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Adding a Typefocus Text Animation to an Opt-in Form

If you’re wondering how you can achieve an effect just like the one below, then keep on reading this article:

In this quick tutorial, we’ll have a look at the steps that you can take in order to add a “Typefocus” text animation to your opt-in form:

Access your opt-in form

First off, head over to your Thrive Leads dashboard, from the left sidebar navigation panel:

Find the form you want to work on, and go into the “Edit Design” mode:

Check out this quick start article about how to create and display your first Thrive Leads form.

If you’ve already chosen a template for your form, then the editor will load it by default; if not go ahead and choose one:

Advanced settings

Now, in order to enable this feature, simply select the text you want to animate:

And, in the left sidebar list of options, click on the “Advanced” section to expand it:

You will next have to click on the “Add” button in order to add your text variation:

Once you do that, you’ll be able to view the currently selected text and also, add the new one:

Type in the word or phrase you want to add:

Once you do that, you can proceed with making additional configurations to your animation.

Pause between animations

First, you can drag the slider from left to right to adjust the pause between animations:

Next, you can enable the “Blink cursor effect”:

This will display a blinking cursor on your opt-in:


Next, you can check or uncheck the box next to the “Highlight” color:

If the box ix checked, then you can apply a highlight to your text in any color you want. Simply open the color field for the “Highlight color” and select a new one:

This is how it would look like on the front end:

Include heading

Next, within the same “Advanced” settings, you can also decide if you want to include the heading in a “Table of Contents” element (if you have one on your page):

This means that you can include the selected text as a heading in your “Table of Contents” element. For this example, I’ve added the “Table of Contents” to my opt-in, and once I did that, it has automatically displayed the heading from my opt-in:

Furthermore, if you want, you can change the heading by enabling the “Customize heading label” toggle for the same section:

Simply insert the text you want to use in the text field and the new text will be displayed instead:


Make sure the corresponding headings are selected in your “Table of Contents”, and also, don’t forget to click on “Update table” if your changes are not listed in the table:

And that’s pretty much it! This is how you can add a “Typefocus” animation to your text, on an opt-in from Thrive Leads.

Hopefully, this quick tutorial was useful to you. Don’t hesitate to rate it with a smile if that was the case, and as always, make sure to check out our knowledge base for more articles of this type 🙂

Also, if you want to learn more about how to improve your opt-ins, check out this blog post.

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