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Solving the ‘No License Installations Found’ Error

It can happen that you encounter a warning message while trying to install the Thrive Suite on your website. It will look like this:

The warning message will let you know that no activations, meaning no license installations, were found for your website and the products that you have already bought will be grayed out, just as if they were not purchased yet.

Please consider the following possible causes for this error and the solutions for them:

1. Suspended subscription


If you are a Thrive Suite customer, then, in order for the installation process to work properly the subscription needs to be active.

Based on the payment plan you have chosen, your subscription will need to be paid either quarterly or yearly. If at the end of a cycle, the payment is not made, the subscription can be suspended, and thus, the products cannot be installed.


You will need to activate your subscription by making the payment that is due. Please contact our support team by opening a support conversation and they will be more than happy to help you with this.

After your subscription will be active again, the products that you have purchased should be displayed correctly in the Thrive Product Manager and you should be able to install them without any problems.

2. WordPress update needed


It might happen that everything is alright with your license installations and your subscription as well, but you still encounter the warning message.

This means that even though you still have license installations left and your subscription is active, you still cannot install your products.

A possible cause of this might be the fact that your WordPress platform needs updating.


If your WordPress platform is out of date, you will receive a notification message letting you know that a newer version is available.

In order to update the platform, you will need to follow the “update now” link from the respective message.

Once you click on it, your WordPress will be updated and you can go back to the Thrive Product Manager to continue with the installation of your Thrive Products.

Hopefully, these solutions solved the issue you have encountered.

However, if the issue still persists after trying these, then please contact our support team by opening a support conversation here and a member of the team will assist you as soon as possible.

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