is based on his own practice and experiments.

This e-course has had more impact on my productivity than 5 days spent on a dedicated productivity course the last year.

Ton Meeuwissen

“I Finally Can Sell My Own Products By QUICKLY Launching Sales Pages That Convert!”

Imagine the feeling you’ll get when you whip up your first sales page that sells more of your products and costs you only 5 - 10 hours of learning time — all while saving you tens of thousands of dollars in copywriting, design, and marketing fees.

There’s almost no better feeling in your business than finding a lever to pull with such massive opportunity for positive ROI…

… and learning the skill of crafting sales pages that sell is exactly one of those opportunities! 

Get Sales Page Blueprint Today!

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Do I need to be a marketer or copywriter?

No! I’ve designed Sales Page Blueprint so that any entrepreneur can take advantage of my experience crafting sales pages that sell even if you have zero experience selling, writing copy, creating landing pages, or marketing.

How much time do I need to finish this course?

Realistically you need to set aside 4 - 6 hours to work through the videos and exercises, but can access the content at your own pace.

I’m selling my kidney, will this work for me?

Yes! The framework you’ll learn works for digital products, physical products, software, services and anything else you’re trying to sell. I’ve used it for software, physical products and online courses myself. But seriously, don’t go selling your kidney… your gammy might need it one day.

Why is the course so cheap?

Sales Page Blueprint was designed to help as many entrepreneurs as possible create better sales pages in the fastest time possible without having to learn fancy copywriting tricks or hire a coach. In order to do that, we wanted to make the price as affordable as possible and keep the content as consumable as possible. 

Will this course work for non-english speakers

Yes, this course does not sell you copywriting formulas that only work in English. You’ll learn how to clearly communicate the value of your product and how to write a sales page independent from your language.

I’m selling online courses, will this work for me?

Yes! The framework you’ll learn works for digital products, physical products, software, services and anything else you’re trying to sell. I’ve used it for software, physical products and online courses myself. 

I’m selling coaching services, will this work for me?

Yes! The framework you’ll learn works for digital products, physical products, software, services and anything else you’re trying to sell. I’ve used it for software, physical products and online courses myself. But seriously, don’t go selling your kidney… your gammy might need it one day.

Are You Ready To Own Sales Page Blueprint For Life?

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