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Using Call to Action Buttons in Thrive Apprentice Dynamic Labels

When using Thrive Apprentice to create courses, you can add dynamic labels and call to action buttons to the courses, which will change depending on the status of the participant that is seeing the course.

The buttons inside Thrive Apprentice intelligently update so that they reflect the state of the course participant.

For example, for a course that has not been started, the button might say “Get Started”:

Once the user has started the course, the same button can change in “Continue course”:

Moreover, if the course is a premium one, but the participant has not logged in, the button can say “Sign in to access the course”, and, after they do, the same button can say “Start Course”, for example.

If you want to use dynamic “Call to action” buttons on your courses, keep reading this article.

Access the Dynamic Labels section

The “Call to action buttons” are part of the “Labels & translations” option. To access that, click on the “Settings” tab from the left sidebar of your Thrive Apprentice dashboard:

Then, under the “Labels & translations” section, click on “Call to action buttons”:

On the page that opens, you will be able to customize the following list of buttons:

The first section of the page refers to the dynamic “Access restriction labels”, which are explained in this article, so please check it out if you want to see how to set up and use access restriction labels.

The second section is where you can set the “Call to action buttons” from. You are able to set the buttons that will appear in each of these situations:

  • If the participant wants to view course details;
  • If the participant has access to the course but not started it yet;
  • If the participant is midway through a course;
  • If the participant has finished a course;

To change a button, click on it, remove the default name, write in your own, and hit “Enter” on your keyboard:

Note: The color of the buttons will be inherited from the course topic color.

This is how you can set up “Call to action buttons” and add them to your Thrive Apprentice courses.

Also, don’t forget to check out our knowledge base, for more articles and tutorials about Thrive Themes and all of our products.

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