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Translating Thrive Apprentice Using Legacy Editor

Note: The steps detailed in this article are only available if you are using the legacy editor when designing your Thrive Apprentice courses:

If you are using the new Thrive Apprentice visual editor:

Then these resources from our knowledge base might be useful to you:

Keep on reading this article, if you are looking for a way to translate various parts of your courses when using the Thrive Apprentice legacy editor.

Firstly, in your WordPress admin dashboard, scroll through the menu on the left side, until you see “Thrive Dashboard”. Hover over it and click on “Thrive Apprentice”:

This will open the Thrive Apprentice navigation bar, where you need to select the “Design” tab. Here, click on “Advanced settings”:

You will be taken to the Thrive Apprentice “Template settings”:

You will notice that there are two tabs, the “Course overview” tab and the “Course layout” tab, and both of them have various sections that can be translated:

The way in which you can do the actual translation is to go through each of these sections, click on them to see the settings, and, if there is a “Text” field or a “Label” field, change it in the language that you prefer.

Course Overview Tab

In the “Course overview” tab, the following fields can be changed, therefore translated:

Course name

Use the field text from here if you want to change the font size and color for the “Course name” text:

Use the slider or the numerical field next to it to define the size, and feel free to open the color field to pick a different color for your text:

Description title

As mentioned before, in order to open each section, click anywhere on the section, or on the arrow next to the name of the section:

Then, under the “Text” option, there is a field. Here is where you can write your own “Description title”, in the language that you prefer. Simply delete the default text and write your own:


If you open the “Paragraphs” section, you can access once more the same options:

The changes you apply here will be also applied to the paragraphs from your course.

Course structure

Click on the “Course structure” section. Then, write the translation in the field below the “Text” option. Here is an example of a translated text for the “Course structure”:

Title size

In this section you will be able to adjust the size for the module, chapter, and lesson font:


You are able to change the label of the “Author”, as well. Click on the section in order to open it. Then, complete the field underneath the “Label” option with the translation, like this:

Lesson overview

Click on the “Lesson overview” section in order to open it. You can translate the lesson overview elements in this section (“Title”, “Not viewed label”, “In progress label”, “Completed label”).

To change either of these, simply delete their default texts and then write the translations inside the specific fields. Here is an example of the lesson overview elements translated:

When you are done with all the changes, don’t forget to click on “Save”:

Course Layout Tab

If you go to the “Course layout” tab, from the top part of the left sidebar, you will be able to find some elements that can be translated, as well:

Course lessons

Just like in the case of the elements from the other tab, here as well, you will have to click on the different sections from the tab in order to open them, and then write the translations in the dedicated fields. Let’s start with the “Course lessons” section.

After opening it, you will see that the “Plural” label is what can be translated/changed here. Simply delete the default text from the field below the “Plural” label and replace it with your own text/translation, like this:

Search label

Lastly, you can translate the “Search” label, by entering your translation in the field below:

These were the ways in which you can translate various parts of Thrive Apprentice.

In case you have found parts of Thrive Apprentice that you could not translate, directly from the Thrive Apprentice interface, with the “Template settings”, try using the “Say What” translation plugin. Here you can find a separate article that explains how to use the plugin.

If you want to find out more information about various elements and features by Thrive Themes, make sure to check out the articles from our knowledge base.

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