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What Does the Support Token Generator Do?

A New Way of Giving Our Support Team Access to your Site

In our new support system, we have introduced a faster and more secure way of allowing our team to access your site, through the use of access tokens.

The access token functionality is now included in the Thrive Dashboard by default.

In order to use this functionality, first, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on the “Thrive Dashboard” from the left-side menu to access it:

Once you have accessed the Thrive Dashboard, you will see the “Support Login” button in the upper-right corner of the page:

This button represents the access token functionality and it will help to generate a string of characters (known as an access token or support token) that you can send to our support team through the new support system.

Thus, you will have to click on this button. This will open a pop-up window where you can get the access token from, by following two easy steps:

1. Set up the period of time until the token will be valid

You can do this by writing the number of days in the “Give access for … days” section of the pop-up window:

The default number here is 14 days. This is the usual period of time in which the support team can make sure that a general problem is resolved.

After this period, our support team will no longer be able to access your site. If you have a more complex issue, that will need a more extensive period of time to be solved, you can change the number here.

Simply delete the current number and replace it with the number of your choice. After you have set the days, click on the “Go” button to continue to the next step:

2. Get the token and provide it to the support team

After you have clicked on the “Go” button you will be able to see the token (the string of characters) that has been generated, along with its validity. Click on the “Copy & Close” button to copy this token:

Once you have copied the token, go back to your ticket on the support forum and paste it in the “Allow Site Access” section.

Learn more about how to give support team access for debugging from this article.

If you have created a token and pasted it to your ticket, once you submit the ticket, the support team will be able to log in to your website and look into the issue you are experiencing.

Why have we implemented tokens?

We have decided to implement the token generator for a few reasons:

  1. Speed and ease of use
  2. Security

Here are more details about each of these benefits:

1. Speed and Ease of Use

Before, having the access token generator, these were the steps you would have to go through to give us access to your site:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to the users screen
  3. Click to add a new user
  4. Enter a username
  5. Enter a password
  6. Save the user
  7. Return to Thrivethemes.com
  8. Paste the user
  9. Paste the password
  10. Paste the login address

Now, with the token generator, this can be greatly simplified:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard
  2. Open the support token control panel
  3. Generate a support token
  4. Click to copy the token
  5. Paste it into the ticket you are writing for our support team

Not only are the number of steps reduced from 10 to 5, but the hassle of creating a new user is taken out of the equation. Overall, access tokens offer a much faster workflow and improved user experience.

2. Security

We’ve built the new token generator with security in mind. One of the most important improvements is that tokens are temporary, encrypted, and will be automatically deleted after a certain number of days. We recommend that you set this number to 14 so that our technicians have enough time to do their job should the issue need escalating to a developer. Other useful resources about access tokens:

  1. Quick Guide on How to generate an access token
  2. What are access tokens and how do they work?
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