There's yet another one-page landing page template now available in Thrive Architect!

It is designed especially for restaurant / pub businesses, but it can be very easily customized and turned into something completetly different.

For the full experience, don't forget to check out the video found at the top of the page, as well.  


Meet the Restaurant Website

Here's what the entire website template looks like:

Making a Reservation

One of the must-haves of a restaurant themed homepage is the ability to allow visitors to make online table reservations. 

This landing page comes packed with "Make a Reservation Now" buttons. All you need to do is link them to a tool through which your visitors can make reservations.

For this, you have a variety of options, like WP Booking System or Booking Calendar.

However, in our case, we used the Contact Form element in Thrive Architect. We chose this solution because it is the easiest way to allow your visitors to get in touch with you, while only using Thrive Architect.

Obviously, this works only if you have a small business and the number of visitors that are looking to make a reservation is not too high. 

Creating the "Reservation Form"

In order to keep this a one-page website, we'll avoid adding new WordPress pages to this step.

Instead, we'll create a Thrive Lightbox and place the Contact Form element inside. In this way, when a visitor will click on the reservation button, a pop-up window with a Contact Form will open up.

So, first things first: Add and publish a Thrive Lightbox (just as you would do with a normal page):

Add a new Thrive Lightbox

After you have published the Thrive Lightbox, edit it with Thrive Architect and simply add the Contact Form element on it: 

Look for the Contact Form element and drag it inside the Thrive Lightbox

Then, make sure the Contact Form design matches the design of the landing page. You can do that by changing the template of the Contact Form: 

Start customizing the Contact Form by changing the template

Afterwards, a crucial step is to customize the fields of the Contact Form, in order to make it a "Reservation Form".

This is what the forms could look like on the editor:

Add more fields and rename them in order to make this a "Reservation Form"

And on the actual redesigned Contact Form:

This is how it could look like, after the redesign and the extra fields

Then, customize the "Email & After Submit Setup" as well. Here you can show your visitors a success notification. In this message you can tell them you will get back to them either with an email or through phone, to confirm the reservation.

Show a succes notification to the visitors that make a reservation and let them know that you will get back to them either through phone or email

Once you're done editing the Contact Form, you can go ahead, save the Thrive Lightbox and return to your homepage.

Linking the Button to the Thrive Lightbox

The hard part is over.

Select the button, in order to link it to the Lightbox, go on the sidebar and select "Animation & Action" > Popups > Open Thrive Lightbox and select the lightbox you have just saved:

Select "Open Thrive Lightbox" and choose the lightbox you have just saved

Try it Out!

Do you have a local restaurant business that you want to create a website for? Give this template a try. 

Also, if you have other buisnesses that you may want a template for, let us know in the comments below!

About the Author

David is a video content creator and writer at Thrive Themes. When not at his working desk, he enjoys driving like an enthusiast, visiting the beautiful cities of Transylvania for the 100th time. Either that or he could end up watching an entire season of Friends in one day.

  • Hello David, thank you for your good tutorial. I want to know how to make the effect on the background image that appears in the section “Take a Look at our Menu”. I had no idea that this could be done with Thrive Architect and I want to apply it to my site. How can I do that?

    • Hey John. That looks like a background image. There are quite a few websites out there on which you can grab royalty-free images. Ensure that your image is of optimal resolution or it’ll look blurry. There are courses in Thrive University which show how to set up a background image in Architect so I recommend you check those out. Cheers buddy!

    • Hi John,

      When you add a background image to a background section, you can make the image “static” (Click on the “Static background image” option when adding the background image) this will give you the effect you’re looking for.

    • Could you elaborate a bit on this Joel? Or if you have something specific in mind, you can open a support request and send us screenshots and steps of what exactly are your trying to create and we’ll help you πŸ™‚

    • Hi, Ric πŸ™‚

      We have a template specifically created for this! It’s called “Rockstar” – You can find in the Thrive Architect template library.

    • Hello, Indah!

      We have a Finance website template that might just fit your purpose. It is called ThriveBiz Finance, you can find it in Thrive Architect, in the Landing Page library πŸ™‚

  • very nice template, I would like to see more food templates, like templates for blogs that talk about food and recipes

  • I would like to know how you got the field “date and time” in the contact form. I do not have this template. Find also a great pity that you do not have more fields to choose from and best still the ability to add a selection box. De term makes the contact form still makes little sense. Unfortunately, an option to approve the data protection is still missing.

    • I agree. As I specified, the Contact Form only works in this case if you have a small local business. I improvised, in order to use an existing Thrive Architect solution.

      However, the Contact Form wasn’t built for this. If you want a solution specifically for date reservation and then the ability to automatically approve that date, you can install a simple WordPress booking plugin.

  • Great templates, loving the new designs coming through. Quick question.

    How do we add the additional fields like a date picker to a contact form? I can’t seem to find it?

    • Hi, Vijay!

      Well, you can add new fields on the Contact Form by selecting the “Add New” button, on the sidebar, just like I did in the video.

      However, you can see that I also improvised, because the Contact Form doesn’t have a specific date picker field, and I just chose a random field and named it “Date and Time” so that the visitors can enter a prefered date and time for them.

    • Hello, Jay!

      By “authors” you mean writers or something like a personal branding page?

      For personal branding, you can check the template set with the same name from the template library in Thrive Architect, “Personal Branding” πŸ™‚

      Also, you can find an author template in the “Hompages” set.

  • I’m wondering which template would be a good fit for a biz coach. I was waiting for a new Theme but it’s a long time coming. So perhaps a template might do the trick.

  • Brilliant. Once again Thrive Themes delivers! Would love a Template for those of us who conduct SEMINARS / CLINICS would be fantastic. Thanks again.

    • Hi, Geoff!

      In the template library we have two template sets that might be exactly what you are looking for: The β€œPersonal Branding” set and the β€œBonus” set πŸ™‚

  • Great template. Please is there any template for Non-profits (NGOs)?

    I saw this and was thrilled.
    A landing page as this will bs great!

    • Hello, Charlotte!

      In order to build a homepage that is similar to the magazine page you sent me I would recommend using the “FitBrand” template set, found in Thrive Architect.

      It is the exact same homepage template that Shane is building from scratch in this video:

      I would recommend you to watch that video, because you will have to tweak the template a bit, in order to create exactly what you want out of it, and you can see how the template is built, in the video.

      I hope this helped. If not, I’ll be happy to chat further about this πŸ™‚

  • Wowsers!
    This is awesome!
    My Thrive Agency license purchase a few years ago was the BEST IM investment EVER!

    How about a variety artist and/or event/party planner template?


    • Thanks a lot for the comment, Harvey! Glad you enjoy it πŸ™‚

      We don’t have a template specifically for those fields, but we have lots of tempaltes that can be easily customized and turn them rapidly into something relevant for those kinds of fields.

  • I’m looking for more templates related to services in general, financial services more in particular. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • Hello, Yvan!

      Yes, we do have a landing page related to financial services. When editing a page with Thrive Architect, access the Template Library by clicking on “Change Template”, Then, in the templates list, look for the ThriveBiz set, and in that set, select the ThriveBiz Finance landing page.

    • It depends, what kind of services are you looking to sell? We have plenty of sales pages available in the Template Library in Thrive Architect. You can choose one that you like, and even if it isn’t designed for your business, you can customize it and make it about your business πŸ™‚

    • All these templates come together with Thrive Architect, which can be bought either as an individual plugin for $67, or you can buy the Thrive Membership, in which Thrive Architect is also included, for $49/month (paid annually).

  • Hi David,

    I have one related question. I’d like to connect/add an online booking system to my website. I searched on Google/YouTube and found some free ones (I want a free one if possible, to reduce my costs). Do you have any recommendations, which one is the best? Or do you have maybe a trick also for that? How can I make it the easiest, but functional way, and for free, if possible?

    • Hi, Gabriella πŸ™‚

      While Google Calendar is good and easy to use, a lot of people also recommend Calendly.

      • Thanks David. I posted this question a long ago. In the meanwhile I found Calendly also, and the excellent article about it on ActiveGrowth.

      • I’m glad you found the article, Gabriella πŸ™‚ Sorry about the late reply, the Comments Moderation dashboard got really crowded lately…

    • Not for the moment, no. The only solution with be to take a “normal” Landing Page template that you like and customize it in order to fit your business πŸ™‚

  • Hi David, beautiful template, joining an ever longer list of TA templates to pick from, for which I am very grateful.

    Some of the other Thrive plugins could use some love as well… Thrive Ovation (TO) is quietly sobbing in a corner here πŸ˜‰ with limited capture testimonial templates (3) which don’t really match any of the gorgeous newer templates your designers produce, and which aren’t that much customizable either.

    I mean, right now TO capture form customization is limited to the submit button color! That doesn’t live up to the phenomenal level of customization we get treated to in, say, Thrive Leads, where forms can be customized pretty much to our heart’s content. Forms full customization would be an amazing improvement to Thrive Ovation.

    Could you add that on the TO feature request list, please?
    Can we expect something to happen sometime soon?

    Keep up the fantastic work, Team Thrive! Thanks!

    • Yes, I totally agree. Both Thrive Ovation and Thrive Quiz Builder could use a lot more love. Unfortunately, we’re overwhelmed with the the launch of the Theme Builder and Thrive Apprentice, as well. But we’re not giving up on them! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m adding this to the feature request list for Thrive Ovation right away.

      Keep up the good work, too, Oob!

  • Does TA / Theme also have a build in payment form (paypal / stripe)? So this could be added to the reservation form and one could be asking a “x”% in advance to validate the reservation?

  • Hello.

    Great template. Congrats!

    I would like a template for Infoproducts (for example to online courses).

    So the authors/producers can announce the courses they have, webinars that they are going to do, new social media posts and new YouTube videos they did, and new events they are going to attend or to promote.

    A website that can be an “online business card” to get authority, visibility and sales πŸ™‚

    Something like that:

    Please, please, do that template for Thrive Architect and also for the new Theme Builder.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello, Rosinaldo!

      We just released a new set of templates SPECIFICALLY to sell online courses! πŸ˜€

      Check them out here.

  • I like this templete very much I also have a small hotel boutique and I am looking for my templets do you have something for it

    • Hello πŸ™‚

      We have a template set may help with the “boutique” part – It is called the “Chic” template set. Now, this is not hotel oriented, but you could customize it a bit and make it fit your business (change the images & text)

      Also, in the ThriveBiz set we have a landing page called “Homes” that you could probably use as well.

      Was something like that what you had in mind? πŸ™‚

  • Amazing. Can you explain how can I change the text which says” Take a look at our menu”?
    I can’t seem to be able to change it all.

    Many thanks.

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