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Content Lock Opt-In Form: Make Email The Key

The Secret Recipe To Massive List Building

Have you ever wondered why you just HAVE to look at the next episode of your favorite TV serie?

It's because they understand the art of anticipation.

They make you want to see the next episode so badly that you would be willing to give ANYTHING to watch immediately, instead of waiting for another week.

With a content lock, you can harness the power of anticipation in the same way.

You can lock away any content on your page and your visitor will have to enter their email address to instantly reveal it to them.

The secret recipe ? A Carrot + A Secret = Tons of New Subscribers

Tease your readers just enough to make them want to give their email address.


This is a very powerful addition guys and design-wise it’s really unique with the transparency feature. I will soon be using it for sure, thanks!

Albert F.

What Can You Lock Away?


Locking a section of text might seem quite basic, but don't underestimate how powerful this can be.
You can lock a part of your article but you could also lock a download link to a free PDF or a secret page.


How about locking a coupon?
Or an infographic?
Or a step by step explanation?
Your imagination is the limit!


Content Lock can also hide your videos or other multi media elements.
Instead of creating a full blown video squeeze page, you can use the content lock for rapid implementation.


Hi Shane, this is a great feature. I was scratching my head about it, while looking around, and Boom you did it. The yearly membership is very valuable.

Frederic S

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