Learn The Exact Price You Should Sell Your Online Course For... Even If It's Your First Product.

Watch the video below to see why digital product pricing will make or break your online business and how a few “back-of-the-napkin” calculations give you the perfect price point to sell your online course at.

In this video you'll learn:

  • What conversion rates you can realistically aim for
  • The effect of pricing on your required reach to meet your income goals
  • How to use simple math to calculate the sweet spot for pricing your course

"Even if you get everything else right, if you pick the wrong price to sell your product at, you have this huge self imposed obstacle that's almost impossible to overcome." 

Shane Melaugh

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I decided to answer your most common questions about Online Course launches, pricing and more on a live Q & A session. You can still watch the replay by clicking the button below!

Over To You:

If you had to start building a course right now, what topic would you pick and what questions or challenges do you have? 

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