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What are the SendOwl Logs and How Can We Use Them?

The “SendOwl Logs” provide an overview of the activity generated by SendOwl.

When a visitor tries to buy a product, SendOwl will send the appropriate webhook to the listener you have set up in Thrive Apprentice. Based on this, Thrive Apprentice gives access to the courses.

The technical information that Thrive receives from SendOwl will be displayed in the “SendOwl Logs” section.

How to access the SendOwl Logs?

First, go to your Thrive Apprentice dashboard and click on the “Settings” section from the left sidebar:

From the list of settings, choose “Logs”:

Once the page with the logs is opened, you will see a list with all the messages, the technical details, that were received from SendOwl.

If you click on the little down arrow next to the date and time of a log, a drop-down will open with the details of that specific log:

For instance, if a user has bought one of your courses in the form of SendOwl products, the log you can find here will include essential details about this transaction, such as:

  • the name and the email address of the buyer,
  • the download URL of the product,
  • the order ID,
  • the name of the product they bought etc.

Thus, these logs can be used when technical details about the purchasing process are required.

Furthermore, if for some reason the purchasing process could not be completed, you will see details about the error that occurred. This is why the “SendOwl Logs” can also be used as the starting point for the debugging process.

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