Using the Opt-in Gate in Thrive Quiz Builder

This article is meant to describe what an opt-in gate is, how it displays on a website, and also walk you through the entire process of how to properly use it in Thrive Quiz Builder.

What is an Opt-In Gate?

The opt-in gate consists of a form that any visitor who is taking the quiz can submit and thus, register to your newsletter, offers, and promotions.

An opt-in gate is displayed after the user has answered all of the questions of your quiz, but also before the results page is displayed.

The process goes like this: the visitors take your quiz and answer the questions. Before being redirected to the results page, they will be first prompted with a form (the opt-in gate), where they can sign up for your newsletter. After this, they will be redirected to the results page, just as in the case of any other quiz created with Thrive Quiz Builder.

How to Set Up your Opt-In Gate

The opt-in gate can be accessed from your Thrive Quiz Builder dashboard, and can be added after you have completed several essential steps – such as selecting a quiz type and a design:

After you do this, you will be able to see the “Add more pages” options. Here, click on “Opt-in Gate”:

As soon as you do that, the opt-in gate will be added between the “Questions” and the “Results Page” cards:

Now click on “Manage”:

From the new window that opens, you are able to edit the design of the opt-in gate by clicking on the pencil icon:

Furthermore, you can also use the remaining options from here to clone the page (if you want to run A/B tests on them, for example), reset the page stats, or archive the page, if you want:

As already mentioned, each opt-in gate you create comes with a predefined design, based on the style you have chosen for your quiz.

However. clicking on the pencil icon will take you to the Thrive Architect editor where you can use the available options to further customize it:

The opt-in gate works like any other form (e.g. Thrive Leads form, “Lead Generation” element). You only need to make sure that the opt-in is connected to an autoresponder through an API connection:

You can find out more about our currently supported API connections and how to connect your form to each one of them, in this article.

After you have finished configuring your opt-in gate, it will be added automatically to your quiz and will be displayed just before the results page, after the users have submitted all their answers.

Hopefully, this tutorial about what an opt-in gate is and how to use it in order to capture leads was useful to you.

Make sure to check out other tutorials of this type available in our knowledge base.

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