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Using the Reports Section in Thrive Apprentice

The reporting area from Thrive Apprentice is a detailed reporting engine, where you can discover how your members are interacting with your online school.

There are multiple dashboards and reports you can access, that offer you insights about enrollment dates, progress and drop-off rates, your popular courses, top members and many more.

Access the ‘Reports’ Section

You can access the “Reports” section directly from your Thrive Apprentice navigation bar:

This will take you directly to this view:

The first time you will be accessing the “Reports” section you’ll get this pop-up informing you that this migration step will take the data that is currently available in the Thrive Apprentice database and reorganize it for the purpose of generating these reports that are available in the reporting area.

After you migrate all your products, you’ll be ready to use the reporting area. This is where you can view high level reports & trends, to gauge the health and outcomes of your online school:

When you first access the reporting area you’ll be taken directly to the “Apprentice snapshot” dashboard:

Hovering over various parts of the graphs will give you detailed information about the course enrollments, course progress, course completions, etc.:

This is an overview of what’s going on with your online school.

If you expand the “Courses dashboard” section, you’ll get to access detailed reports for each of the reports shown in the main “Apprentice snapshot” area:

This is less of a snapshot over everything and more about course interactions:

You get some filtering options at the top, if you want to filter the reports by course, member, specific time periods:

After you click on “Course dashboard” you’ll get an entire list of sub-reports that you can access:

You can also access these sub-menus by clicking on the corresponding card from the main course dashboard view:

Course enrollments

The course enrollments report shows when members receive access to a course. This could be from granting them access to a new Thrive Apprentice product that protects one or more courses to adding a course to the protected content of a product they already have access to:

At the top of each dashboard, from each sub-menu, you will have some filtering options:

You can filter data by course, member and product, and you can also pick specific time frames.

Hovering over the graph will give you insights over how many students enrolled on a particular day:

Furthermore, the last section of this dashboard shows you detailed information about the students, the courses they enrolled to, which product they are part of, the source of the enrollments, date and status:

These filters and cards work the same for each of the available sections of the navigation bar, so feel free to use them to get the information you need.

Course completion

If you want to check out the stats for your courses completion, then the following section of the left sidebar will come in handy:

A course is considered complete when all lessons of that course are marked as complete. There are instances in which your students engage with your course content, but they do not finish the lessons – they leave some lessons incomplete.

Lesson completions

This dashboard allows you to check how your students are progressing through your course material, lesson by lesson:

Note: Keep in mind that you may have a different number of lessons in each course. Longer courses will result in more lesson completions.

Progress and drop-off rate

The reports and charts from here help you identify the lessons that lead members to lose interest in your course:

The charts show how much of your course content students have completed over the selected date range and how that percentage changes over time.

If, for example, you have two students in a course, and one student has completed 100% of the course and the other 0%, then your average course progress will be 50%.

Note: these reports only include data for members active during the selected time period. Choose “All time” to see total completion rates, or a specific date range to see how students active during that time increased their progress.

As new students enroll in your course, that will bring this chart down temporarily, because that new student will be included in the average and their percentage will be 0 in the beginning:

For example, the drop-off rate chart shows the completion rates on each sequential lesson in a course:

You can turn on and off the course reports, and just view the data for one course in particular, if you want. Simply click on the course name to select or deselect it:

At the bottom of this report you’ll see the lessons in sequential order, and you get to see the completion rate of each lesson if you hover over it:

You get to see if you have a drop-off rate on a particular lesson, and focus on making it more interesting, in order to keep the students more engaged.


The “Engagements” area has charts that allow you to see if your learners remain engaged and active:

Engagements are activities such as enrolling in a course, completing a lesson, commenting on a course, and more activities of this type.

New members

Use this dashboard to track the number of new members in Thrive Apprentice:

You get to see their enrollment date and how the numbers have increased or lowered over time.

Note: A member can be enrolled in one or more products and courses, but will still only count once in this report.

The reports from this dashboard and closely related to the enrollment numbers. Popular courses are ranked by number of enrollments:

If you want to change the sort order, click the column headings in the “Details” table:

Top members

A student who has completed the most lessons across all of your available courses is considered a top member:

Latest activity

The activity of the users can be sorted in the last available dashboard:

The latest activity chart displays all events related to members interacting with your content. To only see the activity of a single member, choose them in the members filter at the top of this report:

Exporting reports

You can export a CSV file for almost all the sub-menu reports described above.

Select the sub-menu for which you want to generate and report, and then click on “Export”:

You’ll be asked whether you want to download the current view or all the results:

Make your selection and your newly generated file should be downloaded on your computer.

This is how you can use and navigate the reporting area of Thrive Apprentice.

Make sure to check out our dedicated section available in our knowledge base, if you want to learn more about this topic:

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