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What's New with Thrive Themes - January 2020

Happy New Year!

2020 is going to be a very big year at Thrive Themes. We have a promising development roadmap full of jaw-dropping features and a couple of surprises for you in the few months ahead.

Although we can't wait to show you what's in store, our first update for this year is just a small one.

In this post, we'll show you what's new in Thrive Architect and other plugins, where to find these new features and how to use them.

Make sure you've updated to version 2.4.7 and read on!


1. Parallax

It's a designer's dream... beautiful parallax animations that change motion depending on a visitor's scroll speed. 

I'm sure you've seen the effect on websites before. It looks like this:

This Parallax effect was made in Thrive Architect

A Parallax effect creates the illusion of depth and three-dimensional space by animating two elements at different speeds as a website visitor scrolls down the page.

Foreground elements move quicker past the viewport than background elements, the same way a nearby tree will zoom past the passenger window of a car quicker than one in the distance.

Now you can create that effect with just a few clicks.

How to Use Parallax:

1. Select any element on your page.

2. In the Thrive Architect sidebar, select Scroll Behavior and choose Parallax.

Under Scroll Behavior, select Parallax

3. Click Add New Effect, and immediately you'll notice the parallax effect when you scroll up and down the page.

By default, the effect that opens is called Vertical Scroll and speed will be set to 3. By increasing the speed, you can modify how fast the foreground element will move compared to the viewport.

The faster the speed, the more depth to the illusion.

6 Different Parallax Effects:

Behind the scenes, Parallax is a user-input based animation. Rather than just animating when an element comes into view or on page load, the effect looks for the visitor's scroll action.

If they scroll quickly, the effect is fast. If they scroll slowly, the effect matches. If they reverse their scroll direction, the animation reverses with it.

But those input-based calculations aren't just limited to vertical scroll.

We've expanded the parallax animation to control 6 different effects. You can choose from:

  • Vertical Scroll
  • Horizontal Scroll
  • Transparency
  • Blur
  • Rotate
  • Scale

Effects can also be stacked. For example, if you combine Vertical and Horizontal scroll, you can move an element diagonally.

If you combine Blur with Scale, you can make an element grow smaller on screen and gradually blur as though it's drifting into the background and out of focus.

You can stack up to 6 effects per element.

Parallax Viewport Settings:

When you configure your Parallax settings, you can choose the effect from a dropdown, then choose which variation of that effect, and then you'll have 3 sliders to configure.

Vertical Scroll is the classic parallax effect

The first slider controls how powerful the effect is. Depending on the effect you choose, it'll be known as either speed or level. The greater the number, the more motion you'll see on scroll.

The second and third sliders are for Viewport Start and Viewport End.

As someone scrolls down a page, content enters the viewport from the bottom of the screen.

'Viewport Start' defines the distance from the bottom of the screen that the effect begins. 'Viewport End' measures where the effect should stop, also measured from the bottom.

By default 0% - 100% means it starts on entry and ends as the element exits the viewport at the top.

You may want to set some different start and end points.

For example: If you set a Blur effect to fade in, you may want to set it to 0% - 50%. That would mean the element is blurry when it enters the viewport from the bottom and gradually becomes sharper until it's crystal clear in the very middle of the screen, 50%.

Play around with it and it will make sense.

Previewing Your Parallax Effect:

When you first apply a parallax effect, the preview mode will be enabled. In the preview mode, on-page editing will be locked so you can test out your effect and configure it to your choosing.

Toggle on and off preview mode.

Once you've applied your effects, preview will disable so you can return to editing your content without the animations flying off the page.

If you want to preview your parallax effect again, select any element with parallax enabled and toggle on the Parallax Preview.

Once this is enabled, all elements on your page that use a parallax effect will begin to animate, making it easy for you scroll and see the final behavior.

2. Pagination Templates for the Post List

Did you know that the Post List element already has a Pagination feature?

It does! We listened to user feedback and this was a hotly requested feature, so we added it in late 2019.

Now we've just released 7 pre-designed pagination templates that you can load with one click.

Pagination allows you to click through to new posts in the Post List

If you enable Pagination on your post list element, your visitors will be able to click through and see any other content that matches your filter.

Pagination designs are fully customizable too, with toggles for Next and Previous, First and Last, and to include a pagination label. You can even configure the amount of pages you want to display in the buttons.

How do you like your pagination? It's up to you

Like all Thrive Architect elements, pagination designs use the box model. That means you can button borders, corners, backgrounds and spacing, customize font styles and colors, and more.

But rather than doing all of this yourself, why not start with one of the beautiful designs our team have built for you?

Make sure you have the Pagination bread crumb selected, then click the template button to load the template gallery.

Select Pagination from the bread crumbs.

Here are the 7 designs you can choose from, including some dark designs and some with transparency.

Designer-made pagination templates can be loaded in a click

3. Post List - Link to Archive

In case you didn't get the memo, our Post List element is the best you'll find in WordPress. And we're still making it better.

In this update, you can now link to a category page or any other type of archive straight from the Post List using dynamic text.

Here's how it works:

While you are in Design Mode for your Post List, drag a text element right into your article view.

Add a text element to your Post List

With the text field selected, choose Insert Shortcode from the typography bar. You'll have the option to select Post Category.

New 'Link to Archive' option

This is dynamic text, meaning the text will update to match the post that is displaying.

If the post belongs to a category called 'Workout', that's what the text will display. But if the post list displays a post from a different category, such as 'Podcast', it will intelligently update the text.

The new feature is a Link to Archive checkbox that becomes available when you insert that Post Category shortcode.

If you enable this checkbox, then the Category Text will also become a hyperlink that takes the visitor straight to that category archive page.

That means that the visitor can click the title, image or 'read more' button to see the post that's displayed... or they can directly click the category name to see the category archive list.

Here's an example of a styled Link-to-Archive text field:

This text and hyperlink will always match the post it's displayed on.

4. New Templates and Symbols Lightbox

In this release, we've also updated the Templates and Symbols lightbox.

This is the window that displays when you are loading a template you've saved before. It's purely a cosmetic update, but it paves the way for some new updates in the near future.

This was our old loading window:

And here's the new one:

In the images above, the difference looks subtle.

But when you use it, you'll see it's faster, it offers more screen real estate for your templates, and it's a more versatile interface.

It's also easy to rename or delete a template or symbol straight from the lightbox itself, so you can organize your templates easily.

Click the 3 dots next to a template to rename or delete

Now with this new interface, we're set to release some more updates in the coming few months that will make your template management even better.

5. Post List Compatible with Symbols and Templates

Once again, our Post List element has been so popular that we've heard from your comments and feedback that you want to save it as a Symbol or Template.

This proved a little tricky, since a post list is a dynamic element and so is a Symbol, and it required stacking one inside another.

Good news! In this release, we've solved it.

"Wait... what exactly is a Symbol?"​​​​​​​​​

In web development, the word 'Symbol' has a different meaning to what you might be used to. 

A Symbol is an interlinked element across a website. You can display a Symbol in multiple places and when you update that Symbol, all instances of it will immediately be updated.

This now means you can configure the perfect Post List, save it as a Symbol, then drop it into any WordPress post or page. Any changes to the styling of that Post List will be seen on all pages.

6. Custom Fields Integration With Infusionsoft

In December, we released a custom field integration with 4 popular email autoresponders. This feature brings some huge power to your lead generation game.

It means you can create a custom field inside of your email autoresponder, and pass information from the opt-in form straight to that field.

An example would be asking a question such as: "What's your company website?", collecting your visitor's answers and keeping them stored next to the contact record in your email system.

Well, this week we advanced our integration with Infusionsoft (recently renamed as Keap) to let you access your custom fields. 

So if you are an Infusionsoft user and want to know how this works, check out the original announcement post here or watch this part of the announcement video to see how it works.

7. Thrive Quiz Builder - Autoscroll Toggle

Thrive Quiz Builder gets a small update in this release too, based on user feedback.

There is now a toggle to enable or disable Autoscroll for a quiz.

You'll find this option by clicking the cog icon when you are in the questions editor view.

New Quiz Scroll Toggle

So, what does this mean?

Depending on your quiz, you may find some questions require more multiple choice answers or longer text fields. As a visitor advances through your quiz, the screen space taken up by the new questions may increase or decrease to suit the options you've made available.

By enabling Quiz Scroll, the viewport will smoothly scroll to the optimal position to display the new question and their choices. Disabling this will keep the viewport fixed as new questions load, and the visitor can easily scroll to see what suits them.

It's a small feature, but gives you an extra bit of control over a visitor's experience.

8. Updated Sendy Integration

Sendy is a self-hosted email application that sends through Amazon's Web Services.

Although we already have an integration with Sendy, they have recently made some significant changes to their API.

We have just updated our integration with the new Sendy API, which means it's safe for you to update and use their latest features with our Lead Generation element.

Useful? Let us know!

We always love hearing feedback from you. Your comments and suggestions are regularly added to our roadmap so we can make sure our products are helping you do what you do best.

Let us know if these latest updates are valuable to you, or what else you'd like to see in the future.

About the Author

Brad is the CEO at Thrive Themes, and a serious marketing nerd. He’s been a videographer on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a drummer in a rock band, an actor in independent films, and he’s created and sold his own online courses.

  • I think the parallax update is really cool ????

    What’s the status of the thrive cart integration? i mean to have read that thrivecart has already confirmed the integration but it’s up to you when you publish it. (and that was already months ago).

    I think there are a lot of people waiting patiently for the integration and actually expected it in 2019.


    • @Jan – I’ve been waiting a while as well, so I switched to Upsell Plugin. I highly suggest taking a look. It pretty much does everything ThriveCart offers and already integrates with Thrive Architect.

      • I am very happy with TC but I will have a look at the plugin.

        Vote everyone to show the Thrive Themes team how important it is for us.

    • Hey Jan, yes we are working on a Thrive Cart integration for Thrive Apprentice that will allow you to enrol students directly into courses after they purchase a product.

      Thrive Theme Builder is our #1 priority, but is closely followed by this integration.

      Without getting too caught up in the details: we identified that in order to make the integration work well, we need to make some small changes to Thrive Apprentice. Our team is already working on these.

      If this is causing delays for your business and you need a solution ASAP, here’s a 3rd party recommendation: Thrive Apprentice integrates with Wishlist Member, and so does Thrive Cart. Wishlist Member is currently available on appsumo for a lifetime deal of $49.

  • Hi, great news as usual!
    Just a couple of questions:

    1) InfusionSoft Custom Fields Integration: for now it’s just for text fields… are you considering adding also integration for other type of fields such as dropdowns?

    2) Quiz Builder: is there a way to change text size for questions and answers? On mobile devices long questions take all the screen space and with multiple answers available sometimes you have to scroll up and down a lot to view them all…

    Thanks in advance
    and keep up the great work!

    • Hey Emanuele, thank for your comment!

      1) Correct. For now it’s just text fields, but stay tuned and you’ll see a lot more with custom fields and the lead gen form soon.

      2) I’m not sure. I’ll take this to our Quiz experts and find out. If not, I’ll mark it down as a suggestion.

      • I’ll second Emanuele’s comment on Quiz Builder in mobile displays. Text is big and unformatted.

  • Thanks! Really nice feeling to see, that you constantly improve thrive themes products.
    In version description there is : User Inline Shortcodes,
    Ability to drag content outside content and page blocks .. Will you say more about it?

  • I am so unsatisfied of not mentioning any updates to thrive apprentice, until it released and 0 updates took place.
    Why you don’t think about the company as a whole?
    Many many features are missing, like you don’t have a checkout plugin although your mission is to focus on conversion.
    You released thrive apprentice but it still looks ugly and missing so many features in comparison to other competitors.
    Thrive theme builder is not released yet.

    I really don’t understand why it matters to make these slight updates to thrive architect when the user can successfully meme any page with no effort?
    It is like you are perfecting it but at the cost of other things.

    • I can understand how you feel and what it might look like from the outside.

      Behind the scenes we have a large part of our team in the very final stages of releasing the best piece of software we’ve built to date (Theme Builder). I’d say that 70% of our development team are currently working on that project in one way or another in order to release a really solid and impressive product for February.

      The rest of our development team are ironing out issues and building features into Architect that are mostly designed to support the new Theme Builder. For example, the post list element that we recently released, and the parallax feature that’s been released in this current version. These features are crucial for a solid theme builder, but they’re also independent and marketable features in their own right, so we highlight those in our release updates (every three weeks).

      So, what I’m saying is that while it may seem we are focusing on Architect and leaving everything else by the wayside, it’s not the case. There’s a lot of stuff that you don’t see that will become very clear when Theme Builder is released.

      The same is true for Apprentice – we’re getting our ducks in a row to take Apprentice to a whole new level this year, including a new login element that we’re currently building into Architect. The major update for Apprentice this year, though, depends on the Theme Builder tech being solid and ready – and so that’s our number one focus at the moment.

      Theme Builder, by the way, is in beta and has had a lot of really positive feedback. Our beta users have built sites with it and have left positive feedback like this:-

      It’s due for release in February.

      I hope this update gives a little more insight into what our plans are moving forward and gives you more faith that we’re not just leaving things in the lurch.

      • Thank you for a clear and concise response to the concerns many of us feel. Having a sense of when the new Theme Builder is in and of itself reassuring to hear. Thrive Themes is a great product and I am excited to see these two areas improved, Theme Builder, Thrive Apprentice!

      • Was wondering How will Thrive architect be placed after you come up with Theme Builder….or the theme builder will replace Thrive architect ….
        Or will Thrive architect be abandoned after Theme builder reaches maturity.

      • Thrive Architect and Theme Builder achieve very different end results. I won’t go into depth here, but I can assure you – all of your questions are going to be answered when we officially announce Theme Builder’s release.

    • Jeen, I want to echo Paul’s comments and reassure you that we do think about the bigger picture, and are planning for an ambitious future I’m sure you’ll come to appreciate. More importantly, we think about our user’s experience with our products as a whole and the best ways that we can help you reach your goals. However, it all takes a lot of time. What you see are the quicker, easier updates we can deliver while pouring almost all of our energy into much bigger updates coming soon. So although what you see might seem like we’ve gone quiet or lost focus, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I hope you find this reassuring, and we appreciate your patience.

  • Thanks for the new features, guys!

    One suggestion for custom field: When you create a drop-down field for an upcoming update, please add the tag function to it.

    The second suggestion for Quiz Builder: It would be nice to set an option so that users can make a quiz only once.

    Background: I send a survey to non-buyers to get feedback and want them to give them either a coupon or a trial at a regular price. But I don’t want them to see both options by entering the quiz twice. So I want to prevent that. Is this something that you could implement?


  • Nice updates again, it’s getting better and better, but the real question for 2020 is ofcourse: When will the themebuilder be ready for use??

  • Nice updated. Do you think we’ll ever see sticky video in Architect? so on a landing page with a video, when they scroll down the video itself is placed in the bottom left or right of the screen until they scroll up?

      • You might even consider that being a sticky responsive “content box” with a “custom html”-option.

        That way you could drop in any conversion focused feature you need. Whether it is a chat-bot, help form, (support/sales) video, other 3rd party solution or questionnaire/quiz..

      • Sticky content boxes already exist! If you select a content box on your page, under ‘Scroll Behavior’ in the Architect sidebar, you’ll find an option to make that element sticky on scroll. Let me know if that achieves what you wanted, William

  • The parallex looks good but in your example it doesn’t reverse direction when I change scroll direction. Am I doing something wrong (Windows / Chrome)?

    • My example was actually a screen-recording of Parallax in action. So technically you were just looking at a video, and your scroll behavior wasn’t affecting it. Play around with the feature and you’ll soon understand it. Also, we are publishing a video about it this week that will show it in action

  • Any news on the Thrive Theme builder? Last update I read on the forum somewhere was end 2019 beginning 2020. I’m curious…

    • Thanks for the suggestion Jonas. We have got some plans to make this, yes, but no ETA yet. To help make sure we understand your use case, can you describe exactly what you would want such a feature to do and why?

  • Two other things regarding Quiz Builder:

    1. It would be great if we could forward the user’s email address when they click a link within an email that goes to a quiz, something like that:

    2. It would be great if we could send a notification based on the quiz category. Right now the notification manager sends an email on all quiz completions. But I don’t need that in my case. I want an email to be sent only when the user is in a specific category.


    • Hey Oliver, just so I’m clear:

      1. With auto-fill on TQB’s opt-in form, this should work. But I imagine you want to completely skip the opt-in form stage if the user’s email address is already subscribed. Is that correct?

      2. Interesting request. We’ll mark it down!


      • Hey Brad,

        1. Yes, the user is already subscribed.

        2. Great, thanks!


  • I would really love it if thrive quiz not only send the total score end result but also be able to send the user quiz answers to both the admin and the current user in thrive apprentice.

    • This sounds like a great suggestion, but I’m not sure I understand it 100%. So sending to admin is handled with a notification email. But… you would like the results to be saved in Thrive Apprentice for the user? Can you tell me more about what exactly you are trying to achieve?

  • Es sind alle Erneuerungen wirklich cool. Wie gewohnt bei Thrive Themes.
    Was ich noch nicht verstanden habe wie ich Template, eigens gestaltete Vorlagen, wie z.B. Button, Anmeldeformulare oder eben Parallax, Webseitenweit global verändern und anpassen kann. Ohne bereits bestehende einzeln anpassen zu müssen.
    Bestehen überhaupt eine solche Möglichkeiten bei Thrive Themes?

    All the renewals are really cool. As usual with Thrive Themes.
    What I haven’t understood yet is how I can globally change and adapt templates, specially designed templates, such as buttons, registration forms or even parallax, website wide. Without having to adapt existing ones individually.
    Are there any such possibilities at Thrive Themes?

    • Hi Schoelu, the magic word here is “symbols”. The word is a bit strange in this context. I think it should be called something like: global template, rubber stamp, …

      From my experience so far, this is a very useful feature which helps with productivity and consistency. We’re using it now in some client projects. You need to be careful which container or element you select. In some cases it was difficult to define a larger set of element. Also, unlike landing page templates, you find them in a different location.

      Find more info and a video here:

      Good luck

    • We are working on a new product called Thrive Theme Builder which is specifically for creating website-wide changes. It’s a mammoth project that we’ve been working on for years, but we hope to have some news about it shortly.

      On a case-by-case basis, Thomas is right. Symbols are a way to use dynamic content in multiple areas of your website.

  • As nice as the innovations are, to me it seems very jumbled together.
    Here a new switch, there a new view. What are the long-term plans?

    What about the aged themes? Will Apprentice grow out of its infancy or remain just a nice gimmick?

    Please, write here about the outlook! What can the loyal fans expect in 2020?

    • The high level strategy is to give you everything you need to build and sell (with a focus on courses) from start to finish in one afternoon. This means continually working on Theme Builder, Apprentice and Thrive Architect as our main focus. Leads and Quiz Builder will also get regular improvements to support this overall goal. For competitive reasons, I can’t give away what we specifically plan to build this year, but rest assured we’re following a very clear strategy that will lead to an extremely powerful suite if you want to sell online quickly without tech hurdles and with a strong conversion focus.

      • Paul, I’ve been member for 3 to 4 years. I work alone so, after creating content, I have very little time to explore these new features (read about them, learn how to use them, add them to my site etc). Two things…

        1. Content Blocks are a god-send for me. The ability to choose a pre-built ‘block’ that provides a quick solution is such a time saver. If all these new features could be incorporated into Content Blocks – designed with a specific purpose in mind, I’d likely use more of them.

        2. Thrive University has several excellent courses explaining how to use TA and your other products. Many of the courses are based on your existing WP Themes. Will you be releasing new courses with Theme Builder?

      • Hey Anthony, I’ll jump in here.

        1. We have plans already to update the Content Blocks feature, and that will include adding new templates. But right this moment, we have some other priorities that have to come first.

        2. When we are satisfied that Theme Builder is ready, we will begin to create a huge volume of content, training and tutorials on how it works. Rest assured!

      • Thanks for the response Bradley. I long for the day I have time to fully appreciate all your hard work. That’s why I love content blocks. I can just drag and drop the new features onto my site without having to study the details.

  • Awesome! Thank you so much for continually adding important features and creating more value for us users. ThriveThemes continues to be the most valuable SaaS I use in my business.

  • And what exactly was added with better Sendy integration? Named lists instead of plain ID’s? Something more?

    • Hopefully this helps:

      “As of version, Sendy now requires an additional API key parameter to be passed to the subscribe API call. That means updating to newer versions of Sendy isn’t possible until that additional parameter is supported by Thrive Leads.”

      I’m not sure what added features Sendy has with that newer API, but it is safe to update to it.

  • Well…these are amazing updates. I hope you’re making a video tutorial on how/when to use the parallax thing. Please 🙂

  • First, the parallax feature is really cool. I know this is a feature that many people will be excited for. And, as always, I appreciate the hard work you have put into the constant improvement.

    However, what I would really like an update on, is when we are getting the Theme Builder. I know that I am not alone in saying that I would really, really like an update, especially considering I have an Agency license renewal coming up.

    Can we get more information, beyond the April 2019 video post?

    • It was released for beta users in December. We got lots of great positive feedback from its current state and are putting the final touches on for a planned release in February. We’re taking a lot of care to make sure the product is solid and stable for the full member’s release, we’re also adding a wizard and onboarding features to make the first few hours as smooth as possible.

  • Fantastic! I appreciate how creative and helpful your updates are. I also appreciate how well you explain them. Makes me want to dive in and use them.

  • When will you fix the bug in post list when every click on it is opened, spammer like in another window?

    Thrive Post list is the best-related plugin feature around because you can customize it so much, Except for it’s achilles heel is that when you use post list to silo your site with a list of related blog posts in the same category, clicking on any item does not open it in the same window.

    But instead opens it in another window, spam blog like.

    • The post list is getting an update as we speak that caters to this and some further improvements. Due for release on 26th Feb.

      In the meantime there are ways of easily getting around this.

      You can link the read more button or the featured image to the post using dynamic links. Or, the easiest workaround, would be to activate the “Link entire item to content”:-

      • Thanks Paul.

        Glad that finally worked.

        It had problems before.

        So I went and did that link entier item to content and updated 146 of my blog posts to fix the problem.

        Thrive should consider marketing it as a related blog post plugin.

      • Glad that’s worked for you Pete.

        Going forward you’d have the related posts in the template build in Theme Builder so updating 146 blog posts won’t be necessary!

        I agree with you regarding marketing the feature – would be a nice entry point to the suite.

      • On a related topic, do you have any plans to add facet quick filtering for post list items?

      • You mean filters that can be enabled on the front end by visitors? We’ve had lots of request for this, but we haven’t planned to add it yet. We’ll add your vote to the feature request

  • “In December, we released a custom field integration with 4 popular email autoresponders. ” What are the other 3 besides Infusionsoft?

    • No problem. Part of that thanks is for Sendy users reaching out to our support forum with an explanation of what changed on Sendy’s end. That kind of feedback is really helpful for us

  • OMG – Love this update.

    I was so happy to see the template/symbol support for Post List element. I have had a situation where I have made heavy customisations and had no way of saving that to use on another page.

    Everything else is great too. I can really see how complete and powerful the new Theme and Architect are going to be when fully released this year.

  • First of all, it looks great with the parallax – but what are the settings for the picture shown at the beginning of your blog post “start your adventure”

    • That was 3 effects stacked together.
      – Vertical Scroll (I think speed was about 5),
      – Horizontal Scroll (speed at 2), and
      – Blur at level 10, set with viewport range 0% – 50%

      Hope that helps

  • Your parallax is really very tasty! Thanks for the many good updates: both Sendy and Quiz are all we need! Great 2020!

    • It’s still there and in the same location, but not for standalone text elements. So a content box, button, image or other will have the Sticky Scroll option available. Just drop your text into that and make it sticky. Hope that helps, Kevin.

  • This year, Apprentice will be getting lots of work. Dripping Content is already on our request board. Can you explain the other 2, though? It helps me if you are specific with what you are trying to achieve. What do you mean by auto-logging URLs? User Profile Page is on the request board… but regarding updating Credit Cards, what payment tool are you using and what’s your reason not to use their provided method for changing CC info?

  • I’m still sad to hear, that the APIs used within Thrive products are still not open to third party developers, or that third-party-extensions or services cannot be integrated easily.
    I’m still not using Thrive products on professional sites, because it’s too difficult to integrate Thrives lead-generation-forms with Gravity Forms or Groundhogg. A good solution for this could be an integration with WP-Fusion, but Thrive is never mentioned or willing to open up a bit more … So I stick with Elementor on my clients sites …

    • Hey Sascha, can you give me a clearer picture of exactly what you’re trying to achieve? For example integrating Thrive Leads with Gravity Forms: I can see why you’d use one or the other, but not why you want them to integrate. With WP-Fusion: I assume you’re talking about integration with Thrive Apprentice, or am I missing something? Regarding Groundhogg, that’s been highly requested so it’s on our radar.

      • Another upvote for Groundhogg integration (Hoping for this ASAP). Any word on that timeline?

        I’d absolutely love it if you guys could get really granular on the CRM implementations. Tag-based CRM automation is the future!

        Pretty much all the options out there only allow you to use CRM tags to restrict access to a page/post. It would be epic to be able to content-protect/hide-display every element on the site inside every page and post with user tags.

        It drives me crazy that I can’t assign tags based on views/triggers/events/time/quiz completions/form data/behavior… from within Architect/Apprentice/Quiz Builder/Leads… without resorting to custom html/php. It’s all a bunch of workarounds and extra steps.

        If you guys could do this well, it could eliminate the need for a bunch of extra subscriptions for autoresponders, membership plugins…

        EX: Being able to tag-protect certain lessons in Apprentice; Apply “smart” tags (a la MemberMouse) to dynamically display content anywhere based on what tag a user has (or doesn’t) – a non-registered user sees a sign up form while a registered one sees the next-level offer for example; Show a different lead magnet to users already tagged as seeing the first one; Customize a user’s login page based on purchase tags… The list just goes on and on.

      • Hey Mike, apologies for the slow reply. Your comment hasn’t gone unnoticed. In fact, it’s sparked quite a few discussions amongst the development team. No definitive word on a Groundhogg integration, but I can say that it’s one of the highest requested integrations recently and that’s a big factor in prioritisation. In the near-ish future, we’ll have a much more advanced way to pass data from Apprentice etc. to your CRM.

        As for tag based protection of content, I’ve always loved that idea and I’ve seen some tools that offer it. However, inside of the tech it’s a challenge and often not quite as robust as it looks. For example, a sudden influx of tags on a CRM can trigger a flood of API sync calls to a website which can be problematic. We won’t develop something like that until we know 100% that all side effects could be managed.

        But it is a great suggestion! Thanks for taking the time to share it.

      • AutomatorWP, Uncanny Automator, WP-Fusion … All those solutions would leverage the amount of integrations massively. Please check out, what they are doing:

        -> (my favorite, has “integromat” included!)

        So instead of integrating Groundhogg, you could integrate with any of these tools, because they are acting as a local “WP Zapier” and integrate with groundhogg and many other plugins!

  • Awesome improvements!
    What I would like to see is a WooCommerce integration – being able to add someone to an autoresponder and as a Store customer at the same time from Thrive Leads…

    • I’m a bit confused by this, Peter. When someone submits a Thrive Leads form, they haven’t made a purchase so I don’t understand why you want them listed as a customer. Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to achieve?

      • Hey Bradly, the same reason anyone can sign up for the Thrive Themes University area – people haven’t made a purchase, but they can access a membership area with free courses, downloads, etc that are not available to those that haven’t signed up. Currently I can only add them to WordPress, which doesn’t give the same experience in terms of being able to customize notification emails, etc. Here is an example:

      • Right. Besides notification emails, what other features of WooComm do you want for free course subscribers? I’m trying to distinguish why you wouldn’t use a mailing list with automations to manage those users. Your answers are helpful, by the way.

      • It is complicated, because I have 3 things living together.
        – Thrive Apprentice hosts free and paid courses.
        – WP Affiliate Manger hosts an affiliate program
        – The WooCommerce account dashboard acts as the membership area (instead of adding an additional membership plugin). The Woo store also has the shopping cart function to purchase additional paid courses.

        For the free course signup, Thrive Apprentice itself would be sufficient. However TA is really missing the feature to communicate to course members.

        In a practical world, it would be useful to send service announcements and promotions to course students. This can only be solved with an outside mailing list, which is fine, however Thrive Apprentice doesn’t integrate with Thrive Leads.

        The person would need to sign up for the mailing list separately. If TA and TL would integrate, that would be even better because through Thrive Leads people could sign up for the free course AND the mailing list.

        – Thrive Apprentice has a great access restriction system, but does not have a function to create and assign a user role (like S2Member does). Each time I create a new course, I need to create a new user role with the Members plugin.

        For paid courses, the user role for course access needs to be assigned, I use YITH WooCommerce Role Changer plugin for that.

        (As an idea, in the future a Thrive Affiliate plugin would also be useful.)

      • Hey Peter, thanks for running me through your setup.

        Thrive Leads actually does integrate with free Apprentice courses! So you can use a Lead Gen element to add someone to your mailing list and give them access to a free course at the same time. Here’s a video on how:

        Yes, lots of membership plugins are built around the idea of membership levels as opposed to individual course sales. It’s something we’re thinking about how to solve.

        Thanks again for the info.

  • What happened to the NEW thrivethemes?
    I was told like 18+ months ago that it could be released within 2 months. And now 1 1/2 – 2 years later you’re still just updating the old thrivethemes?

    Any vague info on it or vague possible release time? Summer 2020? christmas? Summer 2021?
    Never (just upgrading the old)?

    • Hey Oli, we made the mistake of getting too excited to keep our development work a secret, which has led to a lot of misinformation about release dates. The last official update is here: What’s Going On With Thrive Theme Builder? Software is a tricky thing… it’s ready when it’s ready, and that is always subject to change. Best answer I can give is this: our beta testers are currently testing the final beta version. In other words, it’s close. But we don’t have an official date yet. The moment we do, we’ll notify our mailing list.

  • What level of ADA ( American Disabilities Act) compliance will the new Thrive Theme be before we customize it individually?

    Level A, Level AA, or Level AAA?

    Here’s why it’s important.

    “Is Your Website ADA Compliant (and Does it Matter?)

    “What are you doing to ensure that people with visual, auditory, or intellectual disabilities can access and understand the same information as everyone else who visits your site?

    If you haven’t started to consider this and make adjustments to your website, you’re not only losing customers and pushing away business, but you may find you’re being penalized in the Google search rankings, or even worse, being sued.

    • I’m not sure, Pete. We haven’t submitted it for any compliance reviews. The finer details will come after we are 100% satisfied that the core technology is correct. However, we are committed to making it a versatile product that we keep improving.

      • Hi Gisele,

        From what I understand, the ADA regulation is about accessibility to the website.
        It talks about things like contrast between text and background, alt-text and video captions.
        Because our tools give you total design freedom you can make sure your site is compliant.
        We do not promise our templates to be ADA compliant out of the box but if you need to be ADA compliant our tools will allow you to do so.

  • Glad you’re still doing work on updates. Mostly I want things to be faster, for example seeing Thrive Comments taking forever to load on people’s sites is kinda unsettling.

    I had been debating whether to stay on with Thrive due to Theme Builder delays but for under $250 a year Thrive Leads alone is paying for itself. I’ll trust you that you’re going to get Theme Builder out asap. I realize Architect was sort of a nightmare rollout and so you’re being more careful with Theme Builder. I totally respect that.

    • Hey Andy, I’ll make a note of that about Thrive Comments. Thank you for trusting that we are being careful. We’re holding ourselves to a much higher standard these days which means we can’t be as fast in publishing updates. We know it can be frustrating, but it’s for the greater good.

  • I have two questions:

    1. What happened to the “number counter” element in Thrive Architect? In fact, I don’t know *when* it was removed.

    2. Will there be options to display Thrive Leads forms as Gutenberg blocks?

    • Hey Joachim, Sure.

      1. There’s a percentage fill counter in Architect, but the Number Counter you may remember was a short-code built into our legacy WordPress themes. Can you tell me what you’re trying to achieve?

      2. Thrive Leads shortcode forms can be inserted into any WordPress content. What are you hoping to do with TL forms and Gutenberg blocks?

      • Number Counter:
        The missing of the feature “number counter” was mentioned in a Facebook group, actually. It was useful for things like “Enter your email address like 2577 subscribers before” or the like. It was possible to do these things with Thrive Content Builder in Thrive Leads forms formerly.

        The number counter is mentioned in an old video from Thrive Themes:

        Thrive Leads / Gutenberg:
        For example: It would be fine, if there was a Gutenberg block like “Thrive Leads In Content Box” to place a form inside a page/post. If you drag around the blocks in the Gutenberg editor, you have to count the numbers of the blocks to place a form at the right position. A special block would be much more handy.

        I remember, there was also an issue with shortcodes. For example, to place a button, which opens a lightbox. But I have to test this with the actual Gutenberg version again.

      • Thanks for bringing my attention to this, Joachim. You’re right! We did have a number counter in TCB back in 2015. I’ll discuss this with the team and see what we can do. I’m still a bit confused by the Gutenberg request. If you feel like demonstrating your request, you could record a quick Loom video and send it through to our support forum as a feature request so we can log it.

      • Bradley, Thanks for taking the time to dicuss the number counter. It will be great to have that as a feature.

      • No, news sorry. We’ve been working hard on other priority features which should make a big impact to your website building. But we still have number counters as a feature request to get to in the future

  • The updates are nice, however, I would like to see some updates to some design elements such as the blocks for the Google Map or creating content boxes like Flip Boxes etc. in order to create a modern website design. Are any improvements to those in the works?

      • Thanks Bradley. Google Maps, e.g., does not stretch to the entire background section. There’s always a white space around the map that cannot be removed by playing with the padding and margin settings. I would like to be able to add more office locations on the map if possible.

  • I haven’t tried the parallax effect yet, but I had a similar effect on my homepage that I liked. It was a photo that panned and zoomed like in the documentaries created by Ken Burns (the Ken Burns effect). A discussion at wikipedia I think your parallax would work similarly IF I could get it to begin on page load for a featured image, for instance. Do you think this is possible?

    • Unfortunately that wouldn’t work. Parallax requires a visitor’s input – scrolling up and down – to calculate an output position. So although the controls are similar (scale and horizontal/ vertical scroll) you’d need a way to trigger start and end positions over time without input from the visitor. We haven’t got anything like that in out toolset yet.

  • Just want to ask the possibility of implement AMP in Thrive Themes. This has been given us issue and will love to see this in the next update

  • Hello, I am new here and I would like to buy a theme but I cannot find the list anywhere in your products. When is it going to be available again? thank you

    • Hey Linda, you’ve joined us at a very exciting time! We had WordPress themes which we stopped selling about a year ago, as they were using an older technology. And literally just yesterday, we released Thrive Theme Builder – a super flexible WordPress Theme that lets you build your website exactly how you want it. Check out Thrive Theme Builder Here.

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