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Using the Products Section of Thrive Apprentice

In Thrive Apprentice, you are now able to create products that can contain courses paired with other types of content. This means that, when someone purchases your course, you are now able to also give them access to certain pages/posts or other content types.

We have called these packages of content “Products” and we’ve added a separate section in the Thrive Apprentice dashboard, from where you can set them up.

From this section, for each product you are able to set:

  • The Product Content
  • The Access Requirements
  • The Drip Schedule
  • The Access Restriction Rules

This article will go through each of these sections, one by one, but we’ll start with creating the products first.

When you first access this section, you will see a list with the available products (in case you have created any) and the option to add new ones:

Adding a new product

In order to create a new product and package courses/pages/posts/other content types, you simply have to click on the “+Add New” button:

A pop-up opens, and you’ll have to set up the product:

  • 1) Product name: enter a suitable name for the product;
  • 2) Product content: add the desired courses/content types;

    When you add your content, you can choose between your existing courses (one or more):

In case you want to add other content types, simply click on the “Add Other Content” tab:

Start by choosing the content type:

Then, choose how you want the content to be filtered:

And you can also use the search bar to find the specific piece of content:

  • 3) Click on “Done” when finished.

Once the product has been added, it will appear in the list with the rest of the products:


The products can be managed and edited as you wish.

Managing existing products

When you hover over a product, you will see a few options become available:

Edit a product

The pencil icon will allow you to edit various aspects of the product, but we’ll come back to this option a bit later in this article. Or you can click here to go straight to that section.

Remove a product

If you ever want to remove a product, all you have to do is click on the trash can icon that appears when you hover over it:

The product priority

You can rearrange the products from the list by grabbing them from their left dotted side and dragging them up or down:

When you do this, please keep in mind that this order will change and influence the priority of the access rules created for each product. You can find out more information about this in this article.

Now let’s take a look at how the product can be edited.

Edit a product

If you click on the product directly from the list, or on the pencil icon, you will be taken to the backend of the products, from where you can customize the sections presented at the beginning of this article.

The first one is the “Product Content” one:

  • Product Content

The content that is protected by the product will be found under this section. If you ever want to add more content to be unlocked upon the purchase of this product, you can easily do so, using the two options:

And, as simple as adding new pieces of content to the product, you can also remove existing ones from here as well:

In conclusion, the “Product Content” tab will let you manage the content that the students will have access to once they purchase this product.

  • Access requirements

In this section, you can set up different requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for the product to be available to the user.

This is where you can set up the purchase access, so if you want to sell the product using SendOwl, ThriveCart, WooCommerce, or make it only accessible for users with certain user roles.

You can set up the restriction type. When you first access the course, you will notice that “No access rule is currently set”:

The options that appear in this section are based on what plugins/connections are activated on your website, so they might differ from website to website.

Create the necessary setup from here and, of course, don’t forget to click on “Save” to make sure everything has been saved.

This is what the section will look like with an access rule set for SendOwl:

  • Drip

This section will allow you to assign a drip schedule to any of the courses included in this product.

Creating a Drip Schedule will give you full control over the way your students get access to the content of your courses.

Using this method, you can either set a specific launch date or simply drip the lessons one by one, by choosing the number of lessons that can be viewed in a certain time period.

Accessing the “Drip” section will show you the courses inside the product and whether they have a drip schedule assigned to them or not:

In case you have not created a drip schedule yet, clicking on “Create new” will take you straight to the course dashboard, from where you can start customizing the drip feed schedule.

We have created a comprehensive article about what a Drip Schedule is and how you can create one in Thrive Apprentice, so please check it out here in case you need more information about it.

  • Access Restriction Rules

From this tab, you can set up what should happen when someone tries to access content that they do not have access to, whether they are a visitor on your site or a user.

This tab will let you create rules in order to decide what should happen if a user tries to access your product without the necessary permissions.

You can choose what happens when the user is not logged in, when the content is locked or you can even create custom purchase protection rules.

Adding a custom rule can be done with the help of this button:

Please see this article for more information about setting up the access restriction rules for your products.

And this is it! The “Products” section is where you will manage access to the courses and content you’re planning to offer in your online school.

Need more information about Thrive Apprentice products and how they work? Learn more about it here.

Hopefully, this article was useful. Make sure to check out our knowledge base articles and tutorials for more information on Thrive Apprentice and how to create your online school 😄

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