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Using the ‘Mark as Complete’ Feature on a Quiz in Thrive Apprentice

With this new Thrive Quiz Builder feature you can decide which students of your online course can proceed to the next lesson in Thrive Apprentice, based on their quiz results.

In other words, whenever you place a quiz within a Thrive Apprentice lesson, you can prevent the students who do not meet the required test score to advance with the course and mark the lesson as complete. They will only be able to advance to the next lesson once they take the quiz and manage to get the result set by you.

Let’s see how you can use this feature in your online school.

Head over to Thrive Apprentice from the WordPress admin dashboard:

Then, access the course:

Then edit the lesson on which you plan to insert your quiz. This feature will only work if the quiz is placed within the content of a Thrive Apprentice lesson:

Look for the “Quiz” element in the right sidebar:

Drag and drop it to your content:

And select your quiz from the list:

As soon as you do that, the quiz will load right up on your page together with the options in the left sidebar:

In this article we will be focusing on the “Apprentice options”, but feel free to check out these articles from our knowledge base if you want to read more about the remaining ones:

Expand the “Apprentice options” section:

Activate the toggle available here:

Once you do that, you will be able to control in which instances should the quiz be marked as complete, based on the users results:

The options available in this list will be vary depending on the type of quiz you have selected on this pace.

Quiz completed

The “Quiz completed” option means that as soon as all questions are answered, the user can make progress with the course and advance to the next lesson:

This is something that can be used for the “Survey” quiz type, where no actual score is needed.

Result is selected categories

For the “Category” quiz type you will get the categories listed right under the option:

This will allow you to decide which categories are fit for allowing the user to proceed to the next lesson of your quiz.

You can select multiple categories here. Of course, those students who fall into one of the selected categories will be able to mark the lesson as complete.

User achieves minimum percentage

When you are using a “Percentage” quiz, then you will have this option available here:

This means that you can adjust what percentage needs to be met in order to allow the student to mark the lesson as complete.

User achieves minimum score

You can do the same for the “Number” type of quizzes, but instead of percentages, you can pick an actual number:

Of course the maximum number you can select here is based on the maximum score a user can achieve when taking the course.

So if the highest score that someone can achieve when taking the quiz is 15 (based on how you’ve set up the questions) then naturally the highest number you can select here is 15.

Maximum number of correct answer

If you have a “Right/Wrong” quiz type, then this is the option that you can use:

This means that you can decide the minimum number of correct answers that allow the lesson to be marked complete.

In those instances in which the user did not achieve the required score, the button will be grayed out. Whenever the button is clicked, this tooltip will show up letting the students know that they need to retake the quiz:

You can modify the tooltip text if you head over to the “Course navigation” tab of your Thrive Apprentice settings:

And there, under the “Navigation warning” section, you’ll see this text, that you can change as you best see fit:

You can change the style of the tooltip as well, and instructions on how to do that can be found here.


  • make sure you give the students the possibility of retaking the quiz, in case they do not get the required score the fist time they try.

  • it’s important to keep in mind that the course progress will be saved, even if the user closes the tab

And that’s about it. These are the Thrive Apprentice options that you can use now on a quiz placed inside a Thrive Apprentice lesson.

Our knowledge base is one click away if you want to read more about our plugins:

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