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The 10-Day traffic optimization online course for Busy Entrepreneurs.

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I’m Shane Melaugh,
the CEO of Thrive Themes

I’ve been building and running online businesses for more than 10 years. As it turns out, I was making one huge mistake for far too long.

I didn't bother to optimize my content for Google traffic.

If you’re looking to grow a real business, one that affords you freedom, great profit margins and sustainability, then ignoring Google as a serious source of traffic is madness.

One of the only ways to seriously build scalability and longevity in your business is to get in those search results.

And how do you do that?

With SEO.

What is SEO Sprint?

SEO Sprint is a 10-day online video course designed for busy entrepreneurs, coaches and info-product based businesses. You’ll learn reliable SEO strategies that you can rapidly implement on your website.

To create SEO Sprint, we have partnered with world-class SEO expert, Viola Eva from Flow-SEO, who will bring you the most important strategies tailor-made for the coach and info-product entrepreneur that you can apply rapidly.

At the end of this course, you will know:

  • 1
    What content you need to create to attract traffic
  • 2
    How to clean up and optimize your website
  • 3
    What keywords are worth targeting and how

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