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Using Course Content Types, Navigation, Structure, and Progress Section in Thrive Apprentice

The labels from Thrive Architect come with a dynamic feature that allows them to change based on each visitor’s access to your courses.

In other words, if your site’s visitors do not have access to your Thrive Apprentice courses, then they will see a certain label next to that course, letting them know why they do not have access. The label might inform them that the course is available only for logged-in members, or only if it has been purchased.

Furthermore, in addition to this, you can also modify the text available on your labels or course buttons, and provide translations for them.

This comes in handy if you have multi-lingual Thrive Apprentice courses – your content might be in another language, and you would like the course structure, labels, buttons to be in the same language as the content.

When you are setting up these labels in the “Labels & translations” section of your Thrive Apprentice dashboard, you will notice these three fields which you can access if you want to translate or simply change the already existing text:

This article will cover the functionalities available in each of them so that you could get the most out of your Thrive Apprentice.

Course content types

When you access the “Course content types” section, you will be able to view the content types that you can edit:

Click on the label text next to each icon, and simply type in your own text or translation:

You can do this for each and every content type box available in this dashboard. This comes in handy if you want to translate the labels, instead of displaying them in the currently available language.

Course navigation

In this section of your left sidebar you are able to change the text displayed on the navigation buttons:

Here’s how you can do that:

The navigation warnings section displays the text that will be shown to the users who try to proceed to the next lesson of your Thrive Apprentice course, without obtaining the required result. This too can be customized:

Course structure

Lastly, you can also change the labels available for the course structure:

Just as in the case of the previous examples, simply click on the text you want to edit and replace it with your own:

Course progress

From this section you can change the labels that show the progress made so far on your Thrive Apprentice courses:

There are several types of labels available here, and you can just as easily replace the already existing text with a new one (or even with your own translation, if you want):

This is how some of the changes I made look like in my Thrive Apprentice course structure:

Feel free to use the options available in the “Labels & translations” section of your Thrive Apprentice whenever you want to have more control over how your course structure looks like.

I really hope this quick guide will be helpful to you. As always, make sure to check out other resources available in our knowledge base, if you want to find out more about Thrive Apprentice.

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