Using the Logs Section of Thrive Automator

In the “Logs” section you will be able to find an overview of the activity generated by Thrive Automator.

This comes in handy if you want to keep track of all the actions performed on your published automations. This section is where you will be able to view raw data about which actions were successfully executed, and which were not (and why).

You can easily reach the “Logs” section after accessing Thrive Automator from your Thrive Dashboard:

Then, select the “Logs” tab of your left navigation bar:

As soon as you do that, you will be taken to this view where you can access all the available data regarding your automations:

At the top of the screen, you will see two drop-down lists. Click on the “All automations” drop-down list to open it:

This lists all the automations created on your website. You can simply browse through it and select the automation for which you want to view data:

If you open the second drop-down list, then you will be able to filter your automation by date:

Also, from the top right hand side of this dashboard, you can select how many automation logs should be stored:

Use the last field if you want to change the number of automation rows displayed on a single page. You can either insert a number in the field or use the arrows to increase or decrease the number:

The main part of the “Logs” dashboard displays data regarding the automations:

So, in the first column, you have the “Automation name”, followed by the date it was published, the message letting you know if the automation was executed or not, and lastly, the “Actions” column.

If the automation is performing well, and it was successfully completed, then this information will be displayed next to it:

If, on the other hand, if the automation was not successfully executed, then you will be able to see the error and what caused it:

Under the “Actions” column you can use two additional options, that allow you to either see the raw data of automation or completely remove it from the logs:

See raw data

First, find the automation for which you would like to access the raw data. Then, simply click on the “See raw data” option:

This will trigger a pop-up containing the error information:


If you want to completely remove the automation from your log list, then click on the trash icon:

As simple as that the log entry will be removed from the history.

Lastly, right at the bottom of this dashboard, you are able to navigate amongst all logs pages:

This is how you can navigate and use the “Logs” section from Thrive Automator.

Feel free to check out the dedicated Thrive Automator section available in our knowledge base, if you want to learn more about this topic.

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