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How to Get the Most Out of Thrive Suite - FAST!

Thrive Suite is like a Swiss army knife to build your online business.
This training, divided in 5 videos, will give you the knowledge you need to start using the tools as efficiently as possible! 

Intro - How to Get Help & Support?

1. When to Use Which Tool?

Thrive Suite comes with a whole range of powerful tools. Knowing what each one of the tools does and when you should start using it will help you to avoid overwhelm and pick the right tool for your online business purpose. 

2. The Important Basics to Reduce Your Learning Curve

In this part of the training you'll discover how to find your way around the Thrive Editor, the editor that's part of just about every one of our tools. Understanding these basics will help you get started quickly.

3. The Thrive Lexicon

Not sure what a specific term stands for? In this part of the training you'll discover the most used words in the Thrive Lexicon.

4. How to Set Up Your Website the Smart Way

Building a website is one thing, maintaining it can be just as hard (or harder) if you don't set up your site the right way. In this last part of the training you'll discover how to take full advantage of the different SMART features within Thrive Suite that will allow you to set up your site in a way that makes it super easy to maintain or edit.

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